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I used to think that brushing is very serious and super clean

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I used to think that brushing is very serious and super clean, but in fact, brushing is the most basic way to clean the mouth, only to take care of the surface of the teeth, but there is no way to take care of the teeth that love to hide things. Over time, bacteria will cause swelling and pain of the gums, bleeding gums and bad breath. It never happened again after the sisters recommended water flosser.

Oral irrigator is a relatively emerging oral cleaning appliance, is now many families are necessary hygiene products. Cleans plaque from the surface of teeth, cleans tongue coating, gets rid of bad breath, massages and stimulates gums, and improves circulation. It can even help prevent cavities, gingivitis, dental stones, and periodontitis by forcefully removing food debris and harmful bacteria that can get trapped in the gaps between teeth that can't be reached by toothbrush and floss. Help children develop good oral hygiene habits to prevent early tooth decay. Simple and efficient cleaning orthodontic appliance is a powerful tool for people who are undergoing orthodontic correction or wearing dentures to clean their mouths.

The portable water flosser is small and light, suitable for business trips and travel. Whether it's a retractable or a packaged portable water flosser, just charge it and put it in your bag to keep your mouth fresh while you're out and about. Of course, the portable water flosser can also be used at home, and it does not take up too much space to store after use. Moreover, the portable water flosser on the market now has a complete set of functions, such as mode, pressure and other functions can be adjusted.

Table oral irrigator is more suitable for the use of a family, the characteristic is to plug in the use of electricity, so the pulse force of water will be very large, when using only need to change the nozzle, and now many table oral irrigator design is very small, convenient storage. No matter the mode, intensity, or pressure can be adjusted according to the different degrees of application of each person, and the large capacity of the water tank, you are not afraid of water shortage in the process of use.

Water flow is generally divided into three types, high pressure pulse water flow, ultrasonic jet water flow, bubble jet water flow. A high pressure pulse is actually the simplest way to think about it is that we apply pressure to water and then pass it through a small nozzle to turn it into a small column of water to clean the teeth.

Ultrasonic jet water is to mix the water with air, and then form a short time high frequency water column to clean the mouth.

Bubble jets combine water and air to gently clean the mouth. But for the oral cleaning effect is relatively poor, it is not recommended to start.


Actually when basically is the choose and buy, choose oral irrigator quality is good, had better be the brand public praise that has popularity is good. The selection of models suitable for their own water pulse force, function is not complete, the size of the water tank capacity, how many nozzle and so on.

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