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How to use Water Flosser properly

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1) Control the frequency of use


Usually, it can be used once a day. If you eat sticky and soft food or feel that there are food residues stuck in your teeth, you can use it immediately after eating to clean the residue between your teeth. Do not use it too hard.


2) Can the Water Flosser be used for cleaning teeth?


It can not replace the cleaning of teeth, which will remove the deep stubborn stains such as dental stones, and the Water Flosser is a product to assist the cleaning of teeth and prevent dental diseases.


3) had used Water Flosser, gum can bleed, be how to return a responsibility?


First of all, it is very important to use the Water Flosser correctly. If you use the Water Flosser correctly and the gum bleeds at the beginning of using the Water Flosser, it means you may already have inflammation of the gums. After use for a period of time (2-3 weeks) (not too frequently, according to the gum bearing situation), with the improvement of the health of the gingiva, inflammation subsided, gingiva bleeding phenomenon will improve; If you do not get better, consult your doctor as soon as possible for a detailed examination. You may need further periodontal treatment.


4) I have used the Water Flosser and felt it irritate the gingiva, because I did not use the correct gear, so I need a transition period.


Similar to electric toothbrushes, Water Flosser often come in a variety of "impact force" options. At the beginning of a week of use, because the direction of impact is difficult to control and unpredictable, it is recommended that you choose strength from small to large step by step, until the use of the largest gear is not special discomfort.


5) Do you swallow the water from the Water Flosser?


You can open your mouth slightly and the water comes straight out of the gap. There is no swallowing of water in the process of my Water Flosser.

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