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Is it OK to use toothbrushes electric every day?

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With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standard, the daily necessities used by the people are constantly changing and upgrading. For example, we use the same toothbrushes electric to brush our teeth every day. From the shape of the brush head, the arrangement of the bristles and the shape of the handle to the appearance of the electric toothbrush, the range of products and features is dizzying. The appearance of electric toothbrush has set off a revolution in the field of oral health care abroad. It can help people brush their teeth better and lead to stronger teeth cleaning results. Is electric toothbrush suitable for everyday use? According to experts, sonic toothbrush  rotate rapidly to create high-frequency vibrations in the brush head, instantly breaking the toothpaste into tiny bubbles and deeply cleaning the gaps between teeth. It is cleaner than a regular toothbrush and can be used every day. To understand this problem, first understand how a sonic toothbrush works. At present, there are two main types of sonic toothbrush on the market:

1. Rotary vibration type: brush head high-speed clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.

2. Acoustic wave type: The brush head moves in a straight line with high frequency.

Toothbrushes electric clean more efficiently than regular toothbrushes electric. No matter what kind of toothbrushes electric, the biggest advantage is that it effectively replaces the vibration of ordinary toothbrush, cleaning efficiency is higher than ordinary toothbrush. Since the introduction of electric tooth brush, there have been enough scientific studies to prove that electric tooth brush are more efficient than regular toothbrushes. Among them, a rotary vibrating sonic toothbrush bulk can more effectively remove plaque and help control gingivitis. Sonic toothbrush bulk do not damage soft and hard tissues. While sonic toothbrush bulk improve the efficiency of cleaning teeth, many people still have questions about their use. For example, if an electric toothbrush bulk vibrates at a high frequency, will it wear down your teeth after long-term use? The researchers also conducted a number of comparative tests, which confirmed that electric toothbrush bulk do not cause damage to soft tissue and hard tissue, and that the long-term wear of rotary vibrating toothbrushes on tooth tissue is similar to that of regular sonic toothbrush vendor. That's because our healthy teeth are covered in a hard layer of enamel, mostly made up of apatite and other inorganic materials. This layer of enamel is the hardest tissue in the body and is highly resistant to chewing wear and other forces. This ensures that the normal tooth structure is not damaged by eating or brushing in our daily lives, so there is no need to worry about teeth being worn down by brushing.Generally speaking, we should brush our teeth every morning and evening. We brush for at least three minutes at a time, and every tooth surface should be cleaned. When we brush our teeth, we should pay attention to avoid horizontal brushing. Horizontal brushing can cause wedge-shaped defects and even severe pain. Electric toothbrushes are not for everyone.

Now, sonic toothbrush vendor are becoming more and more popular among consumers. But it's worth mentioning that electric toothbrush vendor can also cause tooth damage if not handled properly. Dentists recommend the Bass toothbrush method, in which the toothbrush and teeth are rotated at a 45 degree Angle from the gums to the tip of the tooth, the bristles are parallel to the surface of the tooth on the tongue side, and the teeth are brushed vertically to ensure that each position is brushed. In addition, children in the process of tooth replacement and tooth growth should not use electric toothbrush vendor, which is easy to damage the periodontal. How to properly use a sonic toothbrush supplier, compared to a traditional manual toothbrush, which is powered by electricity and moves the brush head at thousands or even tens of thousands of times per minute, which is much more efficient than a manual toothbrush. When buying a sonic toothbrush supplier for the elderly, children or the disabled, it is best to choose a toothbrush with an integrated head and handle to avoid swallowing the head by mistake. Try using a small brush head so it can go deep into the mouth and clean the back teeth. Gently hold the brush handle with your fingers, place the brush head in your mouth, and then turn on the switch so that the bristles are at an Angle where the teeth meet the gums. In a fixed position, gently rotate and vibrate the brush head for a few seconds, then change position. Pay attention to cover the same position each time, do not miss any parts. Because the electric toothbrush supplier has the function of forced rotation and vibration, the force is much greater than the ordinary electric toothbrush supplier. Therefore, you should brush your teeth with 60 percent less force than you would with a regular toothbrush to avoid damaging your teeth and gums with excessive force. A minimum of 2 minutes of brushing time should be guaranteed, and the inner, outer and occlusal surfaces of each row of teeth should be cleaned effectively, especially the tongue surface of the lower teeth, which is the hardest to clean and most easily missed, must be cleaned consciously. Some experiments have shown that after three months of use, the new brush head removed 30 percent more plaque than the brush head. After using the brush head for a while, the bristles can become rough and easily damage the gums. Therefore, it is recommended that you change the brush head every 3 months.

sonic toothbrush company are a dental personal care product that is encouraged by many dentists and oral care practitioners. Because most of us don't clean our teeth properly every day and our awareness of dental care is not enough, the dental health rate in China is much lower than that in developed countries. Many people have the idea that "dental disease is not a disease" in their mind, so they seldom pay casual attention to dental care. The lack of effective dental care tools leads to periodontitis, tooth decay and other problems covering almost every adult. Electric toothbrushes have better cleaning power than regular electric toothbrush company, can effectively improve dental and oral problems, and eliminate stubborn plaque and calculus. Therefore, electric toothbrush company  is very necessary for most people. At the same time, the brushing force of the sonic toothbrush trader is controlled more evenly, and there is no excessive brushing with the manual toothbrush, which can wear down the gums of the teeth, or poor cleaning areas. Due to problems with the inner wall of some teeth, gum groove, molar area or Angle, manual electric toothbrush trader are often not possible to brush. These areas also have high rates of tooth decay and periodontitis.

