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Should you brush or water flosser first?

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Yes, we should pay attention to the harm of these two kinds of water flosser. 1. Although the water flosser can make up for the blind area of toothbrush cleaning, it can very well clean the teeth and mouth, with irreplaceable value and benefits, and even many dentists and water flosser have recommended! But it's not perfect, it also has a certain degree of harm taboo.The high pulse rate per minute of the mouthpiece and the effect of the water flosser can cause a certain amount of wear and tear that, although many authorities believe is not harmful to the gums, in my own observations of a large number of patients, this has not been the case! Here are some of the posts I found poking fun at the oral irrigator on the Internet. Many dentists are calling on people to be aware of the chronic damage caused by oral irrigator. What a lot of people don't know is that they think they can be used as long as they don't irritate the teeth, the rinse doesn't bleed, and the effect of the oral irrigator isn't too strong. In fact, it can only find problems with short-term tooth damage. For long-term chronic tooth damage, which is not easy to spot, slowly wear down the teeth and gums and you will notice it months or years later. Therefore, it is a good thing to be vigilant about, and it is best to check your teeth and mouth in the mirror regularly when cleaning your teeth with an oral irrigator. Choosing an oral irrigator is the most important factor in avoiding tooth damage. Although many oral irrigator say they don't harm teeth, they actually have a lot of negative reviews. At the same time, you can't choose a cheap oral irrigator. But also choose according to your dental health (it is recommended to spend ten minutes in front of the mirror to see if their teeth have black spots, cavities, red gums, pain, etc.), in addition to many well-known brands should pay attention to the choice, many big oral irrigator started making cordless water flosser two years ago, and all are OEM, the actual experience is very average. I myself have used more than 10 cordless water flosser , more professional domestic brand cordless water flossers are more suitable for most Chinese people. For me, the effect of the cordless water flosser  is very obvious. After 2 + years of use of the irrigator dental, I used it at first because the gums were red and swollen. Dentists say this is because soft scale is not cleaned up and builds up in the areas between the teeth, which leads to inflammation. After a period of use irrigator dental, it improved greatly and there was no more inflammation. Now I think my teeth are really clean. Do you know why we use irrigator dental? After each meal, there are bits of food in the mouth that tend to hide in the gum line, between the teeth, and other hidden areas, and these dead spots are a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria that can't be cleaned by brushing alone. The irrigator dental is a convenient way to flush out these fine particles using high-pressure water and can be used in combination with a dental oral irrigator for a thorough daily cleaning. What is the function of the dental oral irrigator? From the previous introduction, we can know that the dental oral irrigator is a cleaning aid, it plays the role of daily cleaning. Everyone (children 6 years and older) can use a dental oral irrigator to prevent oral problems. However, it is important to note that it is not only the teeth that will immediately turn white, long-term use of the oral irrigator dental can also have the following protective effects on oral hygiene: · Strong removal of food debris and harmful bacteria that accumulate in the space between teeth that cannot be reached by the toothbrush and oral irrigator dental, effectively preventing cavities, gingivitis, calculus and periodontitis;oral irrigator dental, remove bad breath and keep your mouth clean and fresh. Help children develop good oral irrigator dental habits to prevent tooth decay; Massage and stimulate the gums; Improves blood circulation, relieves toothache and inhibits bleeding gums. Simple and effective water flosser manufacturer orthodontic cleaning is a useful tool for people who are undergoing orthodontics or are wearing dentures to clean their mouths. Like me, these people really need water flosser manufacturer to get rid of residual food residue and keep their mouths comfortable and healthy. As I said before, I used to have a lot of dirt in my gums that didn't come out and caused inflammation. I need to keep my gums clean after meals. If you don't clean up water flosser manufacturer in time, the dentist is really waiting for you. When will the teeth punch be available? Generally, there are two ways to use a water flosser factory: Plan 1: Use the water flosser factory twice in the morning and at night - Use the Dental punch In the morning To maintain a healthy oral routine, people brush their teeth and then water flosser factory between their teeth and the gum line. Since you're using it at home, a water flosser factory is a good option in this case. Hint: There are one or two very limited reports of small clinical studies showing that in some cases, using a mouthpiece before brushing is slightly better than using oral irrigator manufacturer after brushing, and in most other cases, there is no difference. Solution 2: Use a oral irrigator manufacturer after meals - Portable is not as restricted as