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Is water flosser really good for your teeth?

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Is water flosser really good for your teeth?


Does the oral irrigator loosen his teeth? Since many people don't know enough about cordless water flosser, they often buy unprofessional products, which can cause damage to their teeth. Does irrigator dental loosen teeth? As a personal care appraiser, I'm going to discuss this with you today. Of course, it is more important to popularize the knowledge of dental oral irrigator and share some of the purchasing methods you can use.


1. Does oral irrigator dental loosen teeth?


Does the water flosser manufacturer loosen his teeth? As we mentioned at the beginning of today, this is also an issue of great concern to all. Let's answer that question first.
In general, long-term use of water flosser factory will not loosen the teeth.


oral irrigator manufacturer is actually a relatively effective tooth cleaning tool. In fact, it flushes the dirt between the teeth with water, which is actually good for oral hygiene. For many people who worry that oral irrigator factory for a long time will loosen their teeth, there is actually no need to worry. In general, long-term water flosser wholesale will not loosen teeth, as long as you use it correctly.


If you oral irrigator wholesale for a long time and your teeth become loose, in fact, this is often thought to be caused by inflammation and irritation. At this time, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time to check, identify the cause, and actively treat.

It is right to pay attention to oral hygiene. Choosing to water flosser agency your teeth is usually no problem, as long as you pay attention to the right method. If you have plaque or stones on your teeth, you can go to the hospital or dental office to have your teeth cleaned.


So what's the answer? This may come as a surprise to many people, but the truth is that oral irrigator agency does not loosen teeth, but has some effect on preventing and controlling tooth loosening.


Loose teeth are caused by various oral diseases, such as periodontitis and gingivitis, which destroy periodontal tissue. Over time, the periodontal tissue will degrade, the gums will gradually shrink, and the roots of the teeth will be exposed, which will cause the teeth to loosen. The main cause of oral diseases is dental plaque. water flosser dealer cleans the mouth without blind spots, removes plaque,
Thus prevent the occurrence of oral diseases and naturally prevent and control tooth loosening.


2. The four great Benefits of oral irrigator dealer are awesome!


Does the water flosser trader loosen his teeth? In fact, as long as the product is chosen properly, virtually all dental damage will not occur, and the benefits to oral health are surprisingly large.


Due to the poor oral environment of Chinese people, more than 90% of adults suffer from oral diseases and are not aware of them, so they allow the diseases to spread and worsen and eventually have to be treated. If you oral irrigator trader, you can avoid this. Take place


Therefore, water flosser company is almost essential for the average person, and dentists basically recommend it for everyone. So what are the benefits of oral irrigator company? We can understand it from the following four points:

1. Make up for the working defects of the toothbrush, clean the gingival groove, between teeth and other areas with high incidence of dental diseases, remove dental plaque and prevent oral diseases.


2. Massage the gums to relieve toothache bleeding and gum fatigue.


3. It is essential for the orthodontic population, it can deeply clean the debris between the braces and the teeth, and it can also relieve the gum fatigue caused by the braces.


4. Keep your mouth clean, whiten your teeth and freshen your breath.


3. Reveal the three hidden dangers of water flosser supplier!


Does the oral irrigator supplier loosen his teeth? It is true that water flosser vendor does not loosen teeth, but this problem does not occur and spread for a reason. In fact, if you oral irrigator vendor unprofessionally, there are a whole range of dangers, including loose teeth and other tooth damage. A danger.
The oral environment of Chinese people is extremely complex, and the health condition is not optimistic. Oral prevalence in adults is alarmingly over 90%. The point is, because the symptoms are mild, everyone is usually unaware of the facts of the disease. Buying unprofessional or low-quality products can bring risks to oral safety.


The proliferation of unprofessional products has led to the birth of many dental injuries, and not just limited to loose teeth. We can summarize the hidden dangers into the following three points:


1. Damage tooth enamel, induce toothache, tooth sensitivity, destroy gum soft tissue, and lay the root of gum receding.


2, for patients with oral underlying diseases, it will over-stimulate the affected area of the oral cavity and aggravate the condition.

3. It is highly covert and the process is long and slow. The point is that the damage is irreversible.


4. Reveal the inside of the four hidden rules of the industry!


Does the oral irrigator vendor loosen his teeth? In fact, the problem has to do with the quality of the water flosser bulk. Professional quality oral irrigator bulk is good for people, natural harmless. Unprofessional water flosser supplier has a lot of hidden dangers of tooth damage, so we must pay attention to avoid. To do this, if there is a point, we must find the deep causes of tooth damage.


