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Is water flosser good for teeth?

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Is water flosser good for teeth?


Today I want to share with you a little bit about floss. Many people want to buy water flosser to maintain oral hygiene, but they also worry about the adverse effects of oral irrigator because there are some negative comments about oral irrigator. Therefore, health practitioners will explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of frequent cordless water flosser. I hope you learn more about cordless water flosser through this article. After watching the hidden dangers of irrigator dental, I hope you can be vigilant!


1. Four benefits of irrigator dental regularly


Since everyone is interested in dental oral irrigator, I'm going to walk you through the pros and cons of dental oral irrigator regularly. In the first part of the article, let's take a look at the benefits of oral irrigator dental and why they are so popular now.
According to statistics, more than 90% of Chinese people suffer from oral diseases, leading to a deterioration of oral health and a decline in oral tolerance. Traditional oral cleaning tools are difficult to meet our cleaning needs, so dentists recommend oral irrigator dental for several reasons.


Benefit 1. Make up for the lack of toothbrushes. Many people only use a toothbrush to clean their mouth, but it is difficult for the toothbrush to reach hard-to-reach areas such as the gum line and the roots of the teeth. These areas are prone to dental plaque and are also high incidence areas of dental disease. water flosser manufacturer can deeply clean these blind areas and remove the plaque that has formed, helping us to complete the oral cleaning job efficiently.

Benefit # 2. Massage the gums to promote blood circulation. water flosser manufacturer can massage your gums. By promoting the blood circulation of the periodontal tissue, water flosser factory can relieve the symptoms of gum bleeding and improve the self-repair ability of the periodontal tissue.


Benefit # 3. Assist the orthodontist in cleaning the mouth. water flosser factory can effectively clean and care for orthodontic patients' mouths, especially by cleaning the tiny gaps between braces and teeth. In addition, oral irrigator manufacturer can also reduce the pressure of braces on the gums.


Benefit # 4. Freshen your breath, whiten your teeth. oral irrigator manufacturer keeps your mouth clean and eliminates the macula and plaque in your mouth, which freshens your breath and whitens your teeth.
2. Can oral irrigator manufacturer replace an electric toothbrush?


In Part one, we explained the benefits of "The pros and cons of oral irrigator factory frequently" and explained in detail the four benefits that oral irrigator factory brings. After seeing the benefits of water flosser wholesale, many friends feel that the water flosser wholesale douche is very useful and can replace the electric toothbrush, then the douche can replace the electric toothbrush?


water flosser wholesale has many benefits, but they can't completely replace electric toothbrushes. We have clearly pointed out its advantages, that is, it can clean the gum line, the root of the tooth and other areas of high incidence of dental disease, but in the large area of tooth surface cleaning is not as thorough and efficient as the electric toothbrush. So it's important to know that oral irrigator wholesale is not a substitute for an electric toothbrush, An electric toothbrush is not a substitute for oral irrigator wholesale. The two are complementary and need to be used in combination to get better cleaning results.




3. Four Hidden dangers of frequent water flosser agency use!


Next, let's continue the topic of "the advantages and disadvantages of frequent water flosser agency". We've explained the benefits of oral irrigator agency before, so let's discuss the downsides!


Nearly 90% of our population has oral problems. This is because the quality of our mouth is not high, and various oral diseases will worsen the oral condition. Some people may think that their mouth is healthy, but in fact, they may be in the early stages of dental disease and feel no pain. If you buy products randomly, it is easy to choose unprofessional products, which can cause serious damage to our teeth.

Here is a brief introduction to the dangers of frequent and unprofessional oral irrigator agency.


Disadvantage 1. The gums are damaged. Dental powder can damage our gums. Since gums are very delicate tissues in the mouth, using poor quality water flosser dealer can cause bleeding gums, inflammation and, in severe cases, gum receding and periodontitis.


Disadvantage # 2. Put on your teeth. Although our teeth are relatively hard, using water flosser dealer with too much impact and more than the teeth can withstand can cause enamel wear, and even damage the dentin, causing tooth sensitivity.


Weakness No. 3. Aggravating oral diseases. Using unprofessional oral irrigator dealer can aggravate existing oral diseases in our mouths. Because we may already have some problems in our mouths, oral irrigator dealer may exacerbate those problems.
Weakness # 4. Chronic tooth damage. Chronic dental damage caused by oral irrigator dealer can lead to progressive deterioration of oral conditions and may also lead to new oral diseases.


4, reveal the oral irrigator dealer brand of the four scam hidden rules!


That's the pros and cons of water flosser trader frequently. After watching it, you should now be more aware of why water flosser trader hurts your teeth. Only by understanding these causes can we take steps to reduce or eliminate these harms. I looked up injury cause statistics on the dental forum and from these data I came to the conclusion that the root cause of water flosser trader injury is poor product quality. There are so many bad scams in the oral irrigator trader industry that it can be difficult to tell good oral irrigator trader from bad oral irrigator trader. Next, let's find out what scams exist in the water flosser company industry!

