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Is it good to use oral irrigator dental?

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Oral irrigator dental is a common and ideal way to clean the space between teeth. After brushing or eating every day, you can use a oral irrigator dental to remove food debris and soft dirt between the teeth, ensure that the adjacent space is clean, keep the gums healthy, reduce gum bleeding, and keep the teeth clean around the periodontal health. For the use of oral irrigator dental, it is important to take care of personal hygiene and rinse thoroughly with each use. oral irrigator dentaluse pulsed water to clean teeth, crevices, and other areas to remove food debris and foreign objects from the mouth, reducing bad breath and oral inflammation. water flosser manufacturer may be good for the mouth when used correctly, but if consumed regularly, they can cause harm to the mouth, which may increase the burden on human salivary glands, cause dental disease, gum receded, etc. Increase the burden of salivary glands: When using mouthwash to clean the mouth, it will stimulate the salivary glands to secrete a lot of saliva, increase the workload of the salivary glands, resulting in a lot of saliva loss. This condition can usually be improved by adjusting the normal frequency of water flosser manufacturer; 2. Induce dental disease: When using water flosser manufacturer, it can have a strong effect on the teeth. If long-term use, may wear the tooth structure, weaken the thickness of the teeth, serious may also destroy the tooth structure, reduce the resistance of the teeth, easy to induce dental caries, periodontal disease, etc. The intensity and frequency of the water flosser manufacturer can be adjusted to reduce the damage to teeth and prevent tooth diseases. 3. Gum atrophy: If the teeth are used frequently and incorrectly, the roots of the teeth will be subjected to strong vibration and impact for a long time, which may lead to gum atrophy. If left untreated, irreversible gum receding may occur. To protect teeth and gums, it is not recommended to use a water flosser factory for a long period of time or too often. Also, mouthwash is just a tool to help clean your mouth, not a replacement for brushing your teeth. Therefore, it is important to brush your teeth correctly and effectively twice in the morning and evening to maintain oral hygiene and prevent dental diseases. Recently, I've seen a lot of posts on the Internet about making fun of water flosser factory (also known as floss), with many experienced people showing how their mouth states change before and after using water flosser factory. From the many images and texts displayed, it's not hard to see that using oral irrigator manufacturer can cause side effects in our mouths that everyone is concerned about. So what are the side effects of using a oral irrigator manufacturer? Here, oral blogger will give you an in-depth look at the shortcomings and hidden dangers of oral irrigator manufacturer. We hope that after reading this article, everyone will use oral irrigator factory with caution!

1, careful use of oral irrigator factory three shortcomings and hidden dangers! People are worried about the side effects of using a oral irrigator factory. On the one hand, because they are not familiar with the use of oral irrigator factory, on the other hand, because they realize the potential disadvantages of oral irrigator factory, which may pose a threat to our oral health. So, what are the specific disadvantages and hidden dangers of water flosser wholesale? Let's start with our oral health. It is reported that Chinese people have a high incidence of oral diseases, while the oral health rate is less than 1%. This means we have more oral problems and our oral tolerance is also reduced. However, many people do not know if they have an oral disease because dental disease is not intensely painful in the early and middle stages, and sometimes even without pain. As a result, many people believe their mouths are in perfect health and will buy water flosser wholesale at will. However, such random purchase can easily lead to the selection of inappropriate and inferior products, which will bring serious hidden dangers and hazards.

