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Sonic electric toothbrush VS vibrating one

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-04      Origin: Site

The vibration frequency of the electric toothbrush is very strong, before they are for my own use manual toothbrush, again have not used this kind of electric toothbrush, yesterday just received today use a brush teeth feel mouth very pure and fresh, this is much better than manual, say again this toothbrush or a specific APP, can monitor the usage of your electric toothbrush, and direction of brushing your teeth, use skill, matters needing attention, All in all, the first day of the toothbrush experience was pretty good. The package of this electric toothbrush is very tall and classy, it has four functions, I just bought the first day to use the deep cleaning, this before I really feel my teeth before eating by manual cleaning much cleaner, and according to the steps in its software manual brush effect is the best. He is very careful and has a travel bag, which is convenient and affordable. You can take this small bag to travel. Before, you need to buy a cup, electric toothbrush and other areas are not enough, but this bag can be directly stored together.

In the use of traditional toothbrushes, the strength is sometimes indiscriminate or difficult to control. In order to achieve the cleaning effect, some men exert too much force to brush, which not only damages gums, but also damages teeth virtually. The electric toothbrush can be used with even force to clean the teeth vertically without increasing the friction force, thus reducing the damage to the teeth and making the cleaning process more efficient and safe. This electric toothbrush works really well and I love it, but the color is beautiful, it's practical, it's soft to use and the price is really good! Five functions quite complete cleaning efforts are good. Perfect for the student party, friends of the Affordable Party. 3. Time guarantee, it takes time to clean teeth. Electric toothbrush takes 2 minutes, while traditional toothbrush usually takes 3 minutes to clean teeth. Electric toothbrush has the function of intelligent timer, to ensure that the brushing time is controlled within 2 minutes, regular reminder, to ensure the thorough cleaning of teeth, improve efficiency and convenient life. Therefore, electric toothbrush is not IQ tax, mainly depends on how we look at electric toothbrush in the process of choosing electric toothbrush is also very necessary to choose the right. In this way, you can make your dental care better.

The electric toothbrush realized my transition from manual brushing your teeth to use electric toothbrush, also meets the requirements of a grasp of all can adjust a total of five gear, daily use an already more than enough to press the switch, two minutes, easily and automatically every 30 seconds remind in area, always think before an electric toothbrush can is a kind of intelligence, duty It was discovered that it was much more efficient than their laborious brushing.

Although cheaper, a two-speed electric toothbrush is cleaner than a manual one, especially for kids who can't clean themselves. It feels better and looks cute.However, for some older people or people with loose teeth, electric toothbrush is indeed an IQ tax, because the vibration of electric toothbrush may accelerate tooth loosening and lead to tooth loss, so these two groups of people are not recommended to use electric toothbrush.

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