Scam 1. The brand has no experience in oral care. Many water flosser company brands have just entered the market, and there is not enough time to study the oral health of Chinese people and learn scientific oral care methods. Therefore, the products produced by these brands are difficult to meet the oral cleaning needs of Chinese people, and may even cause damage to the teeth because they are not suitable for our oral quality.


Scam 2. Celebrity endorsement, shopping for idols. Many water flosser company brands will invite popular traffic stars to endorse their products, which can not only increase brand awareness, but also attract fans to buy. Some star fans may ignore whether the product is really suitable for their needs and oral health because of their idol's endorsement, and blindly buy it.
Scam 3. Brush the list. Brush the list. Many people like to check some sales lists, rankings, red and black lists and other data before shopping online, but these lists can not really reflect the quality of the product. Some businesses will pay a lot of money for people to brush the list, so that their products in the top of the various lists. However, when people buy these products, they will find that they do not work well.


Scam 4. No return allowed after opening the box. Many oral irrigator company on the market today are non-returnable because merchants know there may be a problem with their product. In addition, everyone's oral condition is different, so these products may be less compatible, not meet everyone's cleaning needs, and may even cause tooth damage. In order to reduce the return rate, businesses have adopted an after-sale policy of not returning goods.

After reading about scams in the industry, I would like to introduce you to the false claims of merchants. Many businesses will use false claims to promote unprofessional oral irrigator company as a premium product that protects your teeth and gums, so everyone must be vigilant.


After reading about scams in the industry, I would like to introduce you to the false claims of merchants. Many businesses will use false claims to promote unprofessional oral irrigator company as a premium product that protects your teeth and gums, so everyone must be vigilant.


5. The latest exclusive guide to buying water flosser supplier!


1. The brand must have technical strength. There is a huge gap in the rinse experience between skilled and non-skilled flossers. Such as The brand with technical strength has hundreds of parameters such as pulse frequency stability, pressure switching sensitivity, water flow fineness, and crowd matching. The adjusted deviation value of the device may be dozens of times lower than that of the OEM manufacturer, and manufacturers without technical strength are not willing to spend energy and cost on these "invisible parameters" for in-depth research and development testing. They just need to brainwash the user into paying attention to the pulse frequency. Work on the surface specs, then get a bunch of influencer bloggers to bring it. Naturally, products produced in this way cannot meet the complex national oral quality, resulting in a high rate of tooth damage!


2. Choose products with large water tank capacity. If the capacity of the tank is too small, it often runs out of water halfway through cleaning during use. And the need to stop and re-add water, which is very troublesome. In order to avoid this situation, it is recommended to choose products with a tank capacity of more than 250 ml.


3. Product compatibility should be good. Because the oral environment often changes, our oral quality is not necessarily high, so it is very important to choose products with good compatibility. This requires water flosser supplier to have the characteristics of multi-speed mode, large pressure range, reasonable pulse frequency setting and a variety of nozzle materials. For example, the pressure range includes 40-140psi, which can better meet our oral cleaning needs.

4. Don't buy unprofessional influencers and crossover brands. Although many Internet celebrities and cross-border big brands are very well-known, they often only focus on product promotion, do not pay much attention to product development and production, and even use OEM to produce products, resulting in unprofessional products and not recommended for use.


5. Pulse is the first choice for water spraying. When water flosser supplier, it is recommended to choose the pulse water spray method, because the impact of the pulse is moderate, the cleaning effect and comfort are good. It is not recommended to use ultrasonic and microbubbles, because the impact force of microbubbles is too weak, and the cleaning effect is poor; The ultrasonic impact is too strong, the user experience is not good, And there is a risk of tooth damage.


6, the product type is vertical, portable. There are three types of water flosser supplier: vertical portable oral irrigator supplier, home desktop oral irrigator supplier, and mini portable oral irrigator supplier. Most people prefer the vertical portable because it is a good size, easy to carry, and it has a variety of gears and a large-capacity tank that can meet more cleaning needs. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the vertical portable model. The home desktop model is too large to carry; The mini portable model has fewer gears and a smaller tank capacity that can only meet limited cleaning needs.

7. The accuracy of water flow should be high. The higher the accuracy of the water flosser vendor flow, the better the cleaning effect. Because the high accuracy of the flow reduces the loss of impact force, the flow is not easily bifurcated and can penetrate into smaller blind spots. When choosing, you can consider water flosser vendor with a flow diameter in the range of 0.55-0.7mm.


This is a detailed introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of frequent oral irrigator vendor. I believe you have a better understanding of water flosser bulk. Finally, I want to emphasize again that you must choose high-quality oral irrigator bulk with strong technical strength and rich oral care experience. This type of product performs better and more professionally in terms of oral cleaning and care. However There are many unprofessional brands on the market that do not make professional technical adjustments to the hundreds of parameters of the product during production, so the risk of tooth injury is great, so I hope everyone will choose oral irrigator bulk carefully!


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