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How to use sonic toothbrush properly?

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To learn how to use the Sonic toothbrush to properly clean teeth, first of all, we need to understand the basic structure of the teeth. We brush our teeth daily, mainly to clean the inside and outside of the teeth, the occlusal surface, the gap between the teeth and the gingival groove. The dental plaque on the surface of the teeth is easy to remove, but if the gingival furrows, the gap between the teeth is not properly cleaned, not only easy to cause damage to the teeth, but also will breed a variety of oral problems.


First, install the toothbrush head, wet the electric toothbrush head and apply the toothpaste to the electric toothbrush head. Turn on the start button again, and the electric toothbrush will start up slowly for 3 seconds, which can effectively prevent the toothpaste from shaking off or the handle from sliding off. Other brands seem to have to be put in the mouth before they can be turned on


Put the electric toothbrush into the mouth, along the gingival line, between the electric toothbrush and the gingival about 45 degrees Angle, and then gently push the electric toothbrush with the fingertips, slowly move along the gingival line. The sonic toothbrush head is designed so that the longer bristles can effectively clean the gaps between the teeth and the shorter surfaces of the teeth. Next, put the electric toothbrush head into the inner side of the tooth slowly, and focus on cleaning the inner side of the lower incisor, because this place is easy to accumulate tartar, which is also the place where there are more stone deposits. The cleaning of the occlusal surface is much easier. You just move the electric toothbrush slowly, instead of going back and forth manually as you would with a regular toothbrush.


The sonic toothbrush has the function of intelligent zone changing. After 30 seconds, the vibration will stop for a while and then return to normal. At this time, please move the electric toothbrush to another clean position in the mouth. Personally, I think two minutes is enough for sonic to vibrate at such a high frequency compared to traditional brushing methods.


Remember to clean the electric toothbrush head well after brushing to extend the service life of the brush head. But the brush head or three months to change, more healthy health.


1. Install the electric toothbrush head: put the brush head firmly on the sonic toothbrush shaft until the brush head is locked with the metal shaft.

2. Soak in warm water: Adjust bristle softness with warm water: Warm water: soft; Cold water: moderate,; Ice water: slightly harder. It is strongly recommended that first time users soak warm water (below 40℃) before use! As people suffer from periodontal disease, the feeling of the gums will be more sensitive, while the bristles soaked in warm water will be very soft and comfortable to brush. After using this habit for 2 to 5 times, the hardness of the bristles will be decided according to your preference.

3, squeeze toothpaste: Vertically aim the toothpaste at the seam in the bristles and squeeze in an appropriate amount of toothpaste. To avoid spatter, squeeze the toothpaste before turning on the power.

4. Effective brushing: When brushing your teeth, put the brush head through the thinnest front teeth. Let the teeth clip in the middle of the three sides of the bristles pull back and forth with moderate force, until the toothpaste bubble, turn on the electric switch, brush head vibration after moderate force, from the front teeth to move the sonic toothbrush back and forth teeth, clean all the teeth! Generally speaking, using a three-sided electric toothbrush only takes two minutes to clean thoroughly each time. Clean sonic toothbrush: after brushing your teeth, put the sonic toothbrush head into the water, turn on the electric switch, gently shake the electric toothbrush replacement head for a few times, and then tap the electric toothbrush replacement head to clean the residual foreign matter and toothpaste on the electric toothbrush replacement head.

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