a desktop oral irrigator manufacturer, it can take you anywhere, taking you to school, office, etc. More for the free spirit than the desktop oral irrigator factory! How to use Yew properly? At the beginning, the direction of the oral irrigator factory is difficult to control, and it is easy to be flushed with water flosser wholesale and gradually find a good feeling. The water flosser wholesale I just replaced is simple. Take this for example. Here are the steps to use it: 1. In order to keep healthy, every time you use the water flosser wholesale, you need to pour out the remaining water in the tank, and pour it into clean water when you use it again. Interestingly, before you buy a certain type of oral irrigator wholesale, the opening is inclined, which is not convenient to pour out. Bacteria don't grow easily. It should also be noted that some oral irrigator wholesale can not be filled with mouthwash, only water, which should pay attention to whether there is a mark on the package, really have this need, I suggest you can consult the customer service. This can be done with oral irrigator wholesale. 1, head down, put the nozzle into the mouth, lips naturally closed, open the opening of the overall closed state, do not let the water oral irrigator wholesale ejection, will naturally leave some gaps to let the water out, this Angle can be easily mastered. The switch of the oral irrigator wholesale I use is combined with the gear shift to make it easier to operate. You should choose a water pressure that you are comfortable with so that your gums gradually adjust to the pressure. There is an inflammatory problem that may cause bleeding gums at first, which improves after a week of use water flosser agency. 2. Move the nozzle along the teeth, clean an area after gargling, and spit out the water and residue. Between the two teeth is the space between the teeth, the space between the teeth. After cleaning the gaps between the teeth, the water flosser agency nozzle is moved along the gums. The entire nozzle moves in the shape of an oral irrigator agency and cleans around the root of the tooth, which should be more graphic. After cleaning one side of the oral irrigator agency , gargle and spit out the fine residue before switching to the other side. 1. After you have cleaned all your teeth, you can drain the water from the tank and put it away. After use, the oral irrigator agency  should be cleaned as a whole. Portable water flosser dealer can be cleaned, and direct rinsing is good. The table top should be dry and special attention should be paid to water flosser dealer nozzle storage. Some water flosser dealer  take this into account, like regular teeth water flosser dealer  the nozzle is inserted directly into the body, one of Panasonic's tanks can be inverted to store the nozzle, which is very convenient, without this design you need to solve the storage problem. I hardly have any water flosser dealer , it would be better if I cleaned with a water flosser dealer, because some water flosser dealer doesn't help, you can only clean it with an dental punch and, of course, the more stubborn tartar! oral irrigator dealer is a household hygiene device that can effectively remove plaque and food debris from the gums of the mouth by oral irrigator dealer the space between the teeth and the socket and groove with a high pressure and powerful water column, oral irrigator dealer which cannot be considered with traditional brushing tools. oral irrigator dealer is easier to use than oral irrigator dealer. Dental punch is easier to use than floss. Improper flossing can cause side effects such as bleeding, and the water pulse of the oral irrigator dealer does not irritate the mouth. Therefore, dental punch is easier to use than oral irrigator dealer. A high quality mouthpiece produces a gentle water column, the effect of which can produce a good massage effect on the gums. Long-term use of this punch can improve oral blood oral irrigator dealer and provide sufficient relief for bleeding, toothache and other oral problems. It is important to note that poor quality oral irrigator trader will not achieve this effect. Although the advantages of the punching machine are many, the disadvantages of the punching machine should not be ignored. As a user of oral irrigator trader for many years, I have experienced many brands of oral irrigator trader in the market. In order to give full play to the function of the teeth punch, in addition to mastering the purchasing skills, starting from the teeth oral irrigator trader with high cleanliness and no damage to the teeth, it is also very important to master how to use the oral irrigator trader correctly. Today, I'm going to take you through the proper use of oral irrigator trader. Until then, you can refer to the following punch. The cleaning principle of the water flosser company is to use pressure pulse water impact, deep into each tooth space, the blind area can easily wash the food debris and plaque between the teeth, keep the water flosser company and sanitary. The nozzle must be aligned between the teeth, not towards the gums!! (super loud) The same part of the oral irrigator company to grasp, generally 4~5 seconds, a single use time should not exceed 3 minutes, once or twice a day. Keep your mouth shut! When the oral irrigator company is full, stop and spit it out. Beginners start with sensitive mode. Minor gum bleeding is normal the first time, but will usually go away after 2-3 uses as long as the oral irrigator company nozzle is oriented and lasts the right time.

