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I will gradually feel that brushing my teeth is a very ritual thing

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I will gradually feel that brushing my teeth is a very ritual thing, unlike the previous night when I felt sleepy, so I don't brush to sleep at any time.At present, the living standard is gradually improving, and I really feel that within the scope of my ability, I can choose a cost-effective electric toothbrush.The function of the electric toothbrush of this model will be better than the previous one. What is more obvious is that the toothpaste will not directly splash when the machine is turned on.When brushing your teeth, there will be short intervals every 30 seconds to remind you to change position.After 2min, regular power off, ensure the time of brushing, from now on effective brushing often from "you feel" to "I feel"

Electric toothbrush rotation speed can reach nearly 38,000 times/minute. There are six modes in total, such as start/clean/stain removal/massage/separate care/customized care. It is suggested to try the morning and evening separate care mode, which is a surprise.The battery life can reach 55-70 days, and the electric toothbrush can be easily used when you go home or travel during the Spring Festival.

Brushing our teeth will be with us for the rest of our lives. There is no denying that technology is advancing. Maybe in a few years, a new product will come out to replace the electric toothbrush, and then there will be universal electric toothbrush.But say to come back, do not go to buy the kind of ten, dozens of dollars of IQ tax toothbrush, purely pay tuition fees!If you don't know which electric toothbrush to buy, you're welcome to try out my two electric toothbrushes, or check out what people say in the store's comments section first.

I've been using electric toothbrushes for years.Before using it, I used to have to get my teeth cleaned every year, which is to get my teeth cleaned, but after using the electric toothbrush, I didn't have to clean my teeth.In fact, cleaning teeth is also pretty cool, after a mouthful of blood, tongue licking to the teeth are bumpy feeling (used to a few days on the smooth).In addition, the cleaning machine, the sound is particularly uncomfortable, so you can brush your teeth well, try not to wash the teeth, feel more wash on the gum is not good.

Well, I don't think electric toothbrushes are an IQ tax. You can just buy one that's over 100.Cheap and easy to use.How is an electric toothbrush an IQ tax?Confused electric toothbrush beneficiary came to report.I used to brush with a manual toothbrush. I was strictly required to brush for two minutes, but rough guys brush hard.When I got my teeth cleaned once, the doctor told me to go easy.I can't help it.Later, the electric toothbrush became popular, and I bought a domestic electric toothbrush that I was using.What I value most is its overvoltage protection.The bristles will stop when I press them.Reduce irritation to tooth surfaces and gums.In addition, I also used the electric toothbrush with travel money, which brought me a lot of convenience and effectively cleaned my teeth.Very good!

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