What are the disadvantages and disadvantages of sonic toothbrush dealer?

To be honest, many people worry about the high frequency of vibration that electric toothbrush dealer exert on the gums of their teeth. Can long-term daily use cause unnecessary damage to teeth? In fact, Chen was worried from the very beginning, even though we all know that teeth are hard and the enamel on the surface can protect them well. But if you use such a high frequency of vibration every day, the pestle could be ground into a needle, not to mention teeth?

Chen Tong's feelings and opinions on the use of electric toothbrush dealer in recent years are as follows: sonic toothbrush agency wear down the gums of teeth to a certain extent. It depends on the quality and health of the user's own teeth. On the one hand, it depends on whether the quality of the electric toothbrush agency purchased and used is qualified, whether the product power and vibration are too strong, and whether the brush head is soft, hard and round. So when you buy an sonic toothbrush wholesale, you must carefully examine your teeth and mouth. Take a few minutes to look in the mirror to see if there are any black areas, cavities, red, swollen gums and pain. Then you can choose the right sonic toothbrush wholesale according to the situation.

People should not use electric toothbrush agency, or it is easy to hurt the teeth.

Category 1: People over the age of 60, even those over the age of 50 with poor tooth quality, can no longer use electric toothbrush wholesale. In any case, the same sentence should be used to see if their teeth are suitable for an electric toothbrush wholesale. Don't blindly pursue a clean tooth.

The second category: children under 8 years old should not use, the main reason is that children can not master the high intensity vibration frequency of sonic toothbrush factory, easy to damage the teeth.

The third type: severe periodontitis is not suitable for use. Severe periodontitis may cause purulent gums, swelling, tooth loosening, and severe pain. Need prompt medical attention, not suitable for  sonic toothbrush factory.

Category 4: People with loose teeth are not suitable for use. Whether it is a hard object impact or dental disease caused by loose teeth, it is not suitable to use a sonic toothbrush manufacturer.

The fifth category; It is not recommended for people with bleeding gums, who should see a doctor to find out the cause and clean their teeth and mouth according to their doctor's advice and guidance.

Category 6: People who have undergone dental treatment need to use it under the direction of a doctor, such as dental fillings only, root canal treatment, medical whitening, etc. Don't use an sonic toothbrush manufacturer right away. It is recommended to be used after 1 month under the guidance of a doctor. Frequent use of electric toothbrush factory may cause some damage to the hard tissue in the neck of the teeth. If the bristles are soft, the damage will be less severe. If the bristles are stiff, the damage may be greater. If the periodontist gives the patient oral education and repeated training to brush their teeth, they can work with them at home to brush properly, and they can brush their teeth without an electric toothbrush factory at all. If the patient does not complete the brushing process well after repeated oral education and repeated teaching of pasteurization, he can also try using an electric toothbrush manufacturer. You can switch from an electric toothbrush manufacturer  to a regular toothbrush after being able to repeatedly learn and complete your brushing using the Pasteur method. If using an electronic toothbrush, the bristles should be slightly on the Microsoft side, and be careful when choosing. If the bristles are hard, warm them slightly with hot water and the bristles will soften. These symptoms can be worse if people with gingivitis and periodontitis use kids electric toothbrush, so these people prefer to use regular toothbrushes rather than kids electric toothbrush.

sonic electric toothbrush can last a long time. Developed countries, such as Europe and the United States, use sonic electric toothbrush as daily necessities. The penetration rate in our country is not that high. sonic electric toothbrush are cleaner than regular toothbrushes, for example, the roots can be cleaned, while regular toothbrushes are harder to brush. If not cleaned for a long time, will form plaque and stains, damage the health of teeth,electric tooth brush through high-frequency acoustic vibration to produce throttling bubbles, cleaning ability is stronger. However, ordinary toothbrush should pay attention to the correct way to use. If you push too hard, you can damage the gums of your teeth. The electric tooth brush works on the surface of the teeth without damaging the gums of the teeth, and the sonic electric toothbrush massages the gums. Finally, it is certain that choosing regular electric toothbrush products and using them correctly will not have adverse effects on the mouth. Even if used for a long time, it will only do good, not harm. If there is an oral problem, you should consider whether it is related to your daily behavior, rather than blaming the toothbrushes electric itself. After all, it's just a tool. We need to emphasize here that the choice of toothbrushes electric still requires using the correct brushing method, moving slowly over the surface of the teeth, and ensuring that each tooth can be brushed inside and out. Also, since toothbrushes electric have relatively small heads, it's easier to clean the last tooth, and it can reduce some of the nausea and vomiting associated with brushing.


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