Hidden dangers: 1. Strongly stimulate the gums. Gums are the least resilient in the mouth, so if we choose a water flosser wholesale or a high-powered gear, it can lead to bleeding, inflammation, and even receding gums. Hidden danger No. 2. Wear and tear of enamel. water flosser wholesale use a strong stream of water to clean teeth. If the current is too strong, it can damage tooth enamel and cause problems such as sensitive teeth. Hidden danger of disease 3. Aggravating dental and periodontal diseases, leading to deterioration of the oral environment. Beatings can lead to chronic tooth damage, which can cause long-term chronic damage to teeth, periodontal tissue and mouth if we don't catch it in time. 2, reveal the four causes of injury! That's all about "Are there side effects of using oral irrigator wholesale?" After reading the explanation of this problem, we should all know the specific harm of oral irrigator wholesale to the mouth. After understanding the harm of oral irrigator wholesale, let's take a look at the causes of oral irrigator wholesale tooth damage! The following images are from an authoritative oral forum that I recently acquired. In the picture, I made a statistical analysis of the causes of dental damage caused by dental implants. To help you understand, I have elaborated on four key reasons. Let's take a look! Reason 1: Chinese people have low oral tolerance and poor product compatibility. To choose suitable products for us, we need to go through professional technical adjustment, including pressure range, pulse frequency, gear span and other parameters, in order to adapt to the oral quality of Chinese people. Since the oral health rate of the Chinese population is less than 1%, it is necessary to choose products with high compatibility to avoid tooth damage due to mismatches. However, many products on the market do not have the ability to make professional technical adjustments to a hundred parameters, resulting in products that do not match our oral quality after use, resulting in a high rate of dental damage. Reason No. 2: Buy lower-priced products. Although low-priced products can be highly cost-effective, they are often made of very cheap materials, leading to quality problems in components such as water pumps, nozzles and motors. As a result, these products tend to produce uneven water yield and different impact forces, which can seriously damage dental health. Reason 3: Blind use of violent cleaning products. Many people don't realize that the cleaning products they choose pack a powerful punch. In order to meet the needs of consumers for cleaning, these products are increasing their impact beyond the ability of Chinese mouths to withstand.In order to increase sales, businesses will use cleaning effects to hide the fact that they may harm teeth, which can also induce consumers to experience cleaning anxiety and choose products with a strong impact. Reason four: believe the false advertisement of the business. Many people are easily deceived by the false advertisements of merchants. Knowing that consumers are not familiar with oral irrigator wholesale, merchants have started all kinds of exaggerated promotions, promoting products that can quickly whiten teeth, remove calculus, treat bad breath, treat gingivitis, periodontitis, etc. Many consumers who are not familiar with water flosser agency see these ads and want to buy them, but they do not know that water flosser agency are just a common oral cleaning tool and do not have these effects. Exaggerated products also have many problems that may harm teeth, so it is easy to suffer tooth damage after use. Let's start by looking at how water flosser agency (floss) works: It uses a high frequency pulse of water mainly to clean the gaps between the teeth and the gum lines, creating a rush of water between the teeth and the surface of the teeth to deeply clean the blind area between the teeth and the gums. The difference between it and an electric toothbrush is that the electric toothbrush cleans the surface of the teeth better, but the electric toothbrush does not clean the interdental and gum groove as well, so the water flosser agency is a complement. The advantage of oral irrigator agency over traditional floss and toothpicks is that they are easier to clean dead areas of the mouth and don't accidentally damage gums the way oral irrigator agency does. And it can be more comprehensive, detailed cleaning of dental bacteria in between teeth that oral irrigator agency can't do! At the same time, it can also carry out a holistic water rinse on the teeth, which can be better for three-dimensional cleaning of the teeth and mouth. Let's take a look first. What are the advantages of water flosser dealer? In fact, the reason water flosser dealer are so popular today is still because of their cleaning value for the interdental and gingival crevices, as well as their ability to freshen breath instantly. The main advantages include: The first advantage is that the interdental and gingival sulci can be cleaned more effectively, which is better than floss cleaning power. In some hidden areas of our mouth, there are actually a lot of bacteria, soft dirt, and food debris that brushing can't remove directly, which can damage oral health over time. This dental punch can take advantage of the strong impact of water flow and drilling to penetrate deep into the occlusal surface, gingival groove, periodontal pocket, interdental and denture space to remove bacteria, soft dirt and food debris, perfectly solving the cleaning problem of these areas. Especially for many people with irregular teeth, who are undergoing orthodontic treatment, water flosser dealer, and inconvenient brushing, regular toothbrushes can be difficult to provide the necessary cleaning during the daily process. Second advantage: Although not a replacement for brushing, the use of the oral irrigator dealer scenario is very convenient. It can be used as long as water is available and does not require toothpaste. It can be cleaned against the teeth, no matter the situation or circumstances! Keep your teeth and mouth clean and fresh all the time! And it whitens your teeth. A third advantage is that better cleaning and care can be provided for people with more specialized teeth, such as many people who have undergone dental treatment or have experienced sudden physical injury, orthodontics, fillers, pregnant women, toothaches, periodontitis and other groups that are not suitable for excessive brushing in the short term. Necessary cleaning and care can be provided. The fourth advantage: the tooth beater can massage the gums, and has certain health effects on the teeth and periodontitis, which can relieve gingivitis and periodontitis. Cleaning your gums and teeth with a toothbrush is not only a cleansing experience, it is also a very comfortable massage. Every time I use it, I feel a little overwhelmed. In fact, many dentists also encourage everyone to use a beater, as most of us have a high incidence of cavities and periodontitis in the area around the gum line and interdental space, which is difficult to clean and tends to be a high incidence of dental disease. oral irrigator dealer can be effective in cleaning these dental areas. So let's see, what are the disadvantages of oral irrigator dealer? The first disadvantage: there is discomfort, some teeth cleaning machines with strong pulse frequency may feel sour during the cleaning process, especially for many people with problems such as cavities or sensitive teeth. The second disadvantage is that the gums may bleed frequently, and incorrect use and frequent use may cause the gums to bleed repeatedly. A third disadvantage is that it may overstimulate the relatively fragile periodontal tissue. Excessive water shock may lead to periodontal tissue inflammation and gum atrophy. Why do oral irrigator dealer have such disadvantages? In fact, the key lies with us. Here are some of the mistakes I've discovered through my own observation that can lead to dental injury. The first is blind confidence in your teeth and gums, believing that your teeth can withstand intense flushing. In fact, the dental health rate of Chinese people is less than 1%, and tooth decay and periodontitis reach more than 90%. Dentists encourage everyone to use water flosser devices, but also urge everyone to choose mild products. The second is the wrong way to use it. Many people don't know how to use it at first. Over-rinsing in the same spot, frequent daily use, etc. can lead to over-irritation of teeth and gums. Third: Inexpensive water flosser can cause serious damage to teeth and gums. Many inexpensive oral irrigator can cause serious damage to teeth. At present, the price range of a good reputation is between 300 and 500 yuan. Currently, there are two main types of oral irrigator on the market: one is the high pressure pulse cordless water flosser: It uses a pulsed high pressure stream of water to flush the mouth through a high frequency jet of high pressure water for a short period of time. It is also the most comfortable and effective cordless water flosser technology available. One is a bubble drill: It cleans the space between teeth by adding air currents to a high-pressure stream of water and causing a slight explosion of air on the surface of the teeth, creating an impact force. However, the cleaning power of this method is relatively weak and is not mainstream at present. What are the advantages and disadvantages of irrigator dental? The above is my experience and summary of using electric toothbrush in the past two years. A dental oral irrigatorh can't be said to be a necessary tool for cleaning teeth, but it must be a product that won't be discarded when used. It effectively flushes the gaps between teeth that are difficult to clean with toothbrush and floss, as well as the depth of the gum groove, minimizing bacterial deposition and attachment and providing a healthier oral environment for teeth.


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