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Is a water flosser as effective as floss?

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First of all, the water flosser we're talking about here is actually a type of floss. A crude explanation is yew. It is specially used for cleaning tooth crevices, big tooth pits, wisdom teeth, gingival furrows and other oral dead corners. Many people have some confusion about floss. They think it's not very convenient to use, and it's not cheap, and it's easy to flush a mouthful of blood if it's not used properly (which it actually is at first). So why not use regular floss? So Q1: Can floss replace floss? A: Pay attention! These two are not interchangeable things! For example, manual flossing is more like spraying your collar and rubbing it before washing, while oral irrigator is more like throwing it into the washing machine for an overall wash. Manual flossing is better for cleaning teeth, but the overall cleaning effect is not as good as oral irrigator. Yew can handle all sorts of strange dead ends. Dentists recommend that floss and dental cleaner is best used ~ Q2: Does cordless water flosser harm teeth or gums? A: At first, I was a little afraid of the water cannon. I think the water is very thick. Is it really not going to hurt your teeth or gums? My dentist friend says: You think too much! The water is comfortable, isn't it? Not only will it not hurt the gums, but it can also massage the gums. If you keep getting a mouthful of blood, it is recommended that you look at your teeth, which can lead to periodontal problems. Q3: How many times a day do you floss? A: There is no limit to the number of times. In general, it's the same as brushing your teeth, morning and night. If you can, you can rinse your mouth after eating. A: Except for friends with severe periodontitis who can't use it, basically, they can use ~

1. The difference between regular floss and cordless water flosser Regular floss and cordless water flosser work to clean plaque and food debris between and between teeth;

The difference is that the yew is used in the same way as a toothbrush, by rubbing it clean; The function of floss is to pulse the water column through high frequency.

Both have a toothbrush to help with comprehensive oral cleaning, but also have their own advantages and disadvantages;

2. Advantages of dental punch

I think there are three advantages irrigator dental

(1) More efficient and relaxed

Floss relies heavily on human friction, which is basically the miracle type. If you clean carefully, it takes me five minutes to floss each time. At least every time my girlfriend falls in the toilet, I ask her if she fell in the toilet. The teeth beater is usually used for a maximum of 2 minutes at a time.

This makes sense because flossing depends on manpower; Dental punches rely on electricity. You need to charge it and fill it with water before you can use it.

(2) It does not cause too much space between the teeth and can massage the gums

When I used toothpicks at home as a child, my parents would tell me not to use them because they would widen the space between my teeth; Although floss is thinner, like toothpicks, it is cut into gaps in the teeth to clean, so people have reported that the gaps in the teeth become wider with longer flossing;

The teeth punch is mainly flushed with a high frequency pulse of water, and will not cut into the teeth and expand.

In addition, proper water pressure can clean the gums. In fact, it massages the gums. Currently, many teeth cleaning machines also have effective massage modes.

3. The area behind your lower front teeth

Also, the area behind the lower front teeth is always prone to tartar buildup, which is not easy to navigate with floss, not easy to brush, and I don't know if floss will rinse

Compared to floss, water floss has the advantage of being easy to use, but if you do clean it, the cleaning effect is not as good as regular irrigator dental .

As for gaping teeth, water floss is certainly not an issue. After all, it's only used to flush teeth, not widen open teeth, and dental oral irrigator can cause teeth to open up. Someone seems to have reported a problem. If you're really worried, you can use yew instead.

Yew is also relatively easy to clean. Basically, most parts of the mouth can be reached with the help of floss.

The key to oral hygiene maintenance is the method, and tools are not the most important factor. From the literature review, many studies have demonstrated that electric toothbrushes have higher plaque removal efficiency and lower incidence of gingivitis than manual toothbrushes. However, due to the short duration of the study and the limitations of the research methods, more in-depth research may be needed in the future. However, for certain groups, such as children, special groups who are unable to take care of themselves and orthodontic patients, dental oral irrigator clearly offer greater advantages. In other words, if you can master the Pasteur method correctly, an ordinary person's manual toothbrush can achieve the same brushing effect as an oral irrigator dental.

The same is true of yew. If you can master the proper use of regular floss, the difference between the two is not that great. In addition, I personally feel that the family and friends around me who are just starting to floss are not all that great, but there is still a bit of an adjustment process.

Many people brush and floss their teeth regularly. However, many people have a question: Can oral irrigator dental. replace traditional floss?


Brushing is an effective way to remove plaque on the surface of teeth. However, this method is not effective in removing food between the teeth and the gum line.

Floss is used by running a thin thread between the teeth and gently scraping up and down each side of the teeth to remove plaque and food debris.


1. While flossing has many advantages, there are several disadvantages. These include:

2. It's hard to water flosser manufacturer certain areas of your mouth, and it's hard to clean your whole mouth.

3. If you don't floss regularly, it can cause minor bleeding.

4. It may cause gum allergies.

5. Some people find floss difficult to use and manipulate.


water flosser factory is a special machine that directs water into your mouth and gums. Instead of scraping your teeth to remove plaque like traditional water flosser factory. Yew uses the pressure of water to massage the teeth and remove food debris from them.


