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Manual toothbrush and electric toothbrush which good?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-17      Origin: Site

So the question is, who's No.1 in the toothbrush world, manual or electric? Are electric toothbrushes really an IQ tax? There is no clear evidence from scientific studies that electric toothbrushes are better than manual toothbrushes. Most studies still agree that there is no significant difference as long as you brush properly. So, if you can be sure that you will brush your teeth properly, opt for a cheap, regular manual toothbrush. Wouldn't that save on ribs smell good? However, for some lazy people (or children, the elderly and disabled), not to mention brushing posture, even brushing time, it is difficult to adhere to 2 minutes, often just brush a few times. For some people, an electric toothbrush might be better: just press the start button and you'll be required to brush for two minutes, while ensuring you clean vigorously enough. Additional, the amplitude of vibration of electric toothbrush head is far also the swing speed of superman hand, can achieve enough cleanness inside shorter time, especially the person that is wearing braces to correct a tooth, facilitate cleanness all sorts of "sanitary dead Angle".

I bought an electric toothbrush on my doctor's recommendation. In my opinion, after using electric toothbrush, I really brush my teeth much cleaner. The most important thing is that the efficiency is very high! Ordinary toothbrush, even take out a single 18 years of hand speed, also 300 times per minute, and electric toothbrush at least have to add a zero after this number. Moreover, electric toothbrush can also be divided into swinging head toothbrush or acoustic toothbrush, which is definitely easier to remove dental plaque than pure manual. Dad Yang also made a video about removing plaque, proving that an electric toothbrush can be rubbed against the ground. The second point is that the electric toothbrush can ensure time. As a social animal like me, I can't help but feel awkward when I brush my teeth. But now many electric toothbrushes are more intelligent, designed timer, can ensure that we brush scientifically for two minutes, some advanced electric toothbrushes, even in 30 seconds after vibration, prompting you to change a side brush. The third is to prevent bad breath. On the one hand, electric toothbrushes are better at cleaning food out of our teeth, preventing it from "going bad and stinking". On the other hand, some electric toothbrushes come equipped with tongue cleaners, which can partially remove bacteria that cause bad breath. The fourth is to reduce gum pressure. Personally, I think that's important. I have a friend who is a fierce man, every time he brushes his teeth so hard that the toothbrush "blooms" in less than a month, and his gums are often inflamed.

So we choose electric toothbrush, can also control the ten benefits, according to their own needs to pick. Apart from some specific requirements, the China Consumers Association has a general selection of electric toothbrushes. Read the label and buy electric toothbrushes with complete label information from regular channels.

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