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Is electric toothbrushes really bad for your gums?

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-22      Origin: Site

1. I used to use a manual toothbrush, read a lot of advertisements and recommendations, and bought an electric toothbrush myself to try. The first time I brushed my teeth, I experienced bleeding gums.Feeling different from the manual toothbrush soft and fine, the electric toothbrush bristles are very hard, and the frequency is faster than the manual, the mouth is numb, but also not good control of the direction, only around the mouth, molar teeth can not go in, only sweeping it again and spit out, found a lot of blood in the wash pool, only found that the gum bleeding.Scared me into switching back to a manual toothbrush.

2. Some people think that electric toothbrush is expensive, indeed ~ is much more expensive than ordinary toothbrush, but for people who can not correct brushing methods and control brushing strength, electric toothbrush is better than ordinary toothbrush, it is a long-term investment!You don't have to go to the dentist for treatment or even surgery because you have a problem with your mouth later, which is more expensive. The body of most electric toothbrushes is made of silica gel, just like the big brands, to ensure the feel, but it is also found that silica gel is easy to oxidize and blacken or become moldy.It is recommended that after brushing your teeth, remember to shake the water off your electric toothbrush, do not put the toothbrush in a damp and dark place, try to put it in a dry and ventilated place.3. One brand of electric toothbrush vibrates in a more complex way than ordinary electric toothbrushes, and more frequently, so it feels very strong when you put it in your mouth.Some people's teeth are relatively fragile, and they may not be used to it at first. It is suggested to start with a friendly mode and then change the mode.4. Attention!Electric toothbrushes do not cause wedge-shaped defects!There are many reasons for wedge defects, including brushing method, brushing force, substandard toothbrush, toothpaste granularity, acid corrosion, and the structure of the neck of the tooth.One of the most influential is the method of brushing your teeth.

3. Electric toothbrush is now an essential item for fashionable youth, but it in addition to your sense of fashion to promote a degree, more accepted because it is really good.The study showed that those who used electric toothbrushes for three months had 21 percent less plaque and 11 percent less gingivitis than those who used manual toothbrushes.It can be seen that the electric toothbrush does not harm the gums and is important for the health of the gums.

4. Later with the stomatology friends to consult, and choose a more suitable for their own electric toothbrush, as expected, there was no bleeding, but also clean brushing.Share them with you here.Brushing with an electric toothbrush or regular toothbrush can damage gums if you choose a toothbrush with a poor quality brush head, or if you brush with the wrong force and direction.But don't forget that there is no single cause of gum damage.

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