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It can be found that traditional oral care is not a good way to comprehensively deal with our dental problems

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It can be found that traditional oral care is not a good way to comprehensively deal with our dental problems, in fact, now in Europe and the United States is very popular oral irrigator can deal with all the disadvantages of traditional oral care.

In general, the following people need to have a water flosser.

1. have bad breath. Especially the wider teeth are easy to plug food scraps, bacteria fermentation odor. Use the water flosser for one minute after a meal to remove the food residue and soft scale from the teeth in time and reduce bad breath and teeth.

2. gingival bleeding. Gingivitis is easy to cause gingivitis bleeding, the first use of the oral irrigator will cause bleeding, through the pulse of water to clean the gingival wound, the wound will gradually heal, patients with mild gingivitis bleeding can be stopped after one to two days of use of the oral irrigator.

3.the pain of cavities and fire teeth. The oral irrigator device rinses the bacterial tartar, saliva, etc., so that the teeth and periodontal tissue can be locally cleaned and irritants removed. At the same time, the massage effect of the water column on the gums will promote the blood circulation of the painful area, so as to relieve the pain.

4. The wearer of orthodontic appliance. Both fixed appliance or movable appliance accessories are more. In particular, there are many accessories for fixed orthodontics, and food is easy to be embedded. Although it is difficult to clean your teeth when you brush your teeth, it can be completely cleaned after being rinsed by the oral irrigator.

5. Dental implants. For patients with complete dental implants, there is a gap between the teeth and the gums, which is the most likely to hide harmful bacteria and food debris. In the past, patients need to go to the dental clinic for regular rinses. If there is a water flosser, patients can wash their teeth every day and every meal, effectively maintaining the long-term retention of the implants.

6. There are dentures in the mouth. In particular, the fixed denture cannot be removed and cleaned at will. As time goes by, the gap between the gum and the fixed bridge becomes larger and larger, and there are more and more impaction objects. Only the water flosser can help to clean effectively.

7. Certain mucosal diseases. If recurrent aphthous ulcer, lichen planus, some gastric diseases and hidden in the dental plaque pylori related, water flosser can wash away harmful bacteria in the mouth, promote the healing of the damaged surface.

8. Wounds after oral surgery. Because the suture is easy to retain food scraps and dirt, use the water flosser low-pressure water column to wash, can achieve the role of cleaning, promote wound healing. In a word, water flosser is a family health care products, although can not completely replace the medical treatment, but the role of auxiliary oral cleaning is twice the result with half the effort.

Finally, we also need to master the right method to get twice the result with half the effort, we quickly learn, have a healthy white teeth, in order to face life more confident ah.

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