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Is the electric toothbrush any better?

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Is the electric toothbrush any better?


Does the electric toothbrush work? In fact, as a new type of oral cleaning tool, sonic toothbrush  is very necessary for ordinary people. Many dentist friends also recommend using an sonic toothbrush . It is widely believed that toothbrushes electric can bring you many benefits. It should be noted that Chinese people's oral English is relatively poor. More than 90% of people have problems such as gingivitis, periodontitis and dental caries. toothbrushes electric are more suitable for the current oral cleaning and care needs of Chinese people. Therefore, mainstream dentists have been encouraging Chinese people to use professional quality toothbrushes. An electric tooth brush.


A professional high-quality electric tooth brush can greatly benefit people's mouth and have many benefits for people. Specifically, there are the following six main points:
Advantage 1: The sonic electric toothbrush has a good cleaning effect and can help you stay away from dental disease


sonic electric toothbrush clean super well. Manual toothbrushes can clean dirty teeth, wisdom teeth, gum lines and other areas with high incidence of dental disease.


A professional high-quality kids electric toothbrush can greatly benefit people's mouth and have many benefits for people. Specifically, there are the following six main points:


Advantage 1: The kids electric toothbrush has a good cleaning effect and can help you stay away from dental disease


electronic toothbrush clean super well. Manual toothbrushes can clean dirty teeth, wisdom teeth, gum lines and other areas with high incidence of dental disease.


Bonus # 2: You can massage your gums.

Orthodontic people need to wear braces for a long time, which is prone to gum retraction, and electronic toothbrush can also massage the gums while brushing, relieve gum pressure, and also comprehensively treat oral dead corners.


Bonus # 3: You can brush your teeth with steady force at any time


The vibrating frequency of the electric toothbrush manufacturer is very stable and uniform, and the force can be precisely controlled when brushing. Unlike manual toothbrushes, it is difficult to control the force when brushing.


Bonus # 4: Fresh breath.


The electric toothbrush manufacturer can clean the food residue and plaque in the mouth, avoid the production of bad breath from the root, and solve the problem of bad breath!
Benefit five: Use more time and labor saving.


An electric toothbrush factory can clean your teeth in just two or three minutes, while a manual toothbrush takes more than ten minutes to clean your teeth. electric toothbrush factory save a lot of time and energy and are more suitable for students and migrant workers.


Bonus # 6: sonic toothbrush manufacturer whiten teeth.


The sonic toothbrush manufacturer can clean the stubborn stains deposited on the surface of the teeth, such as tea stains, coffee stains, etc., inhibit the formation of tartar and make the teeth whiter. Dentists can recommend sonic toothbrush factory for several reasons.First of all, sonic toothbrush factory can make up for the dead corners and blind spots such as gum lines, cavities, and gaps between teeth that are difficult to clean with manual toothbrushes. The cleaning power is very outstanding and can effectively prevent various dental diseases. Secondly, the electric toothbrush wholesale vibrates tens of thousands of times per minute, saving time and effort, and the cleaning efficiency is very high. In addition, the vibration frequency of the electric toothbrush wholesale is uniform and stable, the force control is accurate, and it is not easy to damage the teeth. Finally, especially for orthodontists, sonic toothbrush wholesale can effectively prevent the accumulation of food debris in braces and bad habits that can leave stubborn teeth stains. Get rid of bad breath, whiten teeth. sonic toothbrush wholesale can not only effectively avoid more dental diseases, but also help us develop scientific brushing habits.


From the six benefits mentioned earlier, electric toothbrush agency are naturally very useful. But we can't ignore the dangers of electric toothbrush agency. Chinese people generally have poor oral health. The incidence of adult oral diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis has reached more than 90%. The point is that most dental diseases don't feel painful in the early and middle stages, and many people develop them without knowing it, which leads to carelessness when buying an sonic toothbrush agency, The phenomenon of blindly buying sonic toothbrush agency is serious. Buying unprofessional products can easily cause dental damage.


The more common hazards of electric toothbrush dealer are as follows:


Danger 1. Poor quality electric toothbrush dealer wear the enamel too much, often causing toothache and tooth sensitivity. The damage to the gums is also relatively large, prone to multiple gums, gum inflammation, gum retreat and other problems.


Danger 2. More than 90% of people in our country have oral problems. If you use an inferior sonic toothbrush dealer to brush your teeth, it is easy to stimulate the diseased parts of the mouth and accelerate the development of dental diseases.

Danger 3. Unprofessional sonic toothbrush dealer can also cause chronic tooth damage. At first, there were no obvious problems. After months or even years of development, it can lead to serious consequences such as gum receding and tooth loosening!


