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Is an electric toothbrush an IQ tax?

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Is an electric toothbrush an IQ tax?

Of course, sonic toothbrush  are not an IQ tax. The reason for such a misunderstanding is that there are various toothbrushes electric on the market, and some low-priced and inferior products make people doubt the effectiveness and safety of electric tooth brush. On the other hand, it is because everyone's understanding of oral care is not comprehensive enough, and their awareness of its importance is not enough.

Wrong oral care methods not only cause bad breath, dental caries, periodontitis and other problems in the mouth, but also require large medical expenses during treatment, and these are all related to insufficient oral care—that is, inadequate brushing.

1. Are you still brushing your teeth effectively? Why We Say No to Regular sonic electric toothbrush:

Although we brush our teeth every day, it is more likely that we are making mistakes every day. Let’s look back, from childhood to adulthood, is there some people who are more accustomed to tooth brushing? In fact, this brushing method will cause great damage to the tooth surface and gums, and it is often not comprehensive enough to clean the inside.

At present, the internationally recognized and effective method of brushing teeth - Bass (Bass) tooth brushing method, requires us to brush our teeth for at least two minutes each time. But for most people, brushing their teeth can only be finished after a few hasty strokes. And many people are used to brushing the outside of the front teeth when brushing their teeth. There are many blind spots in the mouth, which are almost missed, let alone using the standard Pap method to keep the mouth clean.

When we eat, food residues, saliva and bacteria will form plaque on the surface of the teeth. If it is not cleaned in time, the plaque will gradually deposit and form tartar, which will also cause oral diseases such as periodontitis, and finally lead to loose teeth , fall off, and even affect chewing and normal oral function. The tooth damage caused by wrong brushing methods also accumulates little by little, such as the most common tooth decay, once the tooth decay damages the pulp and nerves, the pain will really make people want to pull out the dentures directly, and the root cause Although the treatment is painful, time-consuming and expensive.

2. More efficient oral cleaning: Why should we choose an kids electric toothbrush?

All kinds of oral care problems caused by ordinary electronic toothbrush actually have a more efficient and more technological solution-electric toothbrush factory. The main things that can continue to damage our teeth are dental plaque, dental calculus, food residue and other problems. Compared with ordinary sonic toothbrush manufacturer, whether it is the bristles or the unique high-frequency vibration effect of sonic toothbrush factory, it will undoubtedly play a better role in cleaning the oral cavity. However, there are a wide variety of large and small electric toothbrush wholesale brands on the market today, and their selling points are also different. So, how should we choose a good sonic toothbrush wholesale?

3. What standards should a good electric toothbrush agency have?

Rather than what standards a good sonic toothbrush agency should have, what performance do we expect it to have? High vibration frequency, reasonable brush head design, complete toothbrush functions, good waterproof performance, long service life, sufficient power, good brand reputation, reliable after-sales service... In general, cleaning power, comfort and safety, fit The four aspects of degree and security degree.

(1) More efficient cleaning efficiency

Compared with manual brushing, electric toothbrush dealer have a higher vibration frequency, which is closely related to the cleaning effect. The vibration frequency of normal people's manual brushing is about 200 times per minute, while the rotation speed of rotary sonic toothbrush dealer is generally about 8000 times per minute. The sonic vibration toothbrush can effectively clean the teeth by driving the water flow between 10,000 and 40,000 times per minute, so as to achieve a better cleaning effect, and currently there are generally different gears to adapt to individual differences. But will such high-frequency cleaning damage teeth? On the contrary, electric toothbrush trader use a variety of methods to protect the oral cavity while ensuring cleaning efficiency through high-frequency vibration. This is because the high frequency itself acts as a cleanser. The high-frequency vibration of the bristles of the sonic toothbrush trader produces a turbulent flow effect in the oral cavity, forming a shear force parallel to the tissue surface, so that the bristles can remove the plaque biofilm even when the bristles do not touch the tooth surface, resulting in damage to the microbial attachment device that forms the plaque , more gentle and safer than the cleaning measures brought by mechanical friction

A randomized clinical trial published in the "International Journal of Pediatric Dentistry" in 2021 evaluated the plaque reduction effect of oscillating and rotating electric toothbrush company compared with manual sonic toothbrush company in children's deciduous and mixed dentition. The researchers included 41 children. The results of the study showed , for primary dentition in children aged 3-6 years, electric brushes produced 32.3% less plaque than manual brushes (P = .005). For mixed dentition in children aged 7-9 years, electric toothbrush supplier produced 51.9% less plaque than manual sonic toothbrush supplier (P < .001). This study shows that the use of electric toothbrush vendor can improve oral cleaning efficiency and reduce plaque production more significantly.

In addition, in terms of the choice of bristles and brush heads, compared with the traditional hard bristles, Roman’s uses a three-pronged bristle design, one bristle is divided into three, the lower end is thick and the tip is thin, with high softness, high resilience, Not only does it clean your teeth and gums better, but you're less likely to cause bleeding gums or tooth sensitivity when brushing.

2) A more comfortable and safe brushing method

Manual tooth brushing is easy to cause damage to the oral cavity due to uneven force and wrong swing method.

To give a brief example, I encountered some cases during my internship. Because of the long-term sonic toothbrush vendor and excessive force, the hard teeth were worn out with a groove, which is called wedge-shaped defect in academic vernacular. This wedge-shaped defect will not only cause dentin hypersensitivity, but may also cause the risk of tooth fracture.

