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If it is the first time to use the oral irrigator

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If it is the first time to use the oral irrigator, gingiva occasionally bleeding, after 3~4 times, no longer have this situation, then it is normal. Under normal circumstances, the use of oral irrigator will have a suitable process, at the beginning, teeth and gums will be more sensitive, after the application period, you will get used to it. There are several main reasons for gingival bleeding after using the oral irrigator: 1. The water pressure of the oral irrigator is too high or the operation is improper. It is recommended to choose the oral irrigator with appropriate water pressure gear based on the tolerance of your teeth. When using the oral irrigator for the first time, try the water pressure at the minimum gear first. 2, the gingival is more sensitive, there is periodontitis to see their usual brushing, whether the gingival bleeding, see whether the periodontitis is serious, periodontitis is serious, it is not recommended to use the oral irrigator, or please go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment of periodontitis. 3. There are dental stones or dental plaque. After the oral irrigator is flushed out, there is occasional bleeding. Some dental stones are attached to the gingival and tooth, similar to the tooth cleaning. Oral irrigator itself is a good thing, the first time to use, there will be some unaccustomed, generally use 1~2 weeks, will adapt to.

How to master the method of using oral irrigator? First of all, fill the water, this is not to say, with the appropriate nozzle, and then put the nozzle into the mouth, aimed at the area to rinse, while the mouth slightly open, let the water flow out smoothly. Most importantly, the direction of the water flow is perpendicular to the gums, rinse the teeth, do not directly rush the gums, to rush is also next to the gum line, this is very important, because some people are relatively thin gums, directly rushed will bleed, and directly rushed the gums will also cause damage to the gums !!!!!

The last detail about usage is the nozzle and the control of selection and gear. In general, nozzles make a difference. For example: standard nozzle, orthodontic nozzle, dental plaque nozzle and so on. This depends on the situation of your teeth. Under normal circumstances, you can choose the standard nozzle. If you are in the period of orthodontics, you should use the orthodontic nozzle to clean more thoroughly. This according to their own situation to choose. There is blunt adjustment of oral irrigator best choice with different gear, at first just use advice from the soft gear, then one is give your teeth a adaptation, much of the most important is to our own master dental unit to use, a process of adaptation, avoid because of improper operation for a certain amount of damage gums.

When using a oral irrigator, always remember to use the appropriate oral irrigator for your teeth and their needs. Strictly follow the operation specifications of the oral irrigator. Do not punch teeth for too long or too frequently. Use it twice a day after eating, and it is recommended to use it within 1 minute each time.

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