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Is it OK to use electric toothbrush everyday?

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Have you ever crossed your eyes in the face of a wide variety of electric toothbrushes in supermarkets or online stores, with prices ranging from more than 100 yuan to thousands of yuan? Many people ask which electric tooth brush is best, which is an unanswerable question because "best" is a relative term: the sonic toothbrush best suited to the condition of your teeth and gums. So, how to choose the best electric toothbrush for you? Choose an sonic toothbrush for the following reasons: ease of use, gum sensitivity, tooth sensitivity, special functions, etc. Do you think brushing with an electric toothbrush means turning on the power switch and putting it in your mouth? That was a big mistake. An electric tooth brush is not difficult to use, but it is not a "dumb" tool. Beginners recommend sonic toothbrush with small amplitude and vibration. One of the core components of an electric toothbrush is the motor. The stability and vibration frequency of the motor determine the comfort of the toothbrushes electric. Under the condition of ensuring stable output, vibration frequency greater than 30000 times /min is sufficient to meet the daily cleaning, too large or too small will cause discomfort. Many people experience vibration discomfort when using an electric toothbrush for the first time. If the motor performance is not good, vibration can not be uniform lasting, novice must be more difficult to accept strong and weak vibration. Many newcomers give up on toothbrushes electric once, opting for cheap ones that vibrate too much or are unstable. In this regard, brands and prices can filter out some inferior electric toothbrushes. Also, newbies recommend using a small-headed toothbrushes electric.When using a sonic electric toothbrush, many people prefer wide bristles because they cover more area, clean more efficiently, and brush faster. The bristles also have an obvious downside. Wider bristles won't clean small areas, which is faster but not as clean. The advantage of electric tooth brushesis that high-frequency vibrations can replace manual brushing, and the smaller sonic electric toothbrush brush head reaches deep into small areas. The cleaning efficiency of high frequency vibration can make up for the shortcomings of small brush head coverage area, cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect has been improved. Gingival thickness is divided into thin gingival type and thick gingival type. Thin gum types have thinner gums and are more prone to receding gums, as well as bleeding and pain. Thick gum types have thicker gums that are less likely to recede and are less likely to bleed and be painful. For different kids electric toothbrush gum types, you should choose different electric toothbrush properties. Tooth enamel is the hardest material in the human body, but long-term use can cause some natural wear and tear. In some people kids electric toothbrush is well developed and not easily worn; Some people suffer from enamel dysplasia, or tetracycline fluorosis, which itself is more prone to wear. Teeth that have already experienced enamel wear are more sensitive and may develop dentin allergies or even pain when exposed to hot and cold. Depending on the sensitivity of the teeth, the performance of the kids electric toothbrush should be measured at the time of purchase: (1) overly sharp bristles tend to damage the gums. People with sensitive gums/gums are advised to use a highly rounded electric toothbrush. At present, the bristles of electric toothbrush are made of nylon silk, and the top of the bristles need to be treated with rounded corners. The more excellent the brand of kids electric toothbrush, the higher the bristles rate and the more comfortable to use; On the other hand, the low roundness of the bristles is like a "bad hotel electronic toothbrush" and can sometimes lead to sore gums and bleeding in the mouth. Similarly, the lower the roundness of the electronic toothbrush bristles and the sharper the bristles, the more likely they are to wear down the teeth, and the more likely they are to wear down the teeth of people with sensitive teeth.  (2) The electronic toothbrush bristles are soft and hard, with stronger "brush force" and good cleaning effect, but improper use is easy to damage the teeth and gums; The softer the bristles, the kinder they are to the gums, and many "aftercare electric toothbrush manufacturer" are extra soft and thin to prevent pain in the surgical area from touching the gums. However, electric toothbrush manufacturer are only recommended for short-term use after surgery because they are not efficient enough to remove plaque completely from the surface of the teeth because the bristles are too soft. For regular toothbrushes, we recommend soft bristles; But most electric toothbrushes on the market have medium hardness and stiff bristles. Why? Due to the fast vibration frequency of electric toothbrush factory, too soft bristles are not easy to quickly recover deformation under high frequency vibration, and the cleaning efficiency is not enough. For this reason, electric toothbrushes need bristles that are slightly stiffer and more elastic. So for the average person, an electric toothbrush factory with medium bristles is good, while for people with sensitive gums, there are soft bristles. (3) Brush heads and vibration modes sonic toothbrush manufacturer on the market are mainly divided into two kinds of brush heads and their matching vibration modes. One is a square sonic toothbrush manufacturer brush head similar to a regular toothbrush, matching vibration patterns along the long axis of the sonic toothbrush factory (simulating Pap brushing, which vibrates horizontally to clean the gingival groove), or perpendicular to the long axis of the sonic toothbrush factory (simulating vertical brushing, which vibrates vertically to clean the cracks between teeth). This electric toothbrush wholesale brush head has less amplitude and vibration, making it more receptive to people with sensitive gums. Another type of electric toothbrush has a circular brush head and a combined vibration mode, i.e. vertical tooth vibration + reciprocating rotation mode. Because the vibration pattern is complex, the amplitude and vibration sensation will be larger than the square electric toothbrush wholesale brush head, but the cleaning efficiency and cleaning ability is also stronger. If people with sensitive gums use this electric toothbrush, it is recommended to choose a round sonic toothbrush wholesale with soft bristles. In addition to the core functions of vibration, the core components of the brush head and bristles, electric toothbrushes have many useful and interesting special features, some of which can produce incredible results. (1) Timing function Many sonic toothbrush wholesale have a timing function that alerts you when the upper jaw electric toothbrush agency is in place to change the lower jaw, or the lip brush is enough to change the tongue. This