An epidemiological study on the etiology and occurrence of gingival recession as early as 2015 in the Journal of the Indian Association of Periodontology identified the incidence of gingival recession and identified the most relevant factors, which were incorrect brushing Way and due to wrong way not to complete brushing. The study selected 710 subjects aged between 15 and 60, and analyzed by recording plaque index, gingival index and other indicators. It was found that 291 cases (40.98%) had gingival recession, and the frequency of occurrence varied with the subjects. In the young group (15-25 years old), the gingival atrophy rate was 26.9%, while the gingival atrophy rate in the elderly group was greatly increased, which was 70.27%, and it was also found in similar studies that due to long-term With exposure, periodontal tissue destruction progresses steadily over time, with the frequency of gingival recession reaching almost 100% in older adults. In addition, this study found that the etiology of gingival recession is caused by multiple factors, such as wrong electric toothbrush bulk methods, poor oral hygiene, and tooth misalignment, among which the most common cause is the accumulation of dental plaque (44.1%), followed by sonic toothbrush bulk due to The method is incorrect and the teeth are not completely brushed (42.7%).

It can be seen from this study that the correct, safe and comfortable way of brushing teeth is very important to modern people!

Many people can't get used to hard electric toothbrush company, thinking that it will damage the teeth, but at the same time, soft bristles are prone to insufficient cleaning power. Here is a popular science about the difference between different bristles. What is Dupont bristles? Dupont silk is a representative product of high-quality nylon silk, with equal thickness at the top and bottom, rounded top, toughness, wear resistance, strong cleaning power, and hard bristles; while Toray bristles are a kind of bristles invented and produced by Japan's Toray Group. PBT pointed wire has the characteristics of high softness, high resilience, high hardness, low water absorption, and high material manufacturing cost. The lower end of the bristle is thick and the tip is thin, and it is generally used to make high-end soft sonic toothbrush company. At the same time, the brush head is also wrapped in silicone, which is anti-mildew and does not hurt the teeth. When it comes to the choice of brush heads, different people also have different preferences. electric toothbrush vendor are good for this. You can buy one and change the brush heads to choose the one that suits you. Personally, I prefer the small brush head, because the small brush head is not easy to hit the gums, causing bleeding gums, it is more convenient to operate, and it can deeply clean the big teeth, which can be said to be very applicable.


  Another important point is that the antibacterial ability is also very important because the toothbrush has been placed in the bathroom with high humidity for a long time. Ordinary electric toothbrush vendor may be contaminated by microorganisms within a week. Bacteria are easy to breed in a humid environment, causing secondary pollution to the oral cavity and damaging the oral cavity. Healthy flora, some toothbrush heads have silver ion antibacterial bristles, which can destroy the bacterial protease structure and protect the bristles from bacterial contamination. The antibacterial effect is strong and long-lasting. It couldn't be more appropriate.

3) Different modes match different oral conditions to ensure individual fit

Compared with the single brushing method of ordinary sonic toothbrush vendor, the function of sonic toothbrush vendor is very powerful. Some brands of electric toothbrush wholesale have five gears to choose from: 3 toothbrush gears: cleaning (32,000 vibrations per minute), whitening (33,000 vibrations) Vibration per minute), soft (31000 vibrations per minute); there are also 2 cleansing gears: cleansing (32000 vibrations per minute), massage (31000 vibrations per minute). When using an electric toothbrush wholesale, it can also be used with mouthwash, dental floss and probiotic toothpaste to maintain oral health systematically.

(4) Choose a professional brand background to ensure quality

Quality alone is not enough without guarantee. As we said before, the last criterion for choosing an electric toothbrush factory is to look at the brand background, to see if it has the technological strength to make a truly effective electric toothbrush factory that fits the human body, and whether it has enough after-sales support guarantees, rather than nothing. The hottest three-no products.

4. How to choose a good electronic toothbrush?

1. Reject low-priced and inferior products

The price of this kind of product is indeed low, but also because the input cost is too low, the electric toothbrush manufacturer will only use inferior materials, such as hollow cup motors, unrounded bristles, etc., not to mention the bad user experience, and there is a very high rate of tooth damage!

2. Give priority to professional and powerful brands

Brands with outstanding professional strength will invest a lot of manpower and material resources in the adjustment and improvement of more than 100 core parameters, including the uniformity of swing, the rounding rate of bristles, etc. The rate of tooth damage alone is lower than that of non-professional Brand 300%!

3. Choose products with better quality brush heads

However, the quality of the brush head is related to factors such as the material of the bristles, the rounding rate, and the size of the brush head. Among them, you should buy a product with a moderate size brush head. Too large a brush head has low flexibility and cannot take into account the cleaning of some blind spots, but too small a size will hinder the cleaning efficiency.

4. Choose a brand that you can experience with your mouth

It is best to buy a brand that supports a 7-day trial and has a low cost of brush head replacement. Take the cost of brush heads as an example. Usually, at least 4 brush heads need to be replaced a year. If the cost of brush heads is too high, it will increase the cost of living.

5. Pay attention to the swing angle

The swing angle needs to be controlled within the range of 3-9 degrees, otherwise it will affect the cleaning power of the electric toothbrush dealer and the ability to protect teeth and gums.

6. Choose products with better oral compatibility

Oral health will change with changes in cleaning habits, dietary preferences and other factors, so it is best to choose products with better compatibility. For example, products with no less than 4 stalls can adapt to more usage scenarios.

In short, today, when the dental and oral conditions of Chinese people are generally poor, I strongly support everyone to choose an sonic toothbrush company with stronger cleaning power and better cleaning effect! But everyone should not ignore the dangers of unprofessional electric toothbrush. You must buy professional high-quality products with strong tooth and gum protection capabilities, remarkable cleaning effects, and strong professional and technical strength!


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