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Is sonic or mechanical toothbrush good?

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Is sonic or mechanical toothbrush good? A sonic electric toothbrush is one in which the vibrating frequency of the brush head is the same or similar to the frequency of sound waves, hence the name sonic toothbrush, rather than the literal meaning of using "sound waves" to brush your teeth.

Principle is: high frequency vibration motor drives the brush head, brush hair swinging, on the one hand, the high frequency oscillating brush can clean teeth, on the other hand, the high frequency vibration can make the toothpaste in the oral cavity and water mixture to produce a large number of small bubbles, the bubbles burst pressure is produced to in-depth teeth clean dirt, is also a lot of "fluid cleaning force" brand said.

The so-called mechanical electric toothbrush and sonic electric toothbrush work on the same principle, but the shape of the brush head is different and the direction of movement is different. Its brush head shape is mainly round brush head.

Sonic electric toothbrush vibration frequency is generally 31000 times/min, the frequency is close to the speed of sound waves, and manual about 240 times/min, is also two minutes brushing your teeth, high efficiency, not a little sonic electric toothbrush by high frequency vibration during brushing will produce a flow cleaning, use water wash away the residue between teeth, His main characteristics are gentle, little damage to the gums, but cleaning power is not as rotary, but certainly enough.

Rotary toothbrush internal click operation was mainly used to drive the circular brush head to rotate, than ordinary toothbrush friction effect is big, the working principle is relatively simple, but very strong cleaning, but it's important to note that the rotary noise is bigger, the collective life will affect the roommate in the dormitory, is not very convenient, is suitable for need people who live alone.

Whether sonic electric toothbrush or mechanical electric toothbrush, in essence, rely on the internal motor to drive the brush head to do mechanical movement to produce a cleaning effect, during which there is no sound wave with cleaning ability.

Electric toothbrush brush head to choose a high grinding rate, the top of the bristles is smooth. If the grinding rate is not up to standard, it can wear teeth or cause scratches and bleeding gums. The soft and hard degree of the brush head is moderate, too soft brush is not clean, too hard will also hurt the mouth.

In addition, the shape of the brush head has a flat head and a round head. The round head is very advantageous for cleaning different positions in the mouth. When using the brush head, it can be translated, which is necessary for lazy people. The flat head is the same shape as our manual toothbrush and can be used in the same way as our manual toothbrush. It may be easier to get used to, but it is best to use the Pasteurization method, but it has limitations for non-conformable crevices.

2-minute timing and 30-second zone switch timing are now common. There is also an intelligent pressure control function to avoid tooth abrasion due to excessive brushing force, which is usually a light reminder and a vibrating toothbrush body reminder.

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