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Recommended electric toothbrush

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I have introduced several different electric toothbrushes before. Today, lets talk about the experience of using them. Personally, I prefer hybrid power. The car I drive is also gas-electric hybrid, which has obvious advantages such as fast start, fuel saving and good handling. The electric toothbrush I use is also a hybrid. I told you before that its cleaning mode is rotation + sound wave. In the traditional acoustic wave, the motor drives the brush head to vibrate, making the bristles produce a small range of high-frequency vibration to clean the teeth. In the mechanical rotary type, the motor drives the brush head to rotate, so that the brush head can continuously clean the mouth to complete the cleaning, which is more efficient. Is exclusive patent design of hybrid motor can drive like sonic type electric toothbrush bristles base high-frequency vibrations in oral cavity, and can drive the bristles rotating sweep back and forth, like mechanical rotary in the oral cavity is simply the brush base in the earthquake, and the bristles in turn, the hybrid power driven brush maintain independent 360 ° high-speed rotating at the same time, Can also maintain a full range (up/down/before/after/left/right) irregular vibration, the advantage is also very obvious, is electric toothbrush exceptionally clean. And the most important thing is that the traditional acoustic vibration is the head of the brush, which often makes the brain buzz, while the electric toothbrush is the base of the bristles, and the vibration is very gentle, no knock teeth, no shock mouth, no brain buzz.

An electric toothbrush can be roughly divided into brush head, brush hair, brush neck, brush handle these four parts, electric toothbrush in addition to these points should pay extra attention to cleaning ability, endurance and other aspects. Whether manual toothbrush or electric toothbrush, the design and quality of toothbrush head are the key to evaluate the quality of electric toothbrush. A good brush head should be able to rotate flexibly in the mouth and easily penetrate into corners that are not easy to clean. First, brush head size and shape should be moderate. For most people, choosing a toothbrush with the right length and head will help your electric toothbrush get the most out of cleaning. How long is appropriate? The brush head should be 2-2.5 times the length of your front teeth, which is a good size (unless you have a big mouth). Second, round or oval brush head is more convenient. Besides size, the shape of the brush head is also critical. When choosing an electric toothbrush, the shape of the brush head is also the easiest to observe. Different brush head shapes and characteristics result in different cleaning abilities of electric toothbrush. Brush heads can be roughly divided into three categories according to shape: square, diamond and round (oval).

Finally, a good electric toothbrush design, brush handle should be convenient to hold, feel comfortable, and have anti-slip holding design. Also, the handle should match the shape of your hand. There are two types of electric toothbrushes on the market: linear and angular. Clinical studies have shown that when used in a straight line, the force is difficult to handle, while the Angle type is easier to reach the plaque removal area. Generally, the Angle between electric toothbrush handle and brush head is 17 degrees ~20 degrees.

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