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Learn about two common problems with electric toothbrushes and how to fix them.

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As we know, electric toothbrush is a tool for cleaning teeth. Reasonably using electric toothbrush can better care for the health of teeth and promote blood circulation of gums, which is more conducive to the absorption of drugs.The electric toothbrush consists of a dry battery, a miniature DC motor, a battery box, a toothbrush head, a metal guard plate and a sleeve. It belongs to electronic products, which means that the electric toothbrush will also fail.So what are the two common problems with electric toothbrushes?Let's take a look.

1, the battery installed in reverse if just bought the electric toothbrush press the open button no reaction, may be the battery installed in reverse, carefully check the positive and negative of the battery, generally installed in the battery area will have a prompt battery positive and negative.2, the battery is dead may be because the electric toothbrush has not been charged for a long time, if it is the use of battery electric toothbrush, it should be the battery is dead, remember to charge the electric toothbrush or replace the battery.3. The rotating area is stuck. If it is because the connection between the toothbrush head and the electric toothbrush is stuck, remove the toothbrush head to see if it can rotate.4. If the switch or internal components are damaged, it is not recommended to repair the electric toothbrush, or send it to the after-sales service for repair. If you do not want to repair, you can only buy an electric toothbrush.

1. Electric toothbrush is short of power. The power of electric toothbrush is too low to drive the motor to work.So there will be electric toothbrush indicator light, electric toothbrush can not vibrate.2, electric toothbrush brush head and body stuck in this situation is generally not properly installed brush head, or with the original brush head, resulting in inappropriate, brush head and body stuck phenomenon.Wei Jie intelligent advice, electric toothbrush must use the original brush head.The solution is to first put the brush head, pull out, and then inserted back, to see whether the vibration.The second is to choose and buy the appropriate brush head.3, electric toothbrush circuit board water main board or line, contact with water.The motor is unable to start.And the LED indicator is not affected, can still turn on the light.4, electric toothbrush failure due to the design of electric toothbrush is relatively precise, the combination of soft and hard, there may be software bugs, or crash.The light is on and does not vibrate.Reset key one key to repair the fault, restart, so that the software and motor to restart the factory before the working state.In short, electric toothbrush is more expensive, the correct use, can prolong the service life of electric toothbrush, at the same time, more need to pay attention to daily maintenance, not to save money, use and electric toothbrush not suitable components.I believe that with the continuous progress of science and technology, the probability of failure of electric toothbrush will be smaller and smaller, and the function will be more and more powerful.

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