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How to choose the right electric toothbrush

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There are millions of reasons to buy an electric toothbrush, and the functions of each electric toothbrush are also varied. If you want to choose the right electric toothbrush, you should judge according to your main needs. So in the selection, mainly look at the following points:

1. look at the diversity of patterns. Basically, all electric toothbrushes are available in a clean mode and a sensitive and soft mode to meet basic needs. But if you have a lot of mouth problems, like yellow teeth, you need to have a brightening mode, a polishing mode, something like that. Or you might want to customize your own unique mode.

2. See how the toothbrush vibrates. This needs to judge according to their own teeth first, must fully consider the bearing capacity of teeth. For adults, it is generally 30,000 times/min. For children, 23,000 beats per minute; Gingival sensitivity is only 25000 times per minute.

3. look at the degree of intelligence of electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrush with a high degree of intelligence will be very convenient to use, especially for those with oral problems. With the intelligent function, tooth problems can be found in time and timely diagnosis and treatment can be made.

4. Look at the head of the electric toothbrush. Look at the shape, size, and how rounding the bristles are. The shape is best in line with the shape of the teeth, as far as possible some small, bristle grinding rate had better be higher, so as not to hurt the gums.

Well, basically understand these points and you won't get lost if you're choosing an electric toothbrush.

The stand or fall of electric toothbrush brush wool, basically have the following two measure standard: Brush wool soft and hard degree and brush wool grind round rate. The fine soft bristles touch the gums gently. It is very suitable for people with bleeding gums.In addition, most toothbrushes are made of DuPont bristles, and there is little difference in the degree of softenness between them.

The toothbrush bristles must be polished and rounded at the tip of the bristles in the production process to prevent the bristles with a certain hardness from puncturing or scratching the gums. The data of rounding is known as the rounding rate of the bristles.

The vibration frequency of electric toothbrush is an important indicator to measure its cleaning effect, but it does not mean that the higher the frequency, the better the cleaning effect, because it tends to damage the enamel.

All scientific research institutions have shown that the cleaning effect of an electric toothbrush is significantly higher than that of a manual toothbrush.

According to the experimental results from Guizhou Medical University, the plaque index of the electric toothbrush group was significantly lower than that of the manual toothbrush group, indicating that the cleaning effect was better.

However, it is not necessary to have an electric toothbrush to avoid tooth pain. Only by using the electric toothbrush correctly and regularly can our teeth maintain long-term health.

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