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In a sense, though, some domestic manufacturers have to exaggerate the effect of electric toothbrushes in their marketing in order to promote sales.

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In a sense, though, some domestic manufacturers have to exaggerate the effect of electric toothbrushes in their marketing in order to promote sales.For example: whitening, stone removal and so on., this kind of manufacturer proposes to shield.

So, people who buy electric toothbrush must be clear: electric toothbrush is essentially a toothbrush, just like a washing machine is to clean clothes, electric toothbrush as a tool, is to help us to clean teeth, more easily and effortlessly.Any product has a way of using it, and tools can really help with that.As for the special efficacy of the business publicity, it is good to see, after all, the business needs to use these marketing means as a gimmick, to attract customers to buy orders.Of course, I personally prefer to use an electric toothbrush, the reason is that it is cleaner than my own brush, should be a childhood habit, brush your teeth every time with the same brush shoes, is the horizontal brush.Later, when I got the electric toothbrush, I came into contact with the Pap method, and then I gave up the horizontal brushing method and used the electric toothbrush to brush my teeth.

Really, once you use an electric toothbrush, you won't use a manual toothbrush to brush your teeth. It's really tiring.In my opinion, electric toothbrush has two advantages: 1, labor-saving and convenient, when cleaning teeth, it is very easy.2, help me clean better clean teeth, solve my random brush a problem.So before debating whether a product is an IQ tax, think about whether it addresses a need in your life.As long as the product solves the need, it is a useful and good product.If you want to buy an electric toothbrush but don't know which one to buy, you can check out the comparison online to choose a suitable electric toothbrush.

An IQ tax, you say?Does anyone using an electric toothbrush now have an IQ problem?Do you pay an IQ tax when you go to your dentist and recommend an electric toothbrush?So the electric toothbrush is definitely not an IQ tax.Electric toothbrush?A manual toothbrush?Whether it's an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush, the goal is to fight plaque, the common enemy of the mouth.

Under the premise of correct brushing method and sufficient brushing time, both electric toothbrush and manual toothbrush can effectively remove dental plaque, and there is no obvious difference in cleaning effect.Now I'm going to ask you, how many of you can promise to use the Pap method every day?

Although both electric toothbrush and manual toothbrushes can provide better cleaning results, in practice, the electric toothbrush is better because it basically standardizes the brushing process and makes brushing more time-saving and labor-efficient.Electric toothbrush is through the high frequency vibration of its internal motor to clean teeth, vibration speed is fast, but also to brush the hard to reach parts such as tooth gaps, teeth occlusal surface, gingival groove and so on for a thorough cleaning.Therefore, the plaque removal efficiency of electric toothbrush is naturally higher than that of manual toothbrush, and the cleaning effect is better.

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