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Is it safe to use water flosser everyday?

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Is it safe to use water flosser everyday?

Will flossing (water flosser) every day damage my gums? Many people have a feeling in the process of flossing, that is, water flosser in the process of flushing will cause toothache, mouth itching, and some people will appear frequent gum bleeding and other situations. Usually in this case, many people insist on oral irrigator, which many people consider to be a sign of strong oral irrigator power. But is this really the case? oral irrigator has not been around for a long time in China, and many people have a lot of misunderstandings about it. For example, the problem mentioned above looks like this. Can cordless water flosser every day damage your gums? cordless water flosser is not only strong in cleaning but also easy to use. If you adhere to such an inappropriate way for a long time, cordless water flosser will bring some unexpected hazards and drawbacks, must be paid attention to! I have been flossing for over 7 years. During this time, I used a lot of water flosser manufacturer. Of course, some of them are not easy to use and fall into the dust. During these years of use, I have also stepped in a lot of pits, my teeth and gums have been worn down many times, so today I want to talk to you about whether daily flossing (pine) can damage gums? And some of the hazards and disadvantages of long-term flossing! Will flossing (water flosser manufacturer) every day damage my gums? Many people worry about the harmful side effects of flossing if gargling causes toothache and itchiness in the mouth. It has to be said that if this is the case for a long time, it will indeed cause a certain degree of wear and damage to the teeth and gums! Because our teeth don't feel any general friction, if you can feel toothache and itching in your mouth noticeably while flossing, then you must pay attention. In particular, what many dentists say is chronic tooth damage that is difficult to detect over a long period of time. What many people don't know is that as long as the teeth aren't irritated, the rinse isn't bleeding, and the flow of water isn't too bad, You can use it. In fact, this can only detect short-term tooth damage. For long-term, chronic tooth damage, this is not easy. Months or years later, when you notice it, you will feel the slow wear of your teeth and gums. So this is where vigilance is needed. It is best to check your teeth in the mirror regularly when flossing. Many people think that the water flosser factory flushing process does not have problems with toothache and itchy mouth. They just need to persevere and get used to it. However, if this is the case long-term, we must be careful of the long-term chronic dental damage I mentioned above. Will flossing (water flosser factory) every day damage my gums? Why do I get toothache and itchy mouth when I oral irrigator manufacturer? Many people believe that this is caused by the pulse frequency is too strong. Rinsing toothache and itchy mouth means cleansing power is very strong. In fact, this understanding is relatively one-sided. From the perspective of the working principle of oral irrigator manufacturer, if the oral irrigator factory is painful and itchy when using oral irrigator factory, it is related to many factors such as pulse frequency, pressure strength, water hardness, water thickness, and high-quality materials. When buying water flosser wholesale in the real world, many of us judge water flosser wholesale mainly by its cleaning ability, So many people tend to look at whether the pulse frequency of this oral irrigator wholesale is high, whether the power and impact are strong, these parameters will bring better cleaning power, but it is easy to ignore the comfort and wear resistance of the oral irrigator wholesale. In addition, the wrong method of use can also cause toothache and oral itchiness when punching the teeth, such as tapping the teeth and rubbing the teeth and gums for a long time, which will cause toothache and oral itchiness. Of course, there is another reason that is often overlooked, and that is the quality of individual teeth is also a factor! Some people have sensitive teeth, some people have cavities, Periodontitis and other problems are more likely to cause discomfort than those with healthy teeth. Will flossing (water flosser agency) every day damage my gums? The quality of teeth is generally not high, and the rate of dental health is low. According to the actual situation of oral institutions, more than 88% of adults have tooth decay and more than 90% of adults have periodontitis. In the face of such a common and complex problem - dental problems, in fact, the excessive pursuit of water flosser agency cleaning power, the long-term chronic tooth damage of this oral irrigator agency is more obvious, and because of the sensitivity of the teeth, toothache and itching in the use of general oral irrigator agency will be more frequent. Will flossing (water flosser dealer) every day damage my gums? In view of some of the causes of dental injury mentioned above, if we want to avoid the damage caused by water flosser dealer during the brushing process, then we must pay attention to the following aspects when choosing oral irrigator dealer! First: Chinese people have a lot of common dental diseases, and the complexity is very high. Different genders, different ages, different regions, different food cultures, etc., lead to different needs for choosing oral irrigator dealer, and everyone's daily oral environment is different. There are many sudden diseases, it is best to choose a large range of water pressure, more modes, more nozzles, and good quality water flosser trader. Otherwise, it may cause long-term and chronic damage to the teeth and gums. Second: most of us adults have bleeding gums, gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth decay and other oral diseases (people with unhealthy mouth must choose some water flosser trader with better gum and tooth protection), many brands are under the banner of protecting gums and teeth, but in fact, the tooth damage rate is high, so pay special attention! Third: oral irrigator trader is divided into home platform (right below), portable home platform (above) and mini portable platform (left below). The main differences are the size of the tank, pressure range, battery life, pulse frequency and total volume. Size in general, The platform household tank is larger, the pressure and pulse frequency span is larger, suitable for a wider range of people, the pump power is larger, the water is more stable, the waterproof performance will be good and professional, but the