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Is this water flosser good for teeth?

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Is this water flosser good for teeth?


Many friends do not know much about water flosser (also known as oral irrigator), so many friends come to me to ask questions about oral irrigator. Everyone mainly wants to know how to choose cordless water flosser and whether cordless water flosser has any dangers and disadvantages. Next, I will teach you how to choose irrigator dental. In addition, I will expose the dangers and disadvantages of irrigator dental in the article. I hope you can be vigilant and not be deceived!


1. How to choose dental oral irrigator? Three types of popular science!


Many friends don't know how to choose dental oral irrigator. Some friends think that choosing dental oral irrigator dental is simple, as long as you choose which one is pleasing to the eye. Is this really the case? This method of selection is what we call random selection in everyday life. We have to know that not all oral irrigator dental is suitable for us to use, so it is easy to choose products that are not suitable for us.
The first step in buying water flosser manufacturer is to look at the product type of water flosser manufacturer. The following science introduces the three types of water flosser factory, as well as the characteristics and application scenarios of each water flosser factory. You can see which one suits you.


1. Home desktop models. This oral irrigator manufacturer has a large number of gear patterns and a relatively large tank capacity to meet more cleaning needs. Compared with hand-held oral irrigator manufacturer, home desktop oral irrigator factory is larger in volume, requires a certain amount of space, is inconvenient to store and carry, and is not suitable for travel.


2. Upright and light. The upright portable model also features a large number of gear modes and large tank capacity for daily cleaning needs. And the oral irrigator factory is small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag, Easy to use anytime and anywhere, suitable for travel, business trips and other occasions.


3. Mini portable. First of all, it is small in size, light in weight, very convenient to carry, and can be used anytime and anywhere. Due to its small size and few gear modes, it meets relatively few cleaning needs and may not meet the needs of people who need more in-depth oral cleaning. In addition, due to its compact design and small capacity, it needs to add water frequently, which is very troublesome to use.


2. Eight practical tips to help you choose scientifically!


After understanding the types of water flosser wholesale and the characteristics of each water flosser wholesale, you should know which oral irrigator wholesale you need. But this is not enough. If you want to know how to choose a oral irrigator wholesale, you also need to know how to choose a water flosser agency. Xiaobian summarizes 8 practical tips for everyone, hoping to help you choose water flosser agency scientifically!

1. Strong enough technical strength: To select a manufacturer with technical strength, this kind of manufacturer is willing to invest in the development of products, long-term attenuation of pulse frequency, sensitivity of pressure intensity switching, deviation value of effluent grams, effluent concentration of not less than 20 core parameters that affect the product experience will be repeatedly tested, adjusted and optimized. Until a high-quality oral irrigator agency is produced that perfectly matches the complex oral environment of the Chinese people. Manufacturers without technical strength will spend a lot of money on publicity, live broadcasting, star endorsement, and will not conduct in-depth research on the above mentioned invisible but very important core parameters, so the tooth damage rate is very high compared with professional products. It's 300% higher. Some even produce branded products, such as the case of XX meters.
2. High product compatibility: Due to frequent changes in the oral environment, in order to better respond to oral cleaning needs and environmental changes, we need to choose oral irrigator agency with high compatibility. This requires water flosser dealer with multiple gears and modes, a wide pressure range, multiple types of nozzles, and high-quality materials. For example, when choosing nozzles, it is best to choose conventional, sensitive, tongue coating, orthodontic and other types of nozzles. The material of the nozzle should also be food grade material that can meet the oral cleaning needs of most people.


3. Outlet type selection Pulse: There are usually three types of water flosser dealer outlet: pulse, ultrasonic and microbubble. Among them, pulse mode has good cleaning effect and good tooth protection effect, so it is recommended to choose pulse oral irrigator dealer. Although there are more oral irrigator dealer with ultrasonic spray on the market, However, the impact of ultrasound is too large, which may be uncomfortable and easy to damage the teeth. The microbubble mode is relatively new, but due to the weak effect of the microbubble, it is not as effective as the pulse mode in cleaning.


