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Now people pay more and more attention to oral health

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Now people pay more and more attention to oral health, and the quality of life is getting higher and higher, sonic toothbrush has become a necessary at home. After several years of market maturity, sonic toothbrushes now have more and more refined functions, including sensitive teeth, children, lovers, deep cleaning, tooth polishing and a series of functions.

Choosing an electric toothbrush is really a very complicated thing. I didn't know how to choose an electric toothbrush when I first bought it. I read a lot on the Internet, but the more I chose, the more I became confused. After I read a lot of information, saw a lot of videos and pictures about electric toothbrush, etc., also one after another to buy a few electric toothbrush. Now I have some ideas about electric toothbrushes.

So how do you choose?

1. motor selection. The motor generally has two kinds of pendulum motor and magnetic suspension acoustic motor. Maglev sonic motors are more powerful, while pendulum motors are weaker and have a shorter life.

2. Brush head bristles selection brush head material is most of the United States DuPont bristles, this difference is not big. There is also the size of the brush head, each person's needs are different, personal use habits are also different, according to the opening degree, mouth size to choose their own brush head. There is also a "circular rate" of electric toothbrush detection standards, adult electric toothbrush circular rate requirement is not less than 50%, children's electric toothbrush circular rate is not less than 70%, so to choose a high rate of grinding bristles, so that long-term use will not harm the gums.

3. Mode selection. Modes are generally divided into standard mode, soft mode, pulse mode, white mode, gingival mode and so on, which depends on your own preferences to choose.

4. Choice of battery life and charging mode. Electric toothbrush has a straight type, battery charging hybrid and other types, of course, some charging methods are easier to water, this should be chosen according to their preferences. The battery life is basically a month, but there are more powerful can last half a year.

5. Appearance level and other intelligent features. The appearance of high level of toothbrush in our use will be pleasing to the eye, the mood of pleasure and handle comfort and grip is also one of our choices. The intelligent function of electric toothbrush generally has A timing of 2 minutes, 30 seconds to change the area reminder, and some have some functions of APP Bluetooth connection, depending on individual needs to choose it.

In fact, the benefits of electric toothbrush really many, first of all, electric toothbrush will not be as time-consuming as traditional toothbrush use, free hands, can make people more relaxed in the process of brushing, now electric toothbrush basically per minute amplitude of 30,000-40,000 times/minute, is more than 60 times of manual brushing; In addition, electric toothbrushes removed 38 percent more plaque than manual ones. In fact, the cleaning ability of traditional toothbrush is not easy to catch up with electric toothbrush, and many people do not brush their teeth right, but electric toothbrush can effectively help standardize brushing; Third, electric toothbrush can not only be used to brush teeth, but also massage the gums, the feeling of this massage is very comfortable; Moreover, electric toothbrushes can effectively protect teeth and gums, and will not cause bleeding in the mouth as a result of excessive force of traditional toothbrushes. The frequency of gingivitis and gingival bleeding is reduced by 62%. Of course, using an electric toothbrush is more fun and may even make people love brushing their teeth.

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