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Someone said, "This oral irrigator doesn't work. I didn't even get the dirt out."

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Someone said, "This oral irrigator doesn't work. I didn't even get the dirt out." No one else rushed out of the dirty things more, that your cleaning is relatively in place. It's also because plaque is hard to spot with the naked eye, and smaller bits of food are also hard to notice when they flash by the moment they're thrown out. It's like flossing. Sometimes you don't see anything, but you can smell it. It's called plaque. In fact, as long as the oral irrigator is used, there is no use time limit, any time of the day can be. Must say, it is recommended that after brushing your teeth at night, this time is relatively abundant, and it can be used after cleaning, which can give teeth more protection.

When using, first put the nozzle into the mouth and aim at the teeth, the gap between the teeth or the gums to ensure that the water flow is perpendicular to the rinse area, and then press the "on" button to start the experience. You have to put it in your mouth before you switch it on. When the power lamp shows red when the oral irrigator is in use, it needs to be charged immediately until the light turns green. Just like the head of an electric toothbrush has an expiration date, so does the nozzle of a oral irrigator. The material of the nozzle is resin. It is recommended to change it once every 3-6 months. It can also be adjusted according to your own actual situation.

Will daily use of a oral irrigator damage your gums? The answer is no, provided it is used correctly and with a major brand. So how to use it correctly? Focus on three points: the force of the water column, the Angle of use, the frequency of use. The strength of the water column is to rush to the gums without pain and without bleeding. Because my gums are sensitive, so when I first started using the oral irrigator, even the gentler gear would cause bleeding, and then less and less. However, I recently acquired a tooth punch from KangYu. The gentle gear is really very gentle, and the gingival bleeding will not occur. The use of Angle is to be sure not to let the nozzle toward the gum seam zi, such a long time will certainly have a problem, it is best to vertical Angle. The frequency of use is just like my own, twice a day, which is basically no problem. I don't like to take it to work to flush again, and I also think that once is enough when washing in the evening.

The oral irrigator is very useful. The toothbrush can only clean the surface of the teeth. It is difficult to clean the gap between the teeth and the groove. The oral irrigator makes up for this shortcoming of the toothbrush, which can effectively clean the food debris between the teeth and the teeth groove. Before, I thought it was ok to brush my teeth carefully at ordinary times, but later I found it was difficult to clean my teeth only by brushing my teeth, so I bought a oral irrigator. At that time, I bought this oral irrigator with the attitude of trying. The price is really affordable, and the most important thing is that the quality is quite good.

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