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Is the cleaning effect of electric toothbrush really good?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-28      Origin: Site

The most powerful feature of this electric toothbrush lies in its intelligent pressure sensing, such as automatic frequency conversion and coil flash warning, which can prevent gingival bleeding and root atrophy under excessive pressure. It can effectively protect teeth from injury. It can only be charged once a year, with super powerful battery life and 3,350 mah. At present, there is an electric toothbrush with the largest electric capacity on the market. This toothbrush has imported super soft bristles, which is comfortable and does not hurt the gums. Sensitive people can also use it safely. Three-pronged design, one bristle is divided into three, the lower end of thick thin tip, high softness, high resilience, high hardness, also more suitable for delicate Asian mouth. Silicone wrap, mildew and not hurt teeth.

Such principle, determines the evaluation criteria of an electric toothbrush cleaning effect, the motor and the brush head, vibration frequency of the motor, to determine the speed of brush head small swing, obviously the faster swing there will be more good cleaning effect, in addition to the motor, battery also determines the overall experience of the electric toothbrush, after all, who don't want to charge too often, Best one can use for a long time but actually, in my actual usage experience, instead more value the experience of the brush head, brush head not only has a big impact on cleaning effect, if the brush head quality closes nevertheless, is likely to cause harm to the gums, many users use electric toothbrush's biggest obstacle is fear of vibration is too big, just myself and people around him at the start of the feelings, Strong vibrations are really an experience to get used to. Many people worry that high frequency vibration will cause gum damage.

In fact, the feeling of brushing teeth has little to do with the damage and vibration to the gums. It mainly depends on the softness of the brush head and the roundness rate. Too hard brush head needless to say, and roundness refers to the roundness of the electric toothbrush brush head. If the roundness is not high, the brush head is too sharp, which will damage the gums.

Rapid advancement in recent years, as our living standard, the original for export strong productivity gradually released in our domestic market, formerly of the high price of many advanced imported equipment, the domestic brands are bitter in volume, lower and lower price, more fierce, because people demand is higher and higher, the quality is getting better and better. Electric toothbrush is such an industry, in the past, electric toothbrush as a foreign thing, the price of one or two thousand is very common, and now, only two or three hundred yuan, you can buy a very high level of electric toothbrush. I bought my last electric toothbrush in '17 and it was the first serious electric toothbrush I ever used. This toothbrush has been with me for a long time in the past four years. Soon after I bought it, IT began to struggle and died earlier this year. So I set foot on a long road to buy, after looking for a variety of recommendations and information, I chose electric toothbrush as my oral care comrades-in-arms. By now, I have used it for more than three months for 100 days in the morning and evening. Let's talk about the real experience of this period of time and how the performance of the domestic electric toothbrush at the price of two hundred yuan is exactly. Let's talk about why electric toothbrushes are cleaner. The electric toothbrush on the market mainly has two kinds of rotary type and acoustic wave type, rotary type is only one doing at present, so the absolute mainstream of the market or acoustic wave type.

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