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Sonic electric toothbrush and rotary electric toothbrush

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Rotary electric toothbrush is mainly developed and produced by a foreign company. It has a history of nearly 40 years since the development of the first rotary electric toothbrush.The rotary electric toothbrush is driven by an electric motor, which changes one-way rotation to round-trip rotation through a gear set, finally driving the round brush head above.This transmission structure involves too many gears, which rub against each other, resulting in a lot of noise.

The oscillating acoustic electric toothbrush directly drives the brush head through a brushless motor, without any gear transmission in the process of kinetic energy transmission, thus reducing the generation of noise.The more advanced sonic electric toothbrush even has a maglev drive module.A high-speed crosswise switch between two magnets directly drives a floating magnet connected to the brush head, thus achieving the effect of brush head swing. This structure does not even require a brushless motor, further reducing noise generation.

Of course, the rotary electric toothbrush has not been eliminated, certainly has a unique advantage.Compared with oscillating acoustic electric toothbrush, rotary electric toothbrush has higher cleaning efficiency.So many consumers will choose to rotary electric toothbrush to achieve better cleaning effect.However, compared to the gentle cleaning method of the oscillating acoustic electric toothbrush, the rotary electric toothbrush will wear more on the teeth while working, so it is not suitable for users with sensitive teeth.

So, if you want a better cleaning effect, and the teeth are very healthy, there is no problem.Then choose a rotary electric toothbrush will be more appropriate.However, users who want a better cleaning experience, are very concerned about the noise of toothbrush and hope that toothbrush has a high appearance level are more suitable to buy oscillating acoustic electric toothbrush.

I am standing in line oscillating sonic electric toothbrush.After all, the rotary electric toothbrush works a lot like a drill...It always reminds me of a painful experience at the dentist's.So let me recommend you a few good oscillating acoustic electric toothbrush.Brushing teeth is something most people have to do every day, and most of the purpose of choosing electric toothbrush instead of ordinary toothbrush is to save effort and time, and to clean teeth better and more effectively should be the ultimate goal.As the name suggests, an electric toothbrush is an electrically driven toothbrush. The built-in motor drives the brush head, which uses high-frequency oscillations from tens of thousands to tens of thousands of times per minute (some electric toothbrushes are mechanically converted to vibrate by gears) to clean teeth.

Choose an electric toothbrush in the future, not just frequency, torque is also very important.All three key words point to the core of electric toothbrush, motor.Frequency, amplitude, and torque determine the basic quality of an electric toothbrush.And the decision of these three aspects of performance only the core of the electric toothbrush - motor (motion).There are many electric toothbrushes on the market, and the motor used is nothing more than the following: mechanical torsion oscillating motor, brush rotary motor, brush reciprocating vibration motor, brushless reciprocating vibration motor.

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