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If I can move my hands quickly, can I not buy an electric toothbrush?

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Correct oral care method first is early in the evening of brushing teeth: the most important purpose of electric toothbrush brushing teeth mainly has two, one is to remove the food residue on the teeth, the other is to remove dental plaque.The most effective way to do this is to use an electric toothbrush for a long enough period of time (two minutes or more) with proper posture. There are two common brushing positions, one is called arc brushing method, the other is called Pap brushing method. Generally speaking, the Pap method is more scientific and less abrasive to teeth, as shown below:

Consider that the dental Association recommends at least two minutes of brushing with an electric toothbrush. If we brush our teeth for two minutes twice a day, we will spend about 102,200 minutes and 1,703 hours brushing our teeth during our lifetime. (Starting at age 5 and ending at age 75) To be fair, brushing your teeth will take longer than going to the bathroom if you meet a friend who is not constipated. So the experience of brushing teeth is important. The most important part of the brushing experience is the electric toothbrush. As mentioned above, compared with ordinary toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes have a more electric function, and can help us accurately time and ensure that we brush enough time. More electric toothbrushes, which vibrate more, make less noise and last longer, can be paired with sensors and smartphones to provide postural correction, but essentially the same. If you brush your teeth accurately and consistently for more than two minutes at a time. Then buying electric toothbrush is enough!

If you don't have much self-control and a budget, you can also try an electric toothbrush. I recommend two that I have used myself. Second, timely mouthwash and brushing after meals is mainly to clean the soft scale and plaque on the surface of the teeth and tongue. For other parts of the mouth, such as the inside of the cheek, the  under the tongue, hard palate, soft palate, uvula and throat, pure electric toothbrush is limited in brushing. At the same time, these areas are also difficult to clean dental plaque. Gargling is a method of cleaning the mouth. The main principle is to use the fluid in the mouth to remove residual food particles. electric toothbrush with water can remove food residues in the mouth, but its scavenging power is weak and not enough to remove dental plaque. Adding some active ingredients, called mouthwash, to mouthwash is an important part of a comprehensive cleaning of the mouth.

Nowadays, any electric toothbrush on the market can move more than 200Hz, that is, 200 strokes per second. So, your hand is not as fast as an electric toothbrush, certainly not as effective as an electric toothbrush. But assuming you can really get your hands up to the motor level, above 200Hz, then no problem, you can get the same effect without an electric toothbrush. However, electric toothbrushes cause more wear on teeth than manual toothbrushes.

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