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How to use Water Flosser properly?

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Does Water Flosser feel good? For me, the effect of Water Flosser is quite obvious. I have been using Water Flosser for more than 2 years. At first, I used it because my gums were red and swollen, and the dentist said it was because of the inflammation caused by the soft dirt that had not been cleaned and accumulated in the areas between teeth. After using for a period of time there is a great improvement, there is no inflammation, now feel really clean teeth. You know why we floss with water? Every time after eating, there will be some food residues in the mouth, which are often hidden in the gingival crevices, teeth and other hidden parts, and these dead corners are hotbeds for the breeding of various bacteria. It is impossible to clean these places only by brushing teeth.


Water Flosser is a convenient way to use high-pressure water to flush out these tiny residues and complete a thorough daily cleaning with a toothbrush.


What effect does Water Flosser have?


Through the previous introduction, we can know that Water Flosser is a cleaning aid, which plays a role in daily cleaning. All people (children over 6 years old) can use Water Flosser to prevent oral problems.


But note, not to use Water Flosser can immediately put the teeth white water, but the long-term use of Water Flosser can play a role in the protection of oral health: strong, remove the product toothbrush and Water Flosser unable to be trapped in the tooth gap of food particles and harmful bacteria, effectively prevent tooth decay and gum disease and dental calculus and periodontitis, remove bad breath, keep the mouth clean, make people feel pure and fresh, help children develop good habits of oral cavity clean, to prevent early tooth decay, massage and stimulate the gums, improve blood circulation, relieve toothache, inhibiting bleeding gums are simple efficient clean orthodontic treatments, It is a useful tool for people who are undergoing orthodontics or wearing dentures to clean their mouth


What kind of person is Water Flosser for? Everyone over the age of 6 can floss with water, but some people may be lazy or simply not aware of clean oral hygiene and choose not to use it.


When do you use Water Flosser?


Generally, there are two ways to use Water Flosser:


Plan 1: Use Water Flosser twice in the morning and evening – portable Water Flosser. In order to do a good job of daily oral cleaning and maintain oral health, you will brush your teeth first, and then floss with water to clean the tooth gaps, gingival crevices and other dead corners. Because you're using it at home, bench Water Flosser is a good option in this case. There have been very limited reports of one or two small clinical studies. In some cases, flossing with water before brushing is slightly better than flossing with water after brushing. In most cases, there is no difference.


The Portable Water Flosser is not as limited as the size. It can take you wherever you go. It can travel with you on business, to school, to the office, etc. 

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