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Is it suitable for college students to use electric toothbrushes in dormitories?

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-08      Origin: Site

Roommates special conflicts in the dormitory using electric toothbrush, I said it's too noisy, in the evening I usually before they wash wash a face to brush one's teeth, but this weekend I will get up earlier than they, will be a bit noisy to them, but time is short, brushing your teeth three to four minutes, they were very angry, but they don't tell me face to face, speak ill of me behind your back. I just want to know what should I do?

Using an electric toothbrush is really the right thing to do and will help clean your teeth. The current electric toothbrush in our home, for example, is below the standard 55 decibel, the sound is very low, but in the morning dormitory roommates are sleeping, there is still a certain probability of noisy roommates, after all, electric toothbrush is vibration can not be completely silent. In this case, you can: 1, tell your roommate the importance of cleaning teeth, encourage everyone to use an electric toothbrush; 2. Get along with your roommates and ask them to understand. 3, go to the public bathroom to wash; 4, weekend manual toothbrush, recommended Pasteur toothbrush technique, low price brush hair huge soft, used people say good.

As long as the noise is low and the sound is not loud when using electric toothbrush, college students can use electric toothbrush in dormitory life. Under normal circumstances, it is below 60 decibels to not cause trouble. At present, the better electric toothbrushes on the market are basically low noise. I recommend domestic brands. On the one hand, the price is more suitable for students, and it is affordable. The electric toothbrush I use now is a product suitable for the student party, and the noise is low when working, which is basically below 60 decibels, so it will not cause trouble. The body appearance level is also full of sense of science and technology, which is the ideal choice for college students.

In the library, I'll phone vibrate mode, but still someone will call in the library, I will despise her ta by the same token, the electric toothbrush is quite noisy, see you the relationship between each other, maybe it is just a boat over friendship or the last straw you stir up everyone with an electric toothbrush, all is solved.Under normal circumstances (after 7 am and before 11 PM, of course, this work schedule is flexible), I think it can be used normally. If I get up too early and go to bed late, I will brush the electric toothbrush without turning on the switch to reduce the noise. I wash my hair and blow it out while my roommate is sleeping.

Suitable for use, close the balcony door if you brush your teeth too early, or buy a quieter electric toothbrush. Are not affected, I just bought a toothbrush, white men after start-up sound small, basic won't noisy to go to bed, brush brush head is gentle, 3 months blunt once electricity, basically solved the electric toothbrush variability, the problem of low battery life, I am in China news online to see that with good quality before buying, so he didn't disappoint me.

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