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Some aspects of choosing an electric toothbrush

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-12      Origin: Site

The material of the electric toothbrush brush head, in order to pursue the toothbrush can effectively all-round and safe and comfortable oral cleaning, the brush head needs to use soft material, so that the brush head can bend at any Angle, and avoid unavoidable collision and contact injury to the mouth with the teeth and gums, and can pursue better comfort. Electric toothbrushes, after all, are in direct contact with the mouth, and younger children will unconsciously chew on the brush head. If you just blindly pursue soft material, and choose poor material to make brush head, it is not good, after all, it is put in your mouth. Brush head material on the market are: "food grade plastic", "food grade rubber", "food grade liquid silicone". We can go baidu to see the specific situation of all kinds of electric toothbrush material. A small number of low-end products in the market use plastic, but most use rubber, rubber can meet the majority of the adult market, and food grade liquid silica gel is the best, best and best production material, suitable for all kinds of men and women, but because of its cost and production difficulty, most of the application in high-end products. However, there are still some cost-effective products, such as some New Star electric toothbrush, in order to enter the market and expand the reputation. However, for a variety of reasons can not enter the consumer eye. The material of electric toothbrush bristles, bristles are fine as needle, hard bristles and soft bristles are an important reflection that distinguishes the merits and demerits of common toothbrush, why? Because soft bristles greatly reduce friction when touching the teeth and gums, hard bristles can cause bleeding in the gums. The soft bristles instead "massage" the gums as they touch, improving circulation. And electric toothbrush, the vast majority of the use of the market is common nylon bristles. Soft and durable. The current better bristles are called Dupont bristles. The best way to compare the pros and cons of a child's electric toothbrush is to list some brands with similar price points for comparison.

A high-quality household electric toothbrush for children will be equipped with an APP. Why? Because how to attract children to brush their teeth, how to guide children to brush their teeth, etc., are in the APP. Simulated brushing guidance, built-in brushing games in the APP, combined with the sensor of electric toothbrush, let the child unconsciously brush every corner of the teeth when playing the game. It only takes two minutes. Keep your child wanting more. The sensor will synchronize the data of the mobile phone when the child brushes his teeth, such as the matching accuracy of brushing in a small game. Whether children brush their teeth, brushing time, brushing frequency, so that parents can know their children using electric toothbrush brushing dynamics. It also reminds parents of areas their child may miss or brush infrequently. Let parents know the dynamics of their children's brushing. When children brush their teeth, parents arrange brushing tasks in the APP. When children finish using electric toothbrush brushing their teeth, parents give them some small rewards, which can not only increase parent-child interaction, but also encourage children to brush their teeth actively.

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