price is more expensive, the mini portable impact is weak, and the mouthwash is almost the same, but the advantage is that it is portable and small, and the value is high. In addition, home portability has the advantages of the first two, and is also the most comprehensive cost-effective type on the market at present, and the reputation is also the best. Fourth: Be sure to choose oral irrigator trader with a larger pressure range, which is more suitable for different oral environments. Most water flosser company have a pressure range of 40-90psi. There is no need to overdo the high pressure of the tooth load. It can hurt your teeth. At the same time, the greater the pressure difference between the highest and lowest values, the better, which means more people will adapt. Fifth: Nozzle type. Under normal circumstances, water flosser company will be paired with a variety of nozzles to adapt to different groups of people, such as standard nozzles, periodontitis nozzles, orthodontic nozzles, etc. The more nozzles the better, as they are suitable for different groups of people. Different speaking questions and stages. Sixth: Try to choose a brand you can try, why? On the one hand, if you don't try oral irrigator company and look at the parameters, you won't be able to see why! On the one hand, because each of us has different dental conditions and high complexity, no one kind of oral irrigator company is suitable. In addition, although many brands are well-known and good-looking, most of them are produced by foundries, and the actual experience is not good. Dare to praise! Many professional brands spend a lot of effort in regulating the pulse frequency and pump power, and deposit a lot of technology and process there! Will flossing (water flosser supplier) every day damage my gums? Don't buy cheap water flosser supplier. You must know that cheap water flosser supplier is one of the leading causes of dental damage! I would like to remind you here that despite the many benefits of oral irrigator supplier, many dentists and stomatologists stress that you should never use oral irrigator supplier that costs tens of dollars. Whatever it is, don't use it, including me. Over the years, I've used three brands of water flosser vendor that cost tens of dollars. The overall experience is poor, the irritation to the teeth is very strong, and will greatly increase the harm and harm of tooth damage. Despite the dangers and drawbacks of oral irrigator vendor, many dentists still recommend it. The reason many dentists recommend it is because of the unique value of oral irrigator vendor, which can compensate for the blind spots of toothbrushes. You must know that it is very difficult to clean between the teeth and the gum line with a toothbrush, but tooth bacteria are everywhere. Yes, so over time, these cleaning blind spots have formed a high incidence of dental disease, but the very thin stream of water flosser bulk can penetrate deep into the space between the teeth to clean, To the greatest extent, it makes up for the cleaning blind spot of the toothbrush, and can also avoid the occurrence of dental diseases to the greatest extent. It also keeps your breath fresh and whitens your teeth. Will flossing (water flosser bulk) every day damage my gums? For most people, this is a must. Usually, when you first buy or replace your oral irrigator bulk with a new one, there is a small adjustment process. This adjustment period lasts about one day. If you still have a noticeable toothache after use, then you should be very careful about whether the oral irrigator bulk is suitable for your teeth. Don't blindly assume that toothache and itchy mouth are signs of cleanliness. This is a serious misconception, and it can easily wear down teeth and gums! It can be used daily or at a set time, such as every night after brushing and before bed. Using oral irrigator bulk daily can help reduce plaque, reduce gum redness, and slow gum bleeding. Matching the nozzles of different washing machines will also produce different effects. At the time, my dentist advised me to use a range of products such as an interdental brush and oral irrigator bulk and get into the habit of using them. I believe they can help you reduce periodontal problems. Dental damage caused by oral irrigator dental can be divided into short-term discomfort and long-term chronic wear. Short-term discomfort can generally be found in time, such as flushing bleeding, water impact toothache and so on. These are easy to spot, but long-term use of oral irrigator dental is not easy to spot chronic dental injuries need to be vigilant. What many people don't know is that oral irrigator dental can be used as long as it doesn't irritate the teeth, the rinse doesn't bleed, and the force isn't too strong. In fact, this can only detect short-term tooth damage. With long-term chronic tooth damage, it's not easy to detect, slowly wearing down your teeth and gums, and you'll notice it months or even years later. So this is where vigilance is needed. When using pine, it is best to check your teeth in the mirror regularly. It can make up for gaps between teeth, gum lines and other areas that a toothbrush can't clean. These are often areas with a high incidence of dental disease. You can see from these areas if your teeth are yellow. It's because toothbrushes don't clean these areas that dental oral irrigator is valuable, It can use a very fine stream of water deep into the crevices to flush out these areas. dental oral irrigator can be used anytime, anywhere, as long as water is available, which is a great help in removing bacteria from your teeth and keeping your breath fresh in real time. There are few restrictions on who can use the pine. In addition to not being recommended for children under 10 and older people over 65, it can be used by many people with serious dental problems. It's not convenient to push too hard. In the mouth of people who brush their teeth, pine has great cleaning value. Pine can massage the gums and have a certain health care effect on the teeth and periodontal. Using dental oral irrigator to clean your gums and teeth is not only a cleaning, but also a very comfortable massage. In fact The reason why many dentists encourage everyone to use pine regularly is because of the low dental health rate of our people. More than 90% of adults have tooth decay, periodontitis and other problems, and the key to these problems is that the above mentioned dental crevices and gum lines are high incidence areas of dental disease! Therefore, for the majority of people in our country with poor dental health, pine is a very valuable personal care tool, so many dentists and oral doctors recommend the use of pine.


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