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How to maintain electric toothbrush?

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Once the power of the electric toothbrush is insufficient, it will not be able to effectively clean the teeth.According to T/CHEAA 0009-2019, the noise of swinging electric toothbrush should be less than or equal to 65dB, and that of rotating electric toothbrush should be less than or equal to 72 dB.The international standard for electric toothbrushes is 60dB.What are the concepts of 60 dB, 65 dB and 72 dB?According to Baidu Baike, 60 decibels is the sound of a normal conversation, while 70 decibels is the sound of walking in a busy city.6. Waterproof level At present, most of the domestic electric toothbrushes on the market claim their waterproof level is IPX7.What does that mean?This is actually a standard in Japan.Japanese industrial standards will be electronic equipment waterproof protection is divided into 10 grades, respectively to IPX1, IPX2......Said.The waterproof grade of IPX7 indicates that the waterproof grade of the product is 7. That is to say, the product can be used normally without being affected if electric toothbrush is placed in a water depth of 1 meter and soaked for 30 minutes.7, additional functions, there are some additional functions to buy electric toothbrush, most of which will be equipped with high-end machines of various brands. It is good to choose according to your needs.For example, start the function of gradual strengthening (speed gradually increased), excessive pressure reminder, 30-second change of direction reminder, APP monitoring, brush head replacement reminder, brush head base, electric toothbrush portable storage box, etc.

1, keep the electric toothbrush and brush head dry, avoid breeding bacteria.After each brush, the brush head should be removed. After the separation of the brush handle, the position at the top of the brush handle will be naturally dry, and the mold will hardly grow in the dry environment.2. Replace the brush head every three months.Most manufacturers recommend once every three months to replace electric toothbrush head, or when the brush head has obvious wear for replacement, the proposal is not IQ, a scientific research personnel to the effect of the new and old electric toothbrush to remove plaque made comparison, found that use for 3 months and to reduce the effect of the old electric toothbrush to remove plaque.

Sonic electric toothbrush are more complex and have a higher price point.The electric toothbrush has an electrically driven vibrating motor inside that causes the brush head to oscillate at high frequencies.When brushing teeth, on the one hand, the high-frequency swinging head of the electric toothbrush can effectively complete the action of brushing teeth;On the other hand, more than 30,000 vibrations per minute also cause toothpaste to mix with water in the mouth, creating lots of tiny bubbles that penetrate and clean the tiny Spaces between the teeth.

When you brush your teeth manually, the brush head vibrates no more than 80 times a minute, even if you do your best.While electric toothbrush vibrate tens of thousands of times per minute, sonic toothbrushes vibrate more than 30,000 times per minute.The higher the vibration frequency, the better the cleaning effect, so if the brushing time is the same, the cleaning effect of electric toothbrush is better than manual toothbrush.

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