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Is buying a water flosser an IQ tax?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-10      Origin: Site

Is buying a water flosser an IQ tax? I believe many people, when seeing this question, will ask with a question mark: "What is a water flosser?" Electric toothbrushes, dental floss and water flosser have been popular and used in Europe and the United States for decades. But in China, maybe many people have an electric toothbrush at home, or even if they don't, they know what it's for. For water flosser, I believe many people will still feel strange, so this article will briefly talk with you about what water flosser is, what water flosser can do, and finally discuss whether buying water flosser is paying IQ tax.

What is an oral irrigator? What does it do? Oral irrigator is a kind of oral hygiene maintenance tool. Its principle is to use the high-speed water jet out under a certain pressure to clean teeth. Because the water is "ubiquitous", it can well clean the gaps of teeth and the mouth corners that can not be brush. Oral irrigator can be roughly divided into two categories according to the different water pressurizing methods: electric oral irrigator and faucet oral irrigator. The tap oral irrigator, as the name suggests, is a straight-forward punch that can be installed directly into your faucet, eliminating the need for electricity and pressurized pumps. It is characterized by cheap, simple structure, but also has the most basic function of the oral irrigator, but the shortcomings are also obvious, the durability is very poor, many netizens react, this kind of tooth punch many parts are connected through thread, assembled together, no use a few times, began to leak! The pressure of the tap oral irrigator is given by the tap water. Although the pressure can be manually adjusted, the water pressure is always unsatisfactory. Its control, cleaning effect, use experience and product durability are not as good as those of the electric oral irrigator.

From the technical classification, the electric water flosser can be subdivided into three types: high pressure pulse type, micro-explosive air flow and ultrasonic water flow. High pressure impulse punch has become the mainstream technology used by most water flosser in the market due to its efficient cleaning effect and comfortable experience. More than 1000 times/minute pulse water column, wave after wave of water column, can quickly remove stains between our teeth without damaging the gums.

The oral irrigator was first popular in foreign countries, and later entered China, but it has not opened the market, only a few people and orthodontic patients reuse it, because it is very expensive, thousands of yuan per unit. Later, with the intervention of Chinese brands, not only the technological innovation, but also the price was knocked down, making it possible for the oral irrigator to enter the ordinary people's homes. Search oral irrigator on the Internet, the best-selling several models, the price is around 300 yuan, 300 yuan to buy a oral irrigator expensive? If the tooth is sick, what treatment can we get in the stomatology department with 300 yuan in our pocket?

The water flosser with gravity ball design can achieve 360° water absorption without dead Angle, so we do not need to tilt our head to meet the water absorption Angle of the water flosser. Therefore, buying a water flosser is not an IQ tax.

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