1. oral irrigator manufacturer  has many advantages. oral irrigator manufacturer is for everyone, even people with braces. Or use another type of dental material, such as permanent or temporary dental Bridges.

2. Pine massages your gums to improve their health.

3. It cleans areas of the mouth that traditional floss can't.


Floss is expensive. It requires relatively large storage space, requires electricity and water to operate, and is difficult to use in the home.

How to floss?

1. Fill the tank with warm water and return it to the bottom of the unit.

2. Connect the power supply to control and adjust the pressure. It's best to start with low pressure. Adjust slightly if necessary.

3. Tilt the top of the sink, place the cleaning floss in your mouth, and start the instrument.

4. Clean from the back teeth to the middle of the mouth.

5. Let the cleaning tip sit between each tooth for a short time.

6. Shut down the device and clean it according to the instructions.

Which is better?

Which of these two technologies is the best is still being explored. There is no definitive answer. The most important thing is to clean your teeth and gums every day.

A study was published in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry. Compare oral irrigator factory with traditional oral irrigator factory The researchers found a 74.4 percent reduction in plaque among those who used the pine. The number of people using traditional water flosser wholesale decreased by 57.7 percent. Other studies have found that water flosser wholesale is effective in reducing gingivitis and bleeding gums.

It is well known that good dental care can affect a person's overall health. Therefore, we should brush our teeth twice a day, floss our teeth every day, and make it a good habit to visit the dentist and have our teeth checked regularly. A yew, also known as an oral irrigator wholesale ,is a device that aims water at the teeth. Yew can help remove food particles from your teeth, helping to reduce bleeding and gum disease, but it's not usually considered a replacement for brushing and water flosser agency. It does not usually remove visible film and plaque from the teeth, but helps to reduce bacteria under the gums.

What does it feel like to dip water flosser agency.?

For me, the effect of the yew is very obvious. After using the oral irrigator agency for more than two years, it was still due to the initial swelling of the gums. Dentists say this is caused by uncleaned soft soil building up in the space between the teeth. After using it for some time, it has improved a lot. There's no more inflammation. Now I feel really clean.

Why do we water flosser dealer?

After every meal, there will be some food residue in the mouth. These residues are often hidden in the gum lines, crevices, and other hidden areas. These dead spots are breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria that can't be removed by brushing your teeth alone.

Yew can be easily rinsed away with a high-pressure stream of water and complete a thorough daily cleaning job with a toothbrush.

What is the function of yew?

From the previous introduction, we can know that yew is a cleaning aid and plays a role in daily cleaning. All people (children over 6 years old) can use pine to prevent oral problems.

However, it is important to note that oral irrigator dealer will not immediately whiten your teeth, but long-term oral irrigator dealer can play the following roles in protecting your oral health:

· Effectively remove food residue that cannot be reached by toothbrush and floss and harmful bacteria that remain in the interdental space, effectively prevent tooth decay, gingivitis, calculus and periodontitis

· Remove bad breath, keep your mouth clean and feel fresh

· Help children develop good oral cleaning habits to prevent tooth decay

· Massage and stimulate gums, improve blood circulation, relieve toothache, and inhibit gum bleeding

The simple and efficient cleaning orthodontic appliance is a powerful tool to clean the mouth of those undergoing orthodontics or wearing dentures

What kind of person is water flosser trader for?

In fact, people over the age of 6 can oral irrigator trader, but some people may be lazy or not aware of oral hygiene and choose not to use it. But! water flosser company should not be ignored by the following:

· Large gap, easy to jam

· Corrective period

· Retention dentures and implants

· People with weak faces

· Postoperative cleaning is required to prevent infection

These people really need to floss to get rid of food residue and keep their mouths comfortable and healthy. For example, I really need oral irrigator company. As I said before, there was a lot of dirt on my gums that didn't brush out, causing inflammation. You need to keep your gums clean after meals. If you don't clean up in time, the dentist is really waiting for you.

When to water flosser supplier?

There are two options for oral irrigator supplier:

Plan 1: Floss twice in the morning and at night - Desktop cordless water flosser

In order to do a good job of oral cleaning and keep the mouth healthy, we brush our teeth first, and then cordless water flosser to clean the gaps between teeth, gum lines and other dead spots. Because it is used at home, desktop floss is a good option in this case.

Kopp: Very limited reports on one or two small clinical studies → Flossing after brushing is a little better than cordless water flosser after brushing in some cases, and in most other cases, no difference.

Plan 2: Floss after Meals - Portable

Portable is not as restricted as desktop. It can take you everywhere, travel with you, go to school, office and other places together.

Convenience is better for the free soul than desktop!


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