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Is water flosser a good idea?

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Is water flosser a good idea?


A professional quality oral irrigator will bring endless benefits to people's oral health, and it is undoubtedly easy to use. In fact, most dentists recommend it. For the average person, it is almost essential.


It is important to know that most Chinese have poor oral quality, with up to 90% of adults suffering from various oral diseases. Care measures, in this case the condition will continue to deteriorate! oral irrigator can effectively relieve the condition, significantly inhibit the continuous development of the condition, and avoid the worst of the situation. 
Dental care was not everyone's focus in the past. In recent years, as more and more dental bloggers have popularized the problems and hazards of teeth, many people have begun to pay attention to dental care. Most notably, it has fueled the popularity of many dental care products, including cordless water flosser. In fact, cordless water flosser was invented very early, and in its early days it was mainly used by orthodontic patients. However, irrigator dental is recommended by many dentists for cleaning hard-to-reach areas well due to its effect on the cracks between the teeth, gum lines, etc. However, the popularity of irrigator dental in recent years has brought great competition and infolding. Many well-known brands compete across borders, but also to the industry has brought a lot of chaos and over-exaggerated publicity. Design, price wars, etc.


Slaughterhouse 1: IQ tax

A lot of people say dental oral irrigator is an IQ tax? In fact, this topic has been around for a long time. Many people think that dental oral irrigator has no value and is purely something produced by capital. In fact, oral irrigator dental has been around in Europe and the United States for decades. oral irrigator dentaling is routine dental care in developed countries. With the intense competition over the past few years, many water flosser manufacturer of uneven quality have entered the market, resulting in a bad experience for many people, as well as frequent bleeding from injured teeth, leading many people to believe that water flosser manufacturer is an IQ tax.


Make fun of something 2. Nozzles are expensive and scary
Another complaint about water flosser factory is that the nozzle is too expensive. In fact, many consumers have a deep sense of being cheated. At first, they bought water flosser factory because the promotion was strong, but after more than half a year, they wanted to buy nozzles. At the time, I found out that after a year, it was more expensive than the body of dental oral irrigator manufacturer. In fact, this is because many people are buying oral irrigator manufacturer for the first time and do not understand them. As a consumable, you need 3-4 nozzles per year. In order to compete, many businesses play tricks, oral irrigator bulk body will be greatly promoted. Especially many online celebrities live with goods, many girls are impulse orders.


Complaint 3. Weak cleaning ability

Poor cleaning is also a problem that many users complain about. On the one hand, the motors and pumps used by many brands are not good, resulting in the water flow cannot form an effective impact. On the one hand, many miniature portable oral irrigator factory cannot use very strong pulse frequencies and pressures, so the impact is also very weak.


Here, everyone must be careful to avoid buying low-priced products. On the other hand, if you do not have high requirements for portability, try not to choose a brand with a water tank that is too small and less than 200 ml.


4 points for teasing. Poor quality, poor workmanship


Poor quality and poor workmanship is one area where users have complained a lot over the past two years. As I highlighted above, due to the internalization of competition, many brands have begun to look for ways to reduce quality and cost to gain a price advantage. It's also a direct reflection of Leading to the market, Many users report poor washing experience, uneven impact, gum inflammation, short product life and so on.


First: tooth injury bleeding, poor comfort


Bleeding from injured teeth is the biggest complaint about water flosser wholesale and the most controversial point in the water flosser wholesale market as a whole. Why is it the most controversial? We need some space here.


In fact, whether oral irrigator wholesale hurts your teeth depends on a number of things. On the one hand, brand manufacturers and many media outlets insist that it doesn't hurt teeth and bleed. Various brands on the Internet emphasize that oral irrigator wholesale does not harm your teeth. Moreover, through a large number of institutional experimental tests, it is constantly proved that water flosser agency is safe and harmless, and will not cause harm to teeth and gums. This is because teeth are the strongest part of the human body, with a surface hardness similar to that of crystals. So overall, if you use the right irrigation method, you won't have to worry about your teeth and gums wearing down.


There's no doubt that water flosser agency is easy to use. It can bring many benefits to everyone's oral care. We can see from the following four points:


1. Make up for the lack of toothbrush work, comprehensively clean tooth decay, wisdom teeth, gingival groove and other blind areas of toothbrush work, remove dental plaque, prevent oral diseases.

2. Massage the gums to reduce bleeding and relieve gum fatigue.


3. Solve the problems of oral cleaning and gingival fatigue among orthodontic people, and effectively assist treatment.


4. Deep cleaning, timely removal of tooth surface dirt, whitening teeth.


Is oral irrigator agency really all good and no trouble? Of course not! In fact, in some cases, oral irrigator agency has a huge risk: if the product used is not professional or professional, the result can be damaged teeth. Due to the poor oral health and low tolerance of Chinese people, the study results show that as many as 90% of adults suffer from various oral diseases to varying degrees, and many people are unaware of it due to the milder symptoms in the early and middle stages. I mistakenly thought my oral health was as good as usual and I was paralyzed when I bought water flosser dealer. I choose randomly and often buy products from unprofessional brands, which can lead to dental hazards!


