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Is sound wave vibration of electric toothbrush good or rotational vibration good?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-28      Origin: Site

I do not know when we began to realize the importance of dental health, is eating ice cream when the cold air stimulate the tooth nerve pain? Was it the tartar on the inside of your teeth when you looked in the mirror in the morning? Or go to oral cavity hospital to fill the treatment charge of several thousand dollars when tooth? There is a gap between the nominal power and frequency of moving electric toothbrush and the actual output power, mainly in the motor and shaft structure. Magnetic levitation pulse motor and high quality shaft transmission structure almost no loss of kinetic energy, constant kinetic energy output, stable vibration amplitude, bring the same efficient cleaning force.

However, for low-end ordinary motors and shaft transmission structures, kinetic energy is mainly lost in the brush handle and noise, and the actual kinetic energy obtained by the brush head is greatly weakened. This is also why some so-called vibration frequency of electric toothbrush, cleaning ability is not good reason. In addition to the direct action of the bristles on the tooth surface to remove plaque, the electric toothbrush also drives the water to wash the surface through high frequency vibration, and forms the cavitation effect after mixing with the air, which further improves the cleaning effect. This is like our usual car wash, only brush cleaning like we use a duster to dust, high-frequency vibration is like using a high-pressure water gun, and the cavitation effect is like playing a car full of foam, the effect can be imagined. The vibration of electric toothbrush head is generally measured by two parameters, vibration frequency and vibration amplitude, and the parameter of torque is often ignored. When there is no load, both values can be very high, but when the actual brushing is equivalent to adding load, frequency and amplitude will be affected. So we simulate the load in the water to test the effective output. Test method: Turn on and adjust the electric toothbrush to clean gear, immerse the brush head in clean water, take water spray and ripple at 960 frames/SEC at high speed, and divide it into three grades according to the power output.

In the function of the main increase of intelligent pressure sensing technology and strength customization function of electric toothbrush. Adopt a new generation of pressure sensing technology, intelligent remind intimate care, when brushing too much strength, toothbrush mode light will flash at the same time to remind to reduce strength, to prevent excessive pressure damage tooth enamel. In addition,electric toothbrush customized vibration intensity can be increased through the long button and repeated circulation. After release, you can select and memorize the vibration intensity suitable for you. As we know, food residues in the oral cavity, if not immediately cleaned, will produce a large number of acid metabolites under the decomposition of bacteria, teeth corrosion, over time, the formation of electric toothbrush dental caries, accompanied by gingivitis, periodontitis and other oral diseases, will lead to tooth loss. 

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