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People who heard of electric toothbrushes regret it.

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The head of the electric toothbrush also needs special attention. If the grinding rate of the head is not high, or the copper wire is used to fix the hair, the entrance is not very sanitary and safe.The bristles of all electric toothbrush on the market need to be rounded. The bristles with low rounding rate or without being rounded will have burrs, edges and corners, which are easy to stimulate our gums, causing gingival bleeding and other situations.In order to care for the gums, we must pay attention to the grinding rate when we buy electric toothbrush, and buy the one with a high grinding rate.Large brands of electric toothbrush grinding rate can reach more than 90%, you can rest assured to start.

When we use electric toothbrush, it is inevitable that the electric toothbrush will come into contact with water.If the waterproof ability of the electric toothbrush is poor, it is easy for water to enter the fuselage and damage the motor, resulting in the electric toothbrush can not be started.When we buy it, we must choose a waterproof rating of IPX7 or higher, which means it can be in contact with currents without getting in the water.Once you know what to pay attention to, you can choose your own electric toothbrush. If you want to see my personal recommendation of a cost-effective electric toothbrush.

Yeah, I wish I hadn't discovered the advantages of electric toothbrushes earlier!What's good about it?After my personal experience, I summarized the following points: ① Electric toothbrush is convenient.If you can't keep your eyes open in the morning, leave it to the electric toothbrush instead of brushing your teeth randomly.② Reduce gum damage.Ordinary toothbrush manual control strength, electric toothbrush to avoid excessive damage to the gums;③ Better effect.Use an ordinary toothbrush to brush your teeth, obviously every day in serious brushing, but how to brush, the teeth will always have a little yellow feeling, brush not clean, and look at other people's white teeth, this is too uncomfortable!An electric toothbrush, on the other hand, can go to places that a regular toothbrush can't, and it's cleaner.If you don't want to get cavities or go to the dentist, buy one and try it!Trust me, with an electric toothbrush you'll never want to go back to a regular toothbrush again!Secretly buy an electric toothbrush, brush your teeth everyday, and then use your big white teeth to dazzle everyone!

Electric toothbrush is through the high frequency vibration or rotation of electric movement, the toothpaste into tiny foam, in order to achieve the purpose of deep cleaning teeth.To put it bluntly, free your hands and let the toothbrush move.Electric toothbrush "heart" : is the motor, generally speaking, choose the big name is not easy to tramp pit.Refers to the tooth brush bristles on the top of the grinding round treatment.Remember to pay attention to the rounding rate of the tooth brush when choosing and buying the electric toothbrush head, the higher the better, which is related to the happiness of the teeth and gums.

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