1. Increase tooth enamel wear, causing toothache and tooth sensitivity. It can also cause damage to soft tissues such as gums, causing them to recede.

2. For patients with basic oral diseases, it will aggravate the stimulation of the affected area, resulting in continuous deterioration of the condition.


3. Irreversible chronic damage to the teeth, the whole process is difficult to detect, often more than half a year later to find that the damage to the teeth has been caused.


Now we know the benefits and harms of water flosser dealer, not to mention the benefits, but the harms cannot be ignored. We must identify the root cause and avoid it altogether.


The main cause of dental oral irrigator dealer damage is improper product selection, that is, the purchase and use of unprofessional oral irrigator dealer. Indeed Since the water flosser trader industry is extremely prosperous today, many people are hoping to reap a wave of dividends. The current situation is very chaotic, all kinds of scams are prevalent, and it is hard not to fall for them. The following four scams are particularly common. I will explain them in detail here, and you must take care to identify them.


1. Parameter falsification and confusion. Many merchants will deceive and confuse the concept in this regard. Because some consumers are obsessed with pulse frequency and water pressure, they deliberately increase or decrease the pulse frequency and air pressure to cater to everyone's psychology. Sometimes, limited by their own abilities, they can't do it or even mark the parameters incorrectly.

2. Foundry, lack of professional technology. The low threshold for third-party factory production of dental water flosser trader has directly led many brands to start selling their own oral irrigator trader, including many top influencer brands and crossover brands, so it is important to note that many brands have no experience in oral care, not to mention motor, pulse frequency, and water pressure regulation technology. It relies on marketing techniques, low price promotions and advertising to fool everyone.
3. No matter what the oral condition of Chinese people is. Most of us have a bad oral condition, a high incidence of dental disease, and extremely complex and changeable tooth characteristics, so basically the tolerance is very low. At the same time, the general gear of oral irrigator trader on the market is very small, the pulse frequency and water pressure range is also very narrow, and the nozzle is only equipped with 1-3 kinds, so the compatibility is too poor to adapt to the oral conditions of the Chinese people, so it will hurt the teeth.


4. Cheap product materials and accessories are cheap and of poor quality. Low prices are the result of vicious competition in the market. As a result, the market is flooded with inferior products. A large number of inferior pumps and motors are used in product manufacturing, and there is no fine process. high

Of course, the most important thing is that the water flosser company must be professional and of high quality. Today, there are many so-called water flosser company on the market for tooth protection and gum protection. Behind them are gimmicks made by businesses to deceive consumers, and the rate of tooth damage is often quite high.


So, how can we avoid these negative comments about oral irrigator company?


From my own testing and use over the past few years, I suggest that you must pay attention to the following aspects, especially when choosing oral irrigator company, you must pay attention to and pay attention to these hidden dangers, in order to maximize the use of water flosser supplier. Negative reviews of equipment.


The first point: when choosing water flosser supplier, be sure not to choose a cheap product. Due to cost control, the product quality and workmanship of low-cost oral irrigator supplier are poor.
The second point: not only focus on the strength of the impact force, but also focus on the pressure range of the water flow, as well as the pulse frequency range and gear pattern, as well as the comfort and tooth protection of the oral irrigator supplier.


Number three: Don't worry too much. It is said that most of us have various dental problems, so we really want to improve quickly, but dental diseases don't form in a day and require chronic care to improve. If not. It is best to use a gentle pattern at first and let the teeth and gums get used to it.


Fourth: There are after-sales policies. It is better to buy a water flosser vendor that you can try, because it is useless to look at any parameters and evaluations. Experiencing it in the mouth is king, because everyone's teeth are different. A thinks it's easy to use. That doesn't mean B is easy to use. In addition, many configuration parameters have moisture. At the same time, there are some inherent advantages that cannot be demonstrated by the parameter configuration, such as the power and frequency regulation of the pump and motor, quality and process technology improvements and innovations, etc., which need to be experienced in the mouth to feel.


I have repeatedly stressed that try not to choose low-price brand products, and pay special attention to many well-known big brands, most of these brands are OEM products, the actual experience is not good.

In fact, the development of dental water flosser vendor over the years is obvious to all. Of course, my purpose in writing this today is not to discourage people from buying and using it, so I don't want people to spray me. I just wish people would look at it from a more objective perspective. Be familiar with water flosser bulk, don't be fooled by some indiscriminate advertisements on the Internet and buy blindly.


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