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I almost never recommend electric toothbrush to relatives and friends around me

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I almost never recommend electric toothbrush to relatives and friends around me.They are very restrained with patients.Yes, use it.No, it doesn't matter.Because one of the most common conversations I have in the clinic is, I say to the patient, you don't brush your teeth very well.The patient replied in a slightly surprised tone that I was using an electric toothbrush.The implication is that once you buy an electric toothbrush, your teeth should be clean.People who use the electric toothbrush as a possession symbol rather than a tool are everywhere.This is like, the car will not open, counting on the car's automatic gear to help them start half slope, auxiliary driver to help them turn, lane change......Like the electric toothbrush, the icing on the cake is put before the horse.Therefore, if you want to use the electric toothbrush well, the first step is to skillfully use the correct brushing method;Second, there is enough time and patience to complete each brush.If you can, buying an electric toothbrush is definitely a quality improvement.Brand to see the personal consumption capacity, I have been using the brand of tractor, used to also very good.

It is obvious that the bristles of this inferior electric toothbrush have been cut without any treatment at all.The bristles are sharp and angular, just like a saw.Long term use of such bristles can damage tooth enamel and cause dental disease.Not only does the purpose of cleaning the teeth fail to achieve, but also will damage the teeth, it can be said that such an electric toothbrush is not good for nothing.The manufacturer should be sealed off, too harmful!

Electric toothbrushes are not effective in treating periodontitis, but they can be used for periodontitis.The main cause of periodontitis is mainly dental plaque and dental calculus, and the reason for these is that oral cleaning work is not done in daily life.So periodontitis should pay more attention to oral cavity cleaning.Electric toothbrushes, on the other hand, are better at cleaning your mouth than regular toothbrushes.Moreover, after suffering from periodontitis, oral hygiene cleaning is more important. If it can not be cleaned, it will relapse many times. At this time, compared with ordinary toothbrush, electric toothbrush is obviously more effective.Electric toothbrushes are more powerful than regular toothbrushes, but they don't damage periodontal tissue and can be used.

Compared to a regular toothbrush, the replacement of an electric toothbrush can be more troublesome.The head of an electric toothbrush needs to be replaced frequently, and because the electric toothbrush is driven by electricity, it will need to be charged, which will be relatively troublesome.Electric toothbrushes are used differently from ordinary toothbrushes.If the wrong use of electric toothbrush, it is likely to cause damage to our mouth, such as gum damage and so on.Because it is electric control, so the strength and Angle can not be too easy to control, for our mouth will also have a certain impact.

Electric toothbrushes are more expensive than ordinary toothbrushes, often costing hundreds.A high-quality electric toothbrush does not come cheap.For ordinary families, the price of ordinary toothbrush is more acceptable.

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