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Is it still necessary to buy an electric toothbrush?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-13      Origin: Site

As an oral surgeon, my suggestion is that consumers over 15 years old should use it as soon as possible. Electric toothbrush can clean and care teeth more efficiently, which has been recognized by many authoritative institutions. The popularity rate of other developed countries such as Europe and the United States is very high, and the dental health degree is much higher than that of our people.So electric toothbrush is very necessary to use!Just be sure to pay attention to the purchase and use of time do not blindly, random selection!

Many male users violence: brushing your teeth in the past a lot of dental health consultation process we found a lot of men are violent brushing your teeth, the tooth gum damage is very big, and now have a electric toothbrush, many people tend to buy high vibration frequency electric toothbrush, brush hard enough, because like this will brush cleaner, actually not!Vibration frequency is only one of the factors that affects cleanliness, but the risk of tooth damage is significant, especially since many men's teeth are not as healthy as women's.Do you think that won't hurt your teeth?

Over-crediting star network red with goods: now the network red star with goods is very hot, a live down at every turn to sell tens of millions of, over 100 million turnover, but the electric toothbrush is a protection product, not what products are suitable for everyone, behind this is very impulsive behavior.Moreover, many electric toothbrushes are unpacked and cannot be returned. Many users buy them and find that they are very stimulating to teeth and gums, so they can only use them with a stiff head.

Excessive superstitious fast whitening, deep cleaning: many brands under the name of fast whitening, deep cleaning, behind this is the result of high intensity vibration frequency and high intensity brush, even if can achieve a certain degree of whitening, teeth and gums will be damaged to a great extent!We must pay attention to it very much. The purpose of purchasing electric toothbrush is to clean oral teeth more efficiently, not to whiten teeth. Whitening is a result, which should be built on long-term adherence to efficient and scientific nursing habits, rather than a storm of improvement!

There is no harm to teeth if you use an electric toothbrush every day.The premise is that you master the correct brushing method and quality electric toothbrush.Otherwise, the wrong method of brushing teeth, electric toothbrush products are not good, is the impact on teeth.The method of brushing teeth is to use the Pap brushing method, more authoritative.As for the selection of electric toothbrush, we must choose a good quality, cost-effective products.My first electric toothbrush for college students, the white Classic electric toothbrush, has a good performance.

First, we need to understand how the electric toothbrush works.There are two kinds of common electric toothbrush on the market at present, one is brush head high-speed clockwise, counterclockwise repeatedly rotating vibration, another is represented by a foreign brand electric toothbrush acoustic wave, comb hair high frequency of linear reciprocating movement.No matter what kind of electric toothbrush, the biggest advantage is that it effectively replace the tremor of ordinary toothbrush, and more efficient cleaning than ordinary toothbrush.

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