4. The thinner the water column, the better: The thinner the water column of the water flosser trader, the easier it is to clean the narrow area in the mouth and the more concentrated the impact. Therefore, when choosing water flosser trader, try to choose a water column diameter between 0.55mm and 0.7mm to achieve the best cleaning effect.


5. Choose a removable tank: The inside of the oral irrigator trader tank needs to be cleaned regularly. For easy cleaning, it is recommended to choose products with removable water tanks. In addition The water outlet of the tank should be as large as possible, so that it is more convenient and quick to clean.


6. Large tank capacity: If the oral irrigator trader tank capacity is too small, it may be necessary to add water frequently during the cleaning process, which will affect the cleaning effect and user experience. It usually takes one minute 20 seconds to two minutes to complete the oral cleaning. Depending on the amount of water flosser company is produced, the amount of water required is about 200-250 ml. Therefore, when choosing water flosser company, it is best to choose a product with a tank capacity of more than 250 ml to ensure that it can meet the needs of oral cleaning.


7. Product types are vertical and portable: There are three types of oral irrigator company: Stand and portable, mini portable and home desktop. The home bench model is the largest and not easy to carry, but has a variety of gear modes and a large capacity tank to meet the cleaning needs of the whole family; The mini portable model is the smallest and easy to carry, but the tank capacity is small and the gear mode is also small. Less, only suitable for a small amount of cleaning needs; The vertical portable model is moderate in size, easy to carry, diverse in gear mode, and large in water tank capacity, which can meet the daily cleaning needs of most people, and is a good choice.


8, don't buy Internet celebrities and crossover brands: Many Internet celebrities or crossover brands do not have enough oral care experience. They spend a lot of money on product promotion, but neglect research and development. So they took a shortcut and manufactured their products by labeling them. Such products are poorly compatible and difficult to adapt to our oral health conditions, so they are not recommended for everyone to buy and use.


3. The four effects of oral irrigator company!


After reading the above two parts, you should know how to choose dental water flosser supplier. You can choose professional water flosser supplier according to the above purchase method. Then using professional oral irrigator supplier can put a lot of stress on our mouths. What's the benefit?


Do ordinary people need to oral irrigator supplier? First, let's spread a little science. The oral health of Chinese people is not as good as we think (prevalence is more than 90%). Due to the complex oral environment in China,  the difficulty of oral care has also increased accordingly. Traditional oral cleaning tools can no longer meet our  needs, we need to find new oral care tools that are more suitable for us. In this regard,  dental oral irrigator supplier are a very good choice, therefore,  dentists recommend that you use dental water flosser vendor to maintain oral health.

Compared with other cleaning tools, the water flosser vendor has the following four advantages that cannot be ignored:

Benefits 1. It can remove dental plaque and make up for the blind spot of toothbrush. Using a dental water flosser vendor can help us  remove dental plaque,  and it can also make up for the blind spots that are difficult for a toothbrush to clean. It is difficult for a  toothbrush to thoroughly clean the gingival sulcus, teeth gaps, roots and caries, These areas also have high incidence of oral diseases. The delicate flow of oral irrigator vendor can deeply clean these areas and easily remove plaque, thereby preventing the occurrence of oral diseases. In addition, the flow of oral irrigator vendor can help us remove the remaining food and dirt in the mouth, making the mouth cleaner and healthier.


Benefit # 2. Massage your gums to relieve bleeding. Many people think their oral care is in place, but without knowing it, various types of dental diseases, especially periodontal disease, emerge. This is mainly due to the unhealthy state of the periodontal tissue in the mouth. We usually only pay attention to cleaning our teeth when we are taking care of them, And neglect the periodontal tissue care. oral irrigator vendor can act as a massage and relieve the symptoms of bleeding gums that are difficult to resolve. At the same time, it can also massage the gums and promote blood circulation to the periodontal tissue, thereby improving its self-healing power. water flosser bulk has a very important role in promoting periodontal health. It can help us prevent and alleviate periodontal disease and make our mouth healthier.


