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Many people who are used to using ordinary toothbrushes may still be waiting and hesitating. Is the electric toothbrush good or not?

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Many people who are used to using ordinary toothbrushes may still be waiting and hesitating. Is the electric toothbrush good or not? Is it just an illusion? If you just look at the head of the brush, it's true that most electric toothbrushes are not that different from regular toothbrushes.

But, show an electric toothbrush real power is not the level of appearance, but the ability to clean, experiments show that using electric toothbrush 3 months or more subjects than use ordinary toothbrush to clean the experimenter plaque residue reduced by more than 20%, the incidence of gingivitis reduced by more than 10%, the strength of an electric toothbrush to get strong authentication.

There are many ways to brush your teeth, and the most authoritative and effective one is the scientific brushing method certified by the American Dental Association -- Pap brushing method, also known as horizontal flutter method. Simple understanding is a multi-angle, high frequency, no dead Angle for more than 2 minutes of brushing.

But the ordinary toothbrush is difficult to take into account the teeth, gums and other edges and corners, most people can not brush more than 2 minutes, so the introduction of electric toothbrush has been recognized by many oral experts and consumers.

So, how does an electric toothbrush work? Let's find out: Electric toothbrush - the use of high-speed vibration of the movement to drive the brush head rotation or vibration to achieve the effect of cleaning teeth.


In terms of structure, the electric toothbrush is mainly composed of five parts: the internal movement system (), the battery pack (), the constant force movement (), the fuselage shell (), and the detachable brush head. The most critical structure is the movement, the frequency of vibration determines the amplitude and cleaning ability of the electric toothbrush. Driven by the movement, the brush head can clean teeth by rotation or vibration, among which the rotary cleaning toothbrush is called rotary toothbrush, and the vibration cleaning toothbrush is called acoustic toothbrush because its amplitude is close to the speed of acoustic wave. At present, there is a combination of rotary and acoustic wave toothbrush on the market, called 3D toothbrush.

Rotating toothbrushes are suitable for healthy groups with relatively good tooth tolerance, while 3D toothbrushes are currently technically unable to solve the problem of great damage to gums. In contrast, acoustic electric toothbrushes adapt to the needs of more people. At present, more than 90% of electric toothbrushes on the market are mainly acoustic.

There are many brands of electric toothbrushes, and there are many styles to choose. When choosing, we mainly pay attention to the cleaning ability and use experience of toothbrushes. The cleaning ability is related to amplitude, brush head and bristles, and the use experience includes gear selection, noise, feel, battery life and so on.

Amplitude is one of the key core capabilities, in addition to the amplitude should also be concerned about the vibration, if only the amplitude is large, but the structure is not reasonable and firm, the use of the vibration is too strong, brush a tooth as if a vibration of the arm fat reduction movement, it is not desirable.

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