It is recommended not to spray outside in advance and not to try to spray the sink or other areas. The powerful oral irrigator company will bounce back, and the first one will be a bit of a surprise. It's funny to think about it now that I myself got knocked out by the oral irrigator company the first time I used it. At first, I had no idea that when I pressed the switch, it would immediately spray water. The oral irrigator company nozzle hit me directly in the face, which hurt (and scared) me, so I left immediately, then sprayed the mirror and bounced back. The whole process water flosser supplier was rushed and I doubted my life in the face of it. After reading the manual for a while, I continued to fight. This time, I knew to set it to a soft water flosser supplier tone and put it in my mouth. When I turned water flosser supplier on, the water pressure hit my gums and I felt nothing but pain. Luckily, mentally well constructed and done enough homework to know that these are normal. In fact, the pain is very small, mainly can not use, the first use of oral irrigator supplier, cleaning, the mirror is all over the oral irrigator supplier, embarrassing. It feels like an IQ tax is used so much that it is often defined as an IQ tax. Oops. First of all, we need to understand that the oral irrigator supplier is not like the dentist used to clean teeth, it can be said that it is the same essence as the water flosser vendor, just ordinary cleaning equipment. If so, then many will ask, why use a water flosser vendor when you already have an electric toothbrush? It's an IQ tax, and that's where the water flosser vendor comes in. water flosser vendor can help you clean dead areas, including areas that your toothbrush, toothpick, traditional water flosser vendor can't clean, such as the gums, between the teeth, inside the mouth, etc. Dental punch can effectively remove the accumulation of food debris and harmful bacteria in the teeth. water flosser vendor can not reach the teeth, so it can better prevent tooth decay. Advantages of tooth punch: 1. It can make up for the areas such as the gap between the teeth, gingival furrows, cavities and periodontal pockets caused by periodontitis that cannot be penetrated by the water flosser bulk during the brushing process, forming a more efficient three-dimensional cleaning force and avoiding tooth diseases to the greatest extent. 2, the  water flosser bulk can be used only with water, can be cleaned after meals, can remove food residue in time, avoid the deposition of oral bacteria, prevent bad breath. 3, Massage the gum, can promote the gum and other periodontal tissue blood circulation, improve the degree of periodontal health. 4, it can well meet the  water flosser bulk needs of some special people, such as orthodontics, tooth decay, periodontitis, fillers and other special people during dental treatment, these people can not brush hard for a long time, so the use of oral irrigator bulk can improve the cleaning efficiency. Disadvantages of oral irrigator bulk: 1. Teeth will be worn. The principle of the punch is to clean the teeth with the high impact of the dental oral irrigator, but if the teeth are in poor condition, or the oral irrigator bulk is of poor quality, or the rinse method is incorrect, this high frequency of vibration can lead to some degree of wear and tear. 2. Damage to gingiva and other soft tissues to a certain extent. Flushing bleeding is an example of this, so in general I wouldn't recommend using an irrigator dental with too much impact or too narrow a pulse frequency range! Therefore, we must follow the principle of chronic care, give teeth as gentle cleaning care as possible, under the premise of ensuring that the irrigator dental is clean, improve the safety of gum care! Do not blindly buy and use. Out of so many brands of cordless water flosser, I would recommend the one I've been using for years. Their cordless water flosser has been focused for years on technology that does not harm teeth and has excellent cleaning capabilities. What's more, it won't hurt the teeth and reduces damage by more than 75% during the cordless water flosser process! Teeth cordless water flosser have special long-term long-term wear optimization, a high degree of professionalism, research and development of a number of non-invasive dental oral irrigator, and is the only strength range in the industry span, wide pulse frequency, and a variety of sensitive groups of hidden mode. Many dentists and dental hygienists recommend cordless water flosser.


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