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Our common gum bleeding, yellowing, smoking caused by smoke teeth

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Our common gum bleeding, yellowing, smoking caused by smoke teeth, etc. are essentially a "clinical manifestations" of many dental problems. Dental plaque and dental calculus, is now the most common oral examination problems. But both of these problems can be solved by scientific brushing. Dental plaque originates from microorganisms in the mouth, and dental calculus is the mineralization of soft scale including microorganisms. Both problems lead to periodontal disease, leading to further periodontitis, dental caries and other problems.

Effective brushing, is the most convenient and effective way to remove dental plaque, but also the key means to prevent dental stones. These are the exact words in the textbook. For this reason, for people who do not have professional oral knowledge, it is more likely to achieve "effective brushing" by choosing an electric toothbrush than a regular manual toothbrush.

For various problems, sonic toothbrushes have different brushing modes, and scientific brushing Settings. Choose the right mode, brush enough time, basically can ensure that every brush scientific and effective.

For an electric toothbrush, the most important parameters are the brushing mode and the vibration frequency. Because if the vibration frequency is high enough, it is dozens of times or even hundreds of times the manual efficiency. The higher the vibration frequency, the more times the brush will be used per unit of time, and the more it will clean up plaque, soft deposits, and so on.

Aside from vibration frequency, another thing that makes electric toothbrushes popular is the brushing mode. Unlike regular manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes vary in vibration, intensity, and brushing time depending on the mode. This can help people with different oral conditions choose their own patterns.

The higher the hair density, the better the cleaning ability. According to state regulations, the rounded rate of adult electric toothbrushes should not be less than 50%, and the rounded rate of children's electric dental brushes should not be less than 70%. Usually a good electric toothbrush can reach more than 80%, the higher the grinding rate of the electric toothbrush more comfortable to use.

If children really want to use electric toothbrush should try to choose soft bristles, small brush head, small power, brush head and brush handle electric children's toothbrush. And change the head or toothbrush every three months. Also in the choice of children's electric toothbrush, to pay attention to the frequency of vibration, the frequency of choice can not be too high, to minimize the damage to children.

The most commonly recommended brushing method is the bass method, also known as crevicular cleaning or horizontal tremor. This is the method recommended by the American Dental Association, which is the most effective method for removing plaque near the gingival margin and in the gingival crevicular: Select a soft toothbrush, press the toothbrush at a 45° Angle at the gingival boundary area, so that part of the bristles can enter the gingival crevicular, and gently vibrate in the position for 10 times horizontally in the front and back direction. When shaking, move the toothbrush only about 1mm, and brush 2 to 3 teeth at a time, brushing all areas in turn.

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