Benefit # 3. Efficient cleaning of orthodontics. Wearing braces or braces puts a burden on your teeth and also creates more cleaning blind spots. Flossing can quickly and effectively clean these areas, resolve mouth problems caused by braces or braces, and relieve the pressure that braces and braces cause on the gums. The stream of water flosser bulk can penetrate into the space between the teeth and the braces to remove any remaining food and dirt, To keep your mouth clean and healthy. Therefore, oral irrigator bulk is an ideal choice for orthodontic patients, allowing them to clean their mouths more easily and reduce the occurrence of oral problems.


Benefit # 4. Freshen your breath, whiten your teeth. Yellow teeth and bad breath are often caused by poor dental and oral hygiene. Flossing keeps your mouth clean, your breath fresh, and your teeth white. The high-pressure stream of oral irrigator bulk penetrates into the gap between the teeth and gums, removing bacteria and dirt, thereby preventing bad breath and yellowing of teeth. In addition, flossing can also help us remove pigmentation on the surface of our teeth, making them whiter. Therefore, water flosser trader not only keeps the mouth healthy, but also keeps our breath fresh and whitens our teeth.

Fourth, the four hazards and disadvantages of flossing have been exposed!


If you do not know how to choose water flosser trader and begin to buy water flosser agency rashly, it is easy to choose unprofessional products, which will bring more serious harm and ills after use!


Even though we often think that our mouths are in good shape, this is not the case. In fact, the incidence of periodontal disease among adults in our country is as high as 90%, which indicates that there are many problems in oral health. However, due to the particularity of dental diseases, many people do not know their oral condition and mistakenly believe that their oral health is good, but in fact there are underlying problems. If you water flosser agency without understanding the condition of your mouth, it is easy to choose poor quality products, which can cause damage to your mouth.
The wrong choice of oral irrigator wholesale has four dangers and disadvantages:


Danger 1. Enamel is damaged. Enamel is the outer protective layer of teeth. It has the characteristics of high hardness, smoothness and acid resistance. It is an important protective layer for teeth against corrosion and wear. However, if the impact force is too large when flossing, it may damage the enamel, cause the teeth to become sensitive, and even cause problems such as tooth pain. In addition, if the enamel is damaged, it may also expose the dentin, making the teeth vulnerable to bacterial erosion, which can lead to dental caries and oral diseases such as periodontitis.

Danger 2. The gums are damaged. Gums are very delicate tissues in the mouth that are easily damaged. Therefore, when using oral irrigator wholesale, special attention should be paid to the strength of the water column, so as not to exceed the capacity of the gums and cause damage. If the water column is too strong when flossing, it will affect the gums, which may cause bleeding, redness and inflammation of the gums, and may lead to gum recession and even oral diseases such as periodontitis. In addition, if the gums are damaged, it may also lead to serious consequences such as tooth loosening and tooth loss, affecting oral health.
Danger 3. Increase the incidence of oral diseases, aggravate oral diseases. The oral health rate of Chinese people is generally low, and most people suffer from oral diseases. However, if the quality of water flosser trader is questionable, or it is used improperly, it may cause damage to the teeth and aggravate our oral diseases. In addition, when using water flosser trader, you need to pay attention to the choice of use method and water pressure, so as not to damage the teeth and gums, thereby aggravating oral diseases.


Danger 4. There is an imperceptible risk of chronic tooth damage. Flossing can cause chronic damage to your teeth. The damage may not be immediately apparent, but will accumulate little by little, eventually leading to a worsening of oral health problems. These chronic injuries include problems such as damaged tooth enamel, loose teeth and displaced teeth, all of which can adversely affect oral health.


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