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How to fix electric toothbrushes?

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First, cost: the most expensive part of an electric toothbrush is the motor, which is divided into two kinds: the brush motor, the brush motor with a coil, the rotor to wind the electromagnetic coil, the frequency and torque constraints are great, it is difficult to achieve the same excellent frequency and torque.Many electric toothbrushes on the market use a reciprocating motor with a brush. Due to the friction of the brush, there will be additional noise when working.Brushless motor, because there is no carbon brush, so low friction, low loss.Brushless motor is usually digital frequency conversion control, strong controllability, from a few revolutions per minute to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute can be easily realized.This brushless motor is used in the control requirements are relatively high, high speed equipment.Usually, high-end electric toothbrushes have strict control over the motor speed.

(Product pricing) in fact, knowledgeable people should know that the core technology of "small home appliances" such as electric toothbrush is almost the same, of course, the difference will certainly be some, but not very big.So why can some high-end electric toothbrushes sell at such a high price when other brands dare not offer the same electric toothbrushes at such a high price?The reason is the influence of a brand. The long history and strength behind the brand determine that it can have a product premium.

As a dentist, I've been asked this question by many of my patients and friends.Why does an electric toothbrush sell for thousands of yuan or more?And what kind of electric toothbrush should we use?XXI electric toothbrush more than ten yuan package mail, why some electric toothbrush so expensive?Don't they all vibrate?Can't you brush your teeth?

Electric toothbrush failure due to the design of electric toothbrush is relatively precise, the combination of soft and hard, there may be software bugs, or crash.The light is on and does not vibrate.Reset key one key to repair the fault, restart, so that the software and motor to restart the factory before the working state.In short, electric toothbrush is more expensive, the correct use, can prolong the service life of electric toothbrush, at the same time, more need to pay attention to daily maintenance, not to save money, use and electric toothbrush not suitable components.I believe that with the continuous progress of science and technology, the probability of failure of electric toothbrush will be smaller and smaller, and the function will be more and more powerful.

  The most important purpose of brushing your teeth is to remove plaque.Plaques can eat away at the surface of the teeth, leading to tooth decay. Long-term adherence to the teeth can also lead to problems such as gingivitis.So brushing your teeth is a skill.It doesn't care if your hands are hard enough or if you change the head of your electric toothbrush enough.Whether you have a single 16 years of wrist strength, or toothbrush brush head pattern collection fetish.Are useless.Brushing is about two words: lasting.The rotating vibrating electric toothbrush is like an automatic car wash, which is equivalent to a quick brush around the teeth in all directions;The acoustic wave electric toothbrush, although the use is similar to the manual, but its scrub range and frequency are much larger than the manual.As for the effect of brushing, according to several studies, electric toothbrushes have a significant advantage, with 21% less plaque and 11% less gingivitis after three months than those who use manual toothbrushes.

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