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Is electric toothbrush I the more intelligent the better?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-03      Origin: Site

"Basic electric toothbrush" within 200 yuan: relatively simple functions, use experience is also "OK" but not delicate. After all, the cost is limited, generally several brushing modes, 2 minutes countdown and so on the most routine functions. 500 yuan "Smart electric toothbrush" : But if you increase your budget to 500 yuan, you can buy a lot of good, comprehensive products. Take the electric toothbrush I am using as an example. It has a 0.95 inch color touch screen, which can give us a score for each brushing and a graphical display of the brushing process, so that brushing is not "blind exercise" and effective feedback can be obtained. In addition, IPX7 waterproof and dustproof, wireless fast charging these will also be arranged. As a comparison, I also have a flagship electric toothbrush of some international brands at the price of 2000 yuan. The overall workmanship materials are indeed good, but they do not appear to be stronger than mine. On the contrary, the touch color screen has been replaced by a normal screen, which requires physical buttons to operate. Compared with touch, the convenience is lower, and the overall appearance level is also slightly inferior in my opinion.

In view of some consumption phenomena brought by electric toothbrush in the current market, China Consumer Association has carried out comparative tests of this kind of products. The samples include 25 mainstream products at home and abroad, mainly from the Internet platform, and the price range is between 60 and 1000 yuan. It was found that only a small part of the samples could effectively remove the vegetable stains in the tooth groove, and the cleaning effect was good. However, after the use of more electric toothbrushes, there were still obvious vegetable stains on the test tooth model, and the cleaning effect was just average. After use, the vegetable stains on the tooth model were up to two thirds or one third, which showed poor cleaning effect. director engineer of health home appliance Testing Center of China Home Appliance Institute: the cleaning effect of some electric toothbrushes is even worse than that of ordinary toothbrushes.

To see whether an electric toothbrush is good, we should focus on the five points: first, vibration frequency, vibration frequency is the first point of cleaning effect, combined with different gears, can meet the needs of different people or tooth state; Two, the function mode of electric toothbrush, cleaning, whitening, massage these three have been the basic configuration, some will add new mode, but also with the facial cleaning brush head to provide facial cleaning function; 3. Noise experience: It is certain that electric toothbrush has sound, but there is a difference in size. If the sound is too large, it will affect the use experience; Four, battery life, although a charge is not what, but the battery life is stronger, of course, the better, which brings us to understand the convenience of natural understand, but also can see manufacturers in product research and development ability of investment; Five, electric toothbrush hair quality, although this point in the last, but in fact very key, and only after using to really know the quality and effect.

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