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How to use Water Flosser when wearing tooth orthodontic tooth cover?

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Normally, the water from the mouthwash would not wash away the brackets unless the brackets themselves became loose or slipped off. If you want to use the Water Flosser, there are basically three steps: 1. Insert the nozzle randomly attached into the middle hole of the nozzle knob and insert it. 2. Open the body water tank cover, and then pour water into the tank; Make sure the device is turned off at this point. 3. Place the nozzle in your mouth at a downward tilt, aiming at your teeth, and then turn on the device. To ensure that the water flows into your gums at a 90-degree Angle, close your lips slightly to prevent water from flowing sideways. For best results, it is recommended to start at the back of your teeth and rinse toward your front teeth.


The electric toothbrush is also one of the tools I often use to clean teeth. It works by using a pulse of water to clean teeth and cavities.


This tool can completely remove the food residue between the teeth and reduce the frequency of using Oral Irrigator. It is necessary to go to the hospital once every six months, but it is OK to wash once every two years after using it. It also helps prevent the chemical reaction between food debris and plaque bacteria. After all, the consequences of tooth decay such as bleeding gums, pulpitis, and tooth death and loss are not the consequences that any of us want to feel. And it's easy to use, you can clean your teeth at home. The price is also high, the price is a meal, the most important thing is not to limit the number of times, which is more cost-effective than going to the hospital for dental cleaning!


Most people who have not used the Water Flosser are afraid that it is like a high-pressure water gun. The force of Oral Irrigator is too strong and it will hurt the teeth, but it will be changed after use. As we all know, each tooth has five sides, usually only three of which can be thoroughly cleaned by brushing, but the dirt between the teeth is difficult to remove.


The Water Flosser uses the principle of these high-pressure water columns to wash the food residue and plaque bacteria between the tooth crevices and gums.


Almost zero damage to the teeth, but also massage the gums (the first time to use if there is a slight bleeding situation, because the gums have inflammation). Like this inherently explosive balloon under the impact of the Oral Irrigator, there is no idea of bursting.


A toothbrush can't remove the dirt in the tiny crevice, but replace it with a toothbrush, it can be all solved in minutes.


For the orthodontic you, the use of the braces also do not have to worry about the braces will be broken, as long as the gap between the braces and teeth, as well as between the teeth, you can drive away the food residue by using Oral Irrigator, to achieve a good cleaning effect.

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