Why does water flosser vendor hurt teeth? In fact, in all cases of dental damage caused by oral irrigator dealer, unprofessional oral irrigator agency accounts for the vast majority, which means that poor oral irrigator dealer selection is the main cause of dental damage! The following statistics on the causes of dental oral irrigator manufacturer damage also prove this very well!
So what causes everyone to oral irrigator manufacturer incorrectly? These are the four unspoken rules of the industry that I'll talk about below:


1. Lack of professional oral care. The level of oral health of Chinese people is very low, especially 90% of adults suffer from various oral diseases, and the tolerance of teeth to external stimuli is not high. However, many oral irrigator wholesale on the market are seriously lacking in professionalism and oral care experience. The product is only designed for 2-4 levels of strength, the pulse frequency and water pressure range are very low, the nozzle type is single, the compatibility is poor, and the tooth damage rate is very high.


2. Hyping online celebrity products, playing concepts, and engaging in appearance design. Many businesses are proficient in network marketing routines, or create concept hype, or join the network red crazy planting grass, This makes it difficult for many girls to control themselves. In fact, the team behind them had no experience in oral irrigator wholesale technology and oral care, and even the products were manufactured under brand names. Most of the quality is not optimistic, easy to hurt teeth!


3. Overhype. Many businesses are very wild in the way of publicity, in order to create gimmicks and selling points, "the language is not amazing, can not be said", they strongly exaggerate. For example, for quick whitening, water flosser trader has the effect of whitening teeth, but it needs to be used consistently for a long time. It is impossible to expect "quick whitening" in ten and a half months!

4. No return after opening the box. The reason why many unprofessional businesses did not close down is because we found that the goods are not suitable, after being bought by network celebrities, exaggerated publicity, advertising bombardment, and all kinds of promotional means can not be returned! As a result, the risks that may arise from inferior products are passed on to consumers. It doesn't matter to them whether the product hurts their teeth or not. Anyway, they're not losers!


Everyone should also be aware that there are a lot of promotions for their own dental care products these days, so don't fall for them as they are all slogans and gimmicks, and the rate of dental damage is quite high. Let no one fall for it.
5. How to avoid tooth damage completely? Summary of buying tips from water flosser trader vendors!


Does the water flosser factory loosen his teeth? In fact, the key is to buy dental water flosser factory. As long as you buy professional quality products, you will rarely hurt your teeth. Therefore, when buying products, be sure to look for quality products from professional brands. Here I have also summarized the most practical purchasing tips for you, you can click here when buying!


1. The brand must have technical strength. Brands without technical strength lack oral care data experience and technical accumulation. They only focus on celebrity endorsements, Internet celebrities and other marketing methods. Will be repeatedly tuned and optimized, only the tooth damage rate is 300% lower than professional brands!

2. Say no to overblown brands. Many businesses will exaggerate for gimmicks, such as promoting products that can quickly whiten teeth and remove tartar. In fact, it is only a tool to assist oral cleaning and does not replace the treatment of dental calculus removal. Whitening teeth can only be achieved after long-term use. There is no quick talk.


3. Select the pulse type. Microbubbles, ultrasounds and pulses are the three main methods of spraying water currently used in oral irrigator dental. Among them, the microbubble type mainly focuses on comfort, and the cleaning effect is inevitably not satisfactory. In contrast, the pulse type has both cleaning power and comfort, and is currently the most popular.
4. Strong compatibility. The oral environment of Chinese people is complex and constantly changing. Only good compatibility can adapt to this situation. Therefore, nozzles, multiple gear modes and pressure ranges are required. For example, the pressure is based on 40-140psi. The larger the compatibility, the better


5. The capacity of the water tank should be large. The capacity of the water tank should not be too small. If it is too small, there may be insufficient water in the process of washing, and it is not convenient to add water repeatedly. The recommended capacity should be greater than 250ml.

6. Choose a removable water tank. The sealing of the water tank is too strong, it is not convenient for sanitation and cleaning, and it is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a removable tank with a large water intake.


7. The oral irrigator dental should be good. If the flow rate is too large, the water column is difficult to form a cluster effect, which will affect the cleaning ability. If the water flosser manufacturer is thin, it can ensure sufficient impact force, which is conducive to cleaning work.


8, reliable after-sales service. Note whether after-sales trial is supported. Some merchants will charge you for the nozzle when you want to return it. Be careful not to be cheated. Finally, the nozzle should be cheap and preferably given directly as a gift, which can save a lot of costs to replace the nozzle.
Does the water flosser manufacturer loosen his teeth? We share a lot on this issue. By sharing today, I believe everyone has realized the importance of choosing the right product for this issue. Therefore, I hope you pay special attention to the summary of the four major industry unspoken rules and purchasing skills mentioned in the article, use them flexibly, and concentrate on protecting the mouth. Stay healthy and avoid injury.


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