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Is children electric toothbrush to pay IQ tax?

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Based on the above, my suggestions are as follows:At the beginning, children are resistant to brushing their teeth. They can use electric toothbrush to attract their attention and increase their interest in brushing their teeth. After forming the habit and method of daily brushing, manual toothbrush can be replaced as appropriate, which is a relatively safe way to maintain children's oral health.Also avoid improper use of electric toothbrush in the process of incomplete brushing, gum damage, enamel wear and other situations.Of course, if children have mastered the correct way to brush their teeth and the use of electric toothbrush, they can also use it all the time.

There is a lot of discussion about electric toothbrushes for children in the market, and there is no consensus on whether children should use electric toothbrushes.Some people think it is actually intelligence tax, children's teeth are not fully developed, the high frequency vibration of electric toothbrush can directly damage teeth or wear teeth.Others argue that electric toothbrushes are more efficient and better at cleaning children's teeth.The most common oral problem in children is tooth decay. If the habit of brushing teeth is not good or the method is not correct, it is easy to cause tooth decay and affect the subsequent development of permanent teeth.The cleaning efficiency of electric toothbrush is higher than that of ordinary toothbrush, and the use of electric toothbrush is very helpful to protect the health of children's teeth and prevent tooth decay.However, we should pay attention to the choice of children's electric toothbrush, to ensure that children do not hurt the fragile teeth.Recommend this electric toothbrush for children.

What if electric toothbrushes aren't taxed on intelligence?Why are children's electric toothbrushes considered an IQ tax?Do not know whether the friends who ask this question have experienced chasing their children to brush their teeth, coaxing their children to brush their teeth, or even to beat or scold to scare their children to brush their teeth.If I did, I wouldn't be asking.See the advantages of children's electric toothbrushes over manual toothbrushes.1. Efficient cleaning ability.Vibrate faster, brush cleaner.Kids brush their teeth, three or four seconds to give you a good move.2, intelligent timing for two minutes.It's not easy enough to catch your child and brush her teeth for two minutes, but you want her to stand still and brush for two minutes?And I can't watch her brush her teeth and watch the timer.3. Automation.Don't need children to spend energy 4, fun fun.For children, fun and interesting things are always willing to try, of course, children of different ages for electric toothbrush choice, also need to pay some attention.

Therefore, for children electric toothbrush is not IQ tax this problem can only say that a good electric toothbrush is certainly not IQ tax, but inferior electric toothbrush is not easy to say.

In addition, when choosing children's electric toothbrush, we should not only pay attention to the function of toothbrush, but also pay attention to the color and style of electric toothbrush. Choosing the color and style that children like can stimulate children's interest in brushing teeth.