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Is electric toothbrush worth buying?

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First of all, don't believe too many so-called parameters, such as an electric toothbrush: parameters are as follows: wireless induction charging, battery life of 18 days, up to 31,000 vibrations per minute, mode: clean mode, easy mode, rookie mode (can be connected to APP), electric toothbrush head:Vacuum packaging, UV sterilization, no metal brush head there are a lot of marketing gimmick, like vacuum packaging, UV sterilization and so on...These parameters have no practicality, I do not see, these are just some useless business propaganda hush head.

Also like the link APP, seemingly very intelligent, in fact, just a temporary sense of novelty, behind this function is almost idle, used electric toothbrush all know.As an office worker who has to sprint to work every day, it is not possible to set it idle every day. For individuals, this feature can also be shelved.

About the standard parameters of the electric toothbrush: the hard cost of the electric toothbrush is: vibration frequency, swing, noise, waterproof level, battery life (battery life), charging mode.These five blocks basically determine the price of an electric toothbrush.

So is an electric toothbrush really an IQ tax? Is it worth buying?

In fact, the electric toothbrush is not really an IQ tax, very worthy of everyone to buy, it is best to equip a hand. There are several main benefits to using an electric toothbrush. If you've ever had a big gap between your teeth, you've probably had the experience of getting something stuck between your teeth. Even with electric toothbrush, it's not easy to get something stuck between your teeth. These food residues stuck in the teeth are relatively large, so it is not easy to get out, so do you think that using an ordinary toothbrush to clean teeth, can achieve the real sense of deep cleaning? Of course the answer is no. When we use ordinary manual toothbrushes, the bristles can only clean the surface of the teeth, and it is difficult to clean the gap between the teeth. But it's a different story when you use an electric toothbrush, which can automatically clean your teeth because of its ultra-high frequency vibration. When the motor vibrates at high speed, the electric toothbrush bristles drive the water through and friction between the teeth, so that the corners between the teeth can be easily cleaned into place. That's why people who use regular toothbrushes are more likely to develop plaque or dental stones, which can lead to bad breath if not cleaned regularly. After the use of electric toothbrush, oral internal environmental hygiene can be guaranteed to a certain extent, it is difficult to breed dental plaque or dental calculus.

Electric toothbrush brush bristles There are two kinds of electric toothbrush bristles, one is the American DuPont silk that is more common in the market, and another kind of bristles is the Japanese Toray PBT sharpen wire. The bristles present regional characteristics, and the students engaged in production and procurement have not understood.The cost of electric toothbrush bristles is basically fixed, look for these two bristles must be right.Both gingiva care and comfort is the same, I gingiva sensitive, did not feel the difference between the two.

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