timing feature ensures the shortest tooth cleaning time, allowing many 10-second brushing squares to force electric toothbrush agency brushing for at least 2 minutes. At the same time, due to the high cleaning efficiency of the electric toothbrush, it does not take too long, this regular reminder will prevent wear and tear of the teeth caused by excessive use. For some "busy" people, there's no time to squeeze in and pretend brushing your teeth is part of everyday life. There's a word for the way these people brush their teeth, and it's called "electric toothbrush agency ." A lot of people's "performance" is toothpaste, at the end of brushing teeth in the mouth at will brush ten seconds, less than electric toothbrush agency  does not pay attention to the daily maintenance of brushing teeth. First of all, the sonic toothbrush agency has a higher cleaning efficiency, the same sonic toothbrush agency brush for more than ten seconds, the electric toothbrush cleaning efficiency is much higher than manual brushing. What's more, almost all electric toothbrushes now have a use time reminder function, brushing for at least two minutes, every half minute to remind you to change your brushing position. Using an electric toothbrush dealer ensures that you brush for at least two minutes. Many children are reluctant to brush their teeth, but electric toothbrush dealer, vibrating, cartoon-looking electric toothbrushes will no doubt appeal to kids. When brushing becomes a fun activity, kids enjoy it more and more, and it feels great to brush your teeth with a sports car running around in your mouth. Is the sonic toothbrush dealer an IQ tax? It has been said that my grandmother, who never brushed her teeth in her life, can still open a bottle with her teeth - if you think that brushing is just icing on the cake and that brushing doesn't matter, then an electric toothbrush must be an IQ tax. Some people's idea of brushing their teeth is stuck in the last century, when people didn't have enough food or clothes to keep warm, and didn't have enough sonic toothbrush dealer , so "clean toothbrush" remains stuck in the "I can make sure to sonic toothbrush dealer  my teeth every day" mentality. And even if you get rid of both of the above, people will think that the electric toothbrush trader is just an excuse for laziness, that a little effort is enough, and that the electric toothbrush is just a speed-up version of manual brushing, so expensive is not worth it at all. First of all, most people have realized the importance of brushing their teeth. If people who don't brush their teeth should learn the importance of brushing, then it is worth explaining the advantages of  electric toothbrush trader to those who want to brush their teeth more cleanly. As mentioned above, electric toothbrushes are not only faster, but significantly more efficient and effective than manual toothbrushes. Not to mention stress alerts, artificial intelligence, and other features that can help you practice healthier brushing habits by protecting your teeth by reducing wear and tear. On the other hand, sonic toothbrush trader do cost more than regular toothbrushes. Is it worth the price? On the one hand, expensive sonic toothbrush trader come from the cost, the composition itself is not only sonic toothbrush trader bristles and brush handle, but also adjustable frequency vibration motor, naturally higher cost; On the other hand, there are many other functions of electric toothbrush company: pressure alarm, artificial intelligence, timing function, etc., which are the cost source of electric toothbrush company versatility; Finally, sonic toothbrush company include a variety of equipment components, as well as a certain level of appearance and waterproof performance requirements, industrial design and product technology are much higher than ordinary sonic toothbrush company, but also constitute another dimension of the high cost of electric toothbrushes. All in all, besides being more expensive, sonic toothbrush company have many advantages over regular toothbrushes. In an era of efficiency, an electric toothbrush supplier is not an IQ tax. It will usher in a new era of brushing. The reason why I present this topic of electric toothbrush supplier reviews and recommendations to you today may be different from other bloggers. This post doesn't have any soft broad or blind push, but just wanted to share with you some of the problems I've had buying sonic toothbrush supplier over the years. I happen to be a female student of science and technology, and I would probably take a more scientific and rigorous attitude towards this dry product evaluation. Therefore, I bought 8 pieces from salted fish, borrowed 5 pieces from friends, and used 6 pieces myself, adding up to more than 20 pieces. We did screening and comparison tests together, and finally selected sonic toothbrush supplier several pieces with good comprehensive performance for you. The core idea is only one: no matter which sonic toothbrush supplier is not absolutely perfect, we need to choose the right sonic toothbrush supplier according to their oral condition! Take myself as an example, I brush my teeth very fast, basically less than 2 minutes to complete a full set of brushing and sonic toothbrush supplier operations, and once set a record in winter without washing clothes and brushing teeth, plus a total of less than 10 minutes to run to the playground to do morning exercises, or electric toothbrush vendor times reached an amazing 200 times/minute, this is your fast hand. Just 2 minutes of sonic toothbrush bulk brushing effect can be imagined, basically let the mouth has the fresh smell of toothpaste, cleaning effect is very general. Using an electric toothbrush, I can remind the next electric toothbrush vendor at regular intervals for three minutes, change the area and don't rush. The speed of electric toothbrushes is mostly 20,000-40,000 RPM, which sonic toothbrush vendor is how many times the frequency of manual lighting. Plus calm down, brush left, right and back. Dental problems do decrease, as does dental pain, which may have something to do with it. Therefore, no matter how cheap this sonic toothbrush vendor is, it should not be considered. Water resistance is also very important. If it is not waterproof, it will lead to shortened service life, poor use experience, and mildew and yellow fuselage. More serious is the leakage of liquid. The function of the sonic toothbrush vendor is also important, especially the gum protection function. Although electric toothbrush bulk enamel is the hardest part of the human body, gums are soft tissue and can be easily damaged without gum protection. The quality of a good electric toothbrush bulk is inseparable from the bristle material, DuPont Company in the United States usually uses grinding rate, relatively, after high grinding treatment, good quality, not sonic toothbrush bulk round bristles, sharp and hard, can irritate soft gums, causing bleeding and other problems. Teeth become more sensitive over time.


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