We've discussed the pros and cons of electric toothbrush trader before. In fact, whether it is good to use electric toothbrush trader regularly depends on whether sonic toothbrush trader are beneficial or harmful. Therefore, for its potential harm, we must find out the cause, and then avoid it, so that the sonic toothbrush trader is only good for us and not harmful. Here, I will summarize for you the following four points:
1. Use an electric toothbrush company with poor compatibility


The oral cavity is a constantly changing oral environment, which is further complicated by the fact that most people in China suffer from dental diseases. Only electric toothbrush company with high compatibility can adapt to various changes in the oral environment, but now most electric toothbrush company are not compatible. The type of brush head is usually few, the vibration frequency span is small, and the gear is scattered. Using this poorly compatible electric toothbrush company is likely to cause tooth damage.


2. Buy a cheap sonic toothbrush company


Inexpensive sonic toothbrush company are generally made of cheap and inferior materials, even second-hand materials. When used, not only the cleaning effect is not good, but also easy to damage the teeth. For example, the most commonly used component of low-cost electric toothbrush supplier is the hollow motor, which will suddenly increase the frequency of vibration when brushing, and the teeth and gums cannot withstand the sudden high pressure, which is easy to damage the teeth.


3. Keep up with trends and use influencer products


Those big influencers prefer to spend their money on marketing such as influencer products and celebrity endorsements, but they do not research the technology related to electric toothbrush supplier. With only one passing score in tuning and optimization of up to 100 parameters, the rate of tooth damage is very high. Everyone should be careful about buying this brand.

4. Chinese people have poor oral tolerance


The oral health rate of the Chinese population is less than 1%, and almost everyone has oral problems. However, due to the absence of obvious pain and itching in the early and middle stages of dental diseases, many people unknowingly develop dental diseases but still consider their oral health to be healthy. Because the purchase of electric toothbrush supplier has not received enough attention. In this case, it is easy to buy unprofessional products, which can cause tooth damage.


By understanding the causes of tooth damage from sonic toothbrush supplier, we can avoid many tooth damage products, but I would like to remind you that there are many sonic toothbrush supplier on the market advertised to protect teeth and gums. Do not easily believe, because many of them are false propaganda, the actual tooth damage rate is extremely high.


So, which products won't hurt your teeth? How to choose a good sonic toothbrush supplier?


1. Select a compatible brand. More specifically, try to choose a brand with more gears, rich brush head types, and a wide range of strength options. Each of us has a complex and varied oral environment. Compatible brands can match the cleaning needs of more different scenarios to better clean and protect oral health problems.


2. Choose brands with strong technical strength. Professional brands constantly adjust and optimize hundreds of parameters that affect the core performance of electric toothbrush vendor, Such as the balance and stability of the vibration frequency, the uniformity of the swing, the hardness of the bristles, etc., in terms of tooth damage rate, they will be 3 times lower than non-professional brands.


3. Choose a good brand of brush head. The size of the brush head, the hardness of the bristles, the rounding rate, the hair planting rate and the wrapping property are all important factors to judge the quality of the brush head. The brush head is too large, the blind area is not cleaned in place, and the brush head is too small, which will affect the cleaning efficiency. If the brush head is too hard, it is easy to wear the enamel and damage the gums; If the brush head is too soft, It will be difficult to penetrate into dead corners and blind areas, and the brush will not be clean. As for the bristles, inferior bristles are easy to fork, bend, explode, the effect is not good, and it is easy to scratch the gums. It is best to choose more flexible, durable, and not easy to fork the United States DuPont bristles.


4. Consider the replacement cost of the brush head. The electric toothbrush vendor is used every day as a daily item, and the brush head needs to be replaced after a period of time. sonic toothbrush vendor generally replace 4 brush heads a year, which is a small expense, so the replacement cost of the brush head is also an important consideration.

5. Avoid IQ tax products. Many brands will put a lot of effort in advertising and marketing, such as spending money on celebrity endorsement, network celebrities live with goods, etc., although the publicity effect is very attractive, but in fact, the lack of professional skills. Such brands not only have the technology to protect teeth and gums, but also can cause tooth damage rates to skyrocket!


6. Sonic sonic toothbrush vendor is preferred. You may not be familiar with this. electric toothbrush bulk can be mainly divided into rotary and sonic. Rotary cleaning power is good, but more serious wear on the teeth, loud noise, so not recommended! The sonic model has excellent cleaning power, better mouth protection and less noise, and is more suitable for Chinese people with many oral problems.
The popularity of electric toothbrush bulk is not without reason, and they definitely work. Whether it is a rotary toothbrush or a sonic toothbrush, it is cleaner than manually cleaning teeth and tooth surfaces, and can also remove plaque and other things. "Prevent" (pay attention to preventing, not solving) dental problems. However, it should also be clear that sonic toothbrush bulk are not a panacea. For example, sonic toothbrush bulk can remove plaque, which some professionals such as dentists disagree about. But in general, even if you're using the best sonic toothbrush bulk in the world, you need to follow the Pap method or you'll still clean your teeth. In fact What I personally agree with most is that the biggest function of the sonic toothbrush bulk is "easy to use as a tool." You don't have to be as tired as manual brushing, just need to maintain a certain hand posture, some high-end electric toothbrush also have different cleaning modes, can be connected to the APP, to help you understand the state of teeth, dental health management.


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