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Is electric toothbrush suitable for giving away?

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Many thoughtful boy, the "send girl electric toothbrush?" right, "the girl what is the meaning" electric toothbrush, I took a look at these friends, decided to lend your name to the article, also tell you a definite answer, send girl electric toothbrush is very appropriate, and moral super good.Electric toothbrush means white and clean, every time your other half will think of you when using, feel your care for her, and our people nine out of ten have some oral problems, then send electric toothbrush she can use, basically no overturned possibility.In addition, as a good thing that can be used every day, electric toothbrush can subtly make her feel your care for her every day, and add points for you year after year!As a nurse, Yang Shuo would like to remind everyone that although it is very appropriate to give girls electric toothbrush, but there are many brands on the market, there are many products that hurt teeth, this can not be deceived, how to avoid more oral health problems?Today, I made a recommendation for my used electric toothbrush, all of which are very good styles that I have tested and used for a long time and have a good reputation on the Internet.The picture below is a part of the electric toothbrush I evaluated, please take a look with me.

As mentioned above, the dental health quality of Chinese people is not high. The rate of tooth decay is as high as over 60%, and almost everyone has periodontitis. In fact, tooth care is very serious.The graph below shows the dental health of the nation according to authoritative organizations.Compared with manual toothbrush, electric toothbrush has better cleaning and nursing efficiency and can effectively improve dental diseases.That's why many dentists recommend using electric toothbrushes, but don't be lured by the quick whitening gimmick when shopping for a gift. Instead, choose an electric toothbrush that won't damage your teeth:

The main reasons are poor quality, strong vibration, bleeding gum brush, etc. In fact, these reasons have a lot to do with the electric toothbrush we choose. In recent years, low-end electric toothbrush frequently has problems, and the mainstream brand is too strong cleaning force leads to more and more problems of teeth injury!It's especially important to choose an electric toothbrush that won't damage your teeth.How to choose your own electric toothbrush?I shared some of my own requirements for choosing an electric toothbrush.

Is it appropriate to give a girl an electric toothbrush?Of course, it is very suitable, but in order to avoid buying the gift of damaged teeth, you can refer to the above points before buying electric toothbrush, will help you eliminate a lot of lightning.Here are a few electric toothbrushes that I feel are performing well in all aspects after I use them, to share with you.

Compared with manual brushing, the vibration frequency of electric toothbrush is much more efficient than the reciprocating friction of 80-120 times per minute. This is the core advantage of electric toothbrush, which can clean every part of teeth more efficiently.

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