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Some electric toothbrushes do not clean as well as manual toothbrushes. How can this be?

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Although the oral cleaning effect is not good, in addition to the electric toothbrush product itself, but also related to the water quality of the residence, toothpaste, eating habits and brushing habits, but good brushing is absolutely the most important way to do a good daily oral cleaning, there is no one, use a suitable electric toothbrush, is the most important. In order to ensure the adequacy of feeling, objectivity, this more than half a month, I mainly take turns using it after lunch, dinner 30 toothbrush, and oral model test method, partial multiple times to ensure an effective and reliable plus I really seriously, work a little big, so this dry, full hope that useful to everybody! The person that tests does not know how to brush one's teeth at all, measured a lonesome, electric toothbrush closes power switch is an ordinary toothbrush, how did it become the thing that clean effect is inferior to common toothbrush? After watching the video, you will know that when you test the electric toothbrush, you put the brush head on the tooth surface and do not brush your hands. This is the method of brushing your teeth taught by your kindergarten teacher? Ordinary toothbrush can use, test electric when become vegetable person? The risk of brushing with electric toothbrush is exactly the same as that of ordinary toothbrush. Electric toothbrush is a tool to increase cleaning efficiency. Once you brush, it vibrates or rotates for many times, so that the original tooth surface can be brushed 10 times to achieve the effect. With ordinary brush is not clean, electric brush is not clean; Electric kinetic energy brush clean, common toothbrush brush two times the same effect. Brushing your teeth is all about method and patience. I can brush my teeth more cleanly with chopsticks than the man in the video.

People who have used electric toothbrushes should not accept ordinary toothbrushes. An electric toothbrush can give you a cleaning effect that you will never experience when you brush your teeth manually. Of course, what's more important is that electric toothbrush can improve our brushing habits. Amy used electric toothbrush for the first time, because she used to brush horizontally, she had horizontal grooves on the surface of her teeth, so the dentist suggested changing her toothbrush. There are many types of electric toothbrushes on the market, and their prices vary greatly. Some toothbrushes cost thousands of yuan, while others may just be freebies for toothpaste.Electric toothbrush is just a tool to increase cleaning efficiency, manual you are very laborious brush a dozen times, with electric brush a few times can; The core is that you have not used the correct bus brushing method, with ordinary brush brush is not clean, electric toothbrush is not clean; Electric kinetic energy brush clean, common toothbrush brush two times the same effect.

There is no "need", consumption should be rational, according to their own needs to choose, and do not put oral health on the type of toothbrush.

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