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How to use electric toothbrush correctly?

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The question needs to start with two schools of electric toothbrushes. Rotary vibration is a patented technology, they are exclusively used in the world, this kind of rotary vibration technology, brush the brush technique is different from other electric toothbrushes. What should I pay attention to when using an electric toothbrush? Before use: Tighten the brush head and squeeze the toothpaste before starting the electric toothbrush. If you turn it on and squeeze the toothpaste, it might splash. Usage: Brush your teeth with less force than using a regular toothbrush. Just place it on the area where the teeth are to be brushed and gently apply force to avoid damage to the teeth and gums due to excessive force. After use electric toothbrush: after brushing your teeth, put the brush head into the water to turn on the switch, gently shake a few times to clean, remove the moisture and put in a dry and ventilated place. I usually pull the brush head off after use to avoid residual sewage stains in the gap between the brush head and the handle. Change the electric toothbrush brush head every 3 months. How do you brush your teeth? How do you brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush? The mainstream recommendation for both traditional and electric toothbrush is to use the Pap method, which is advocated by authorities such as the American Dental Association. Electric toothbrush is not a labor-saving version of manual toothbrush. Many users have some misunderstandings about using electric toothbrush to brush their teeth, thinking that they can turn on the switch and put it in their mouth. In fact, if they cannot use electric toothbrush, the efficiency of brushing will be greatly reduced, and even improper use will increase tooth wear and gum damage. Step 1: Understand the basic structure Of the electric toothbrush is composed of a handle and a brush head. Inside the handle is a motor, the core component of the electric toothbrush. A metal shaft extends from the handle to transfer energy. Before use, make sure that the electric toothbrush head is tightly inserted into the metal shaft, so as to avoid the loosening of the brush head, and only after confirmation, can you start using it. Step 2: Squeeze toothpaste Many people squeeze toothpaste into a ball and gently put the toothpaste on the bristles, so that the toothpaste will fall off as soon as it touches the teeth, and will also fall on the edge of the pool. At the same time, the toothpaste in the mouth will be much less, and the use of toothpaste is particularly low. So how do you squeeze toothpaste more efficiently without wasting i electric toothbrush? The toothpaste should squeeze between the bristles, not float on the surface. That way, even if the electric toothbrush starts vibrating, the toothpaste won't spill out. It is recommended to keep your electric toothbrush in your mouth and turn it on to make it less likely to splash and allow the toothpaste to mix with saliva to clean your teeth. Step 3: Adjust gears Many electric toothbrushes have different gears that correspond to different frequencies or amplitudes. For starters, I recommend starting with the smallest gear. At the beginning of the use of electric toothbrush will have uncomfortable feeling is very normal, use a few times can gradually adapt to this